Welcome to our second official contest!

For this competition, we are looking for pictures of your pets. Why? We love our pets and want them to be remembered. Since animal companions are confirmed as a no show, we at least want to make sure that you’ll have a way to remember them as you’re surviving the zombie apocalypse.

You have two weeks to come up with the cutest or silliest picture of your pet. We really look forward to the entries that’ll be sent our way!

If you’d like to participate click here

Release Timeline

We feel that our Release timeline has never been clear. To amend this, we’ll clarify the future as we know it for Dead Matter in order to keep everyone 100% and up to date.

November 1stALL Crowdfunding for Dead Matter will end.

November 14th – Closed Alpha for all of our partners and QA staff.

December 14th – Once we verify the game is stable enough for a public test, Q4 Closed Alpha will commence.

Q1 2019 – Once the game is stable enough, we will launch onto Steam Early Access.

We aim to be on Steam Early Access as early as possible into 2019. Our plans are to essentially ensure that the game is stable and that a working gameplay loop exists before moving it to Steam Early Access.