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Community Update #9

Hey Backers!

We’ve got another update regarding our release schedule. We’ve taken the last two months to analyze the response of our community, and our backers. We’d like to thank everyone that has come out to show support for the team.

Based on what we’ve gathered via comment sections as well as conversations we’ve had with our backers through Discord, an overwhelming majority of our backers have asked us to continue taking the necessary amount of time to ensure Dead Matter has a successful initial release and reception. We agree with this sentiment and will move forward with this as it is in-line with what our backers would like and will only further improve Dead Matter.

We refuse to allow Dead Matter to become another game that fades into obscurity because of a premature Alpha/Early Access launch. There are an abundance of games that have released too early and suffered greatly, some games even being received so poorly that development has ceased all together. We rely on crowdfunding for the project and, in order to deliver an experience we believe the community would want, such as an experience free from microtransactions and allowing anyone to setup a dedicated server. We must ensure that our release goes smoothly even if it involves having our backers waiting for just a little longer. The longevity of Dead Matter relies heavily on the first impression that the community outside of the discord sees. (“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”, Shigeru Miyamoto)

We’re aiming for this summer. Though we aren’t going to give an exact date. This is to ensure that our transition to Backer (Closed) Alpha and then to Early Access is as smooth as possible and the game gets off the ground.

We are currently hitting our internal goals and the game has been exploding with progress. Every aspect from the animations, to the weapon and inventory mechanics, as well as our game-world, which has gone through a massive overhaul, to deliver an easy to navigate world with a powerful atmosphere. Our dedicated team has been churning out content faster than ever as we race towards our Closed Alpha. While development has been going extremely well and we’ve been hitting our internal goals, we also want to allot ourselves the time to ensure that the game is ready and in a state that we feel secure with releasing.

We understand that having to wait really sucks, after some careful consideration we will be adding a brand new feature to the game that will be exclusive to our backers. As a token of our appreciation for all of the patience and kindness our community has shown us as we push forward with getting the game into your hands via Steam.

Moving forward we would like your feedback on how we can improve the communication between the community and ourselves to improve transparency towards development. We want everyone to know the current state of the game to reduce confusion and the spread of misinformation.

Transparency with our community is one of our most important goals during this pre-release development time frame. We keep the backer community up-to-date with progress on the game on a daily basis through our discord, and occasionally through other social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. We would like to take the time now to bring more focus on external platforms to reach a larger audience beyond the community in our Discord. This also includes more hands on with streaming our development on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

If you would like to see some raw footage of the game being developed daily, you can view our development streams on Twitch.

Lead Artist:
Lead Programmer:
Weapon Animator:

Community Update #8

Hey folks,

We’re here with some news regarding our release schedule.

We’re looking at a bit of delay of about (8-10 weeks across the board) for a variety of factors. We were extremely confident that we could get the game into our backers hands by Q4 2018, unfortunately we had a lot of things come up.

Our core (full time) team currently consists of 3 people. When we announced the delay, it was six people in total. Three people from the full time team ended up leaving around 1-2 months after the original delay.. this completely blindsided the rest of us on the team, some of us were good friends with some of those that had left.

This left us in a horrifying position that we would never try to put Dead Matter in to. We wanted to make good on our date and so we started grinding, very hard. All of us have been working extremely long hours, aiming to bring the game to a Q4 release.

We did eventually bring in more staff however the process of finding new staff took a long period of time and it took a large toll on the progress of the game. Our art lead moved, and after he was without internet for 2 weeks.. then he was without power because the day he got his internet back, Ottawa ended up getting hit by 6 tornados. He was left without power for a few days.

We didn’t want to face it, but it was just too much. A sizeable chunk of the team departing the studio, the upgrade to UE4.20 taking way too much time and our extremely awesome art lead being stranded without power meant that we would have to delay. We are choosing to delay, as well as refactor our Partner Program.

We felt awful when we realized this, but we highly believe that this is the right choice for Dead Matter. Leading up to the delay, we were abusing our own bodies day in and day out; neglecting our relationships with the people around us and some of us were starting to feel the toll on our mental health and creativity.

We consulted our partners for advice on what to do and how to move forward, we were straight up with them about the situation that we found ourselves in. They’ve been extremely supportive and we truly appreciate it.

Since the summer, we’ve regained a lot of our strength via some awesome contractors but our full-time staff still sits at 3 full time developers. Those of us that didn’t leave, we now synergize as a highly effective unit better than before. We’re extremely enthusiastic and we are prepared to continue to bust our balls and see this through to Steam Early Access and beyond.

We love you guys, and we appreciate the support you’ve been showing us on the Vlogs. It means a lot to us when you give feedback to make our game better. If you’d like to give us some feedback on the delay feel free to check out this thread we’ve setup on our forums, we’ll also be setting a channel up in our Discord that we’ll archive 7 days from now.


Thank you so much for the support.

-The QI Team

Community Update #7

Upcoming Dev Vlog

We initially announced that we would be returning to development blogs and while that may hold true in the future, we were forced to reconsider and look back at the numbers. We decided it would be better to stick to monthly Vlogs and having no blog at all. Truthfully, they ate up a good day or two of development and only got seen by maybe a few thousand people while our Vlogs gather 10x the amount of visibility with roughly the same effort. We’ve been struggling against the delays brought on by the upgrade of UE4.19 to UE4.20 so we’ll be getting our next Vlog out on the 1st of August.

We’ll leave a few images of what we’ve been doing, just as a teaser.

We’ve also got some stuff going on in the vehicle department that we’ll be showing off at a later date.


Here’s our current female survivor mesh and the zombie counterpart. Your zombie counterpart will have your previous gear still on them if they have not been encountered by the time you return.

Here’s what Dogtoothcg had to say about it:

“the “returned” concept for player characters. This is all just a procedural overlay, except for the cuts. I didn’t think it was appropriate to start emaciating it, since logically, it would be a time span of like, four or five hours, but I can’t resist some good ol livor mortis <3″

While this concept isn’t final, we’re excited now that we know the visual side of it will work. We’ve also been working on some kickass hair concepts by vitka.


The Shiny Haxorus has been working with us to bring some amazing animations to the game.



We also have been doing some sexy weather related activities.



We’ve also been doing some work on bringing our UI up to snuff, this is the screen you’ll see after joining a server. Please note the occupations and what they do is subject to change.



There’s also some new shacks being added into the world by Shirk.


Indiegogo Backer Status Support

We’ve been working on getting together Indiegogo Backer status integrated into unfortunately our web designer is currently on vacation and we’re stuck with what we’ve got until he’s back. We plan on getting a new system in place within about 2 weeks. Thank you for the patience that you’ve shown us thus far as we move forward to resolve this.


Pet Pic Contest Winners

Hey everyone!

We’re back with the winners of the Pet Pic Contest! If you didn’t win, don’t worry! We’re going to have plenty of other contests of varying types in the future, so your chances are still strong. That being said, let’s get to the winners!

Winners – Dogs


Winners – Cats


Winners – Other Pets



Thank you to everyone that submitted their pets for our second competition and we look forward to all the community participation in future events!

Winners will be contacted via the forums to collect information and receive prizes. 

Community Update #6

Welcome to our second official contest!

For this competition, we are looking for pictures of your pets. Why? We love our pets and want them to be remembered. Since animal companions are confirmed as a no show, we at least want to make sure that you’ll have a way to remember them as you’re surviving the zombie apocalypse.

You have two weeks to come up with the cutest or silliest picture of your pet. We really look forward to the entries that’ll be sent our way!

If you’d like to participate click here

Release Timeline

We feel that our Release timeline has never been clear. To amend this, we’ll clarify the future as we know it for Dead Matter in order to keep everyone 100% and up to date.

November 1stALL Crowdfunding for Dead Matter will end.

November 14th – Closed Alpha for all of our partners and QA staff.

December 14th – Once we verify the game is stable enough for a public test, Q4 Closed Alpha will commence.

Q1 2019 – Once the game is stable enough, we will launch onto Steam Early Access.

We aim to be on Steam Early Access as early as possible into 2019. Our plans are to essentially ensure that the game is stable and that a working gameplay loop exists before moving it to Steam Early Access.

Community Update #5

We’re now on Indiegogo InDemand!

It’s not a new crowdfunding campaign. However, Indiegogo reached out to us about a month ago and invited us to join their platform as an InDemand campaign. It’s basically what our QI Store is but they accept a lot more payment methods, allowing us to have options on future perks. We will close down the InDemand campaign at the same time as our campaign on the QI Backing Site. We figured that InDemand is a good way to make getting involved with Dead Matter more easily accessible. Indiegogo has been extremely pleasant to work with during this process. We also took it as an opportunity to make an overhauled version of our Kickstarter campaign that includes updates on stretchgoals. Check it out!

More Rewards

We’ve also added more rewards for people that enjoy supporting the development of Dead Matter. They’re currently available on our InDemand Campaign page and on our pre-order site. We’ve aimed to keep the rewards to stuff we know we can deliver. (We’re hoping to get most of the rewards in towards the end of our Closed Alpha).

“Pet Pic” Add-on

Our Pet Picture reward gives you the ability to add your pet to the game. If you don’t have a pet, we also accept pictures of inanimate objects that resemble pets, including rocks. You’ll also get a blueprint that allows you to craft the picture at any time in order to show your friends (or mother).

“Jersey” Add-on

We’ve also got a reward that allows you to get your name on an in-game hockey jersey that the zombies or survivors will be found wearing in-game. You’ll be able to pick a name and a number as well as a colour scheme once the surveys for this are sent out.

If you want to check out either of the new add-ons, you can do so here: we’ve also removed some packages as they came extremely close to selling out (we want to keep a few just in case).

Pet Mural Competition!

What’s better than a picture of your pet in-game? A mural of them on a wall! We’ll be announcing more details and info on how to enter on the 12th, and we’ll have multiple categories for cats, dogs and birds. Additionally, we’ll be giving Pet Pic add-ons to the runner ups that didn’t quite make it.

Website Changes

We’ve been working on bringing our websites up to snuff, as people felt we were very silent up until our trailer released–despite our Development Blogs being posted every 2 weeks (or so). From now on, all development updates will be posted to this blog instead of our forum, which will now function as an archive. We’ve also added a roadmap and a button to easily buy Dead Matter or to feed a hungry game developer with some pizza.

Trailer Feedback

We’ve been hearing tons of feedback from our fans regarding the trailer. Even though there’s an incoming dev vlog, we want to show that we’ve been listening. Please note we’ll have more progress coming soon.

Shading Improvements

Our acting lead artist Shirk has been hard at work on revamping the look of the shading on our weapons to ensure that Dead Matter retains its realistic look.

AI Improvements

Our Lead Programmer Jooni has been working on the Zombie AI in order to ensure that congo-lining is a thing of the past and that hordes are a thing of the future:

Improvements are now being made to the UI systems, and we’ll be changing the UI when reloading to simply give a rough weight of the magazine with a visual representation. This is meant to be an approximation of how heavy the magazine is to your character in order to give you an idea of how much ammo is in the magazine. We’ll also be bringing more Zombie AI improvements to the table, including showing off large hordes in the future.

Season Cycles

Some people brought up that our trailer took place during the fall, so we’re just going to use that as an opportunity to show off the season cycle a little bit. Please note that all of this is still subject to change and we’re also missing a few key details that we feel complete the scene. (Distance Geometry and Clouds.) We’re also in the middle of tweaking the lighting in order to make the colors pop a little more.

Since Dead Matter takes place in Canada, winter is coming, and it will be merciless.