Hey folks,

We’re here with some news regarding our release schedule.

We’re looking at a bit of delay of about (8-10 weeks across the board) for a variety of factors. We were extremely confident that we could get the game into our backers hands by Q4 2018, unfortunately we had a lot of things come up.

Our core (full time) team currently consists of 3 people. When we announced the delay, it was six people in total. Three people from the full time team ended up leaving around 1-2 months after the original delay.. this completely blindsided the rest of us on the team, some of us were good friends with some of those that had left.

This left us in a horrifying position that we would never try to put Dead Matter in to. We wanted to make good on our date and so we started grinding, very hard. All of us have been working extremely long hours, aiming to bring the game to a Q4 release.

We did eventually bring in more staff however the process of finding new staff took a long period of time and it took a large toll on the progress of the game. Our art lead moved, and after he was without internet for 2 weeks.. then he was without power because the day he got his internet back, Ottawa ended up getting hit by 6 tornados. He was left without power for a few days.

We didn’t want to face it, but it was just too much. A sizeable chunk of the team departing the studio, the upgrade to UE4.20 taking way too much time and our extremely awesome art lead being stranded without power meant that we would have to delay. We are choosing to delay, as well as refactor our Partner Program.

We felt awful when we realized this, but we highly believe that this is the right choice for Dead Matter. Leading up to the delay, we were abusing our own bodies day in and day out; neglecting our relationships with the people around us and some of us were starting to feel the toll on our mental health and creativity.

We consulted our partners for advice on what to do and how to move forward, we were straight up with them about the situation that we found ourselves in. They’ve been extremely supportive and we truly appreciate it.

Since the summer, we’ve regained a lot of our strength via some awesome contractors but our full-time staff still sits at 3 full time developers. Those of us that didn’t leave, we now synergize as a highly effective unit better than before. We’re extremely enthusiastic and we are prepared to continue to bust our balls and see this through to Steam Early Access and beyond.

We love you guys, and we appreciate the support you’ve been showing us on the Vlogs. It means a lot to us when you give feedback to make our game better. If you’d like to give us some feedback on the delay feel free to check out this thread we’ve setup on our forums, we’ll also be setting a channel up in our Discord that we’ll archive 7 days from now.


Thank you so much for the support.

-The QI Team