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  2. Lz saber

    That system might be easily exploitable if there's a reward, but I think notes are confirmed as is pre-fab graffiti so we could use that to guide other survivors. Stories in Dead Matter seem to be meant to form organically.
  3. Democracy. I do understand wanting to experiment though, the other post was a joke.
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  5. Guide to forum

    You can see who has reacted. On the post or comment that was reacted to, next to the like button it should display the people who have reacted. You can click on the button and a window will popup displaying everyone too.
  6. Forum communication app and check the boxes Send me news and information and Automatically follow new content I post and you'll get email notifications.
  7. Dead Matter Common Suggestions List

    Not sure, a collection of pre-made decals that players can use would be cool. It has been lightly talked about, but not confirmed either way.
  8. Linking my kickstart backing to my login

    From my understanding it's an automated rank given to you based on your activity. It's not something you can choose.
  9. How To Write A (Good) Suggestion

    Thank you for helping everyone with a great starting place for new ideas this is a great template to follow and is easy to read. Unfortunately it makes me want to go back and re-write all of my previous posts.
  10. Why what system of government would you have? I’ve lived in a democracy my whole life and would love to try living in a different state of government.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Lz saber

    How would you feel about players being able to creat story lines that fellow survivors could then follow as an example I go loot a place and leave a note if a player can figure out where the note says I’m going and reaches the next note they receive something maybe small loot or Xp?
  13. Guide to forum

    I was wondering if there is a guide to icons on this forum I’ve made a few posts and wanted to see who reacted to my post but I cannot figure out how. I was also looking for general info on the forum so I can be more useful can someone help me?
  14. Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome to the forums. I'd be up for the server.
  15. Hello from Michigan

    Welcome aboard. I see you're being a little active already, which is wonderful to see.
  16. HELLO From Alberta

    Welcome aboard, Sarge! Hope you like the community!
  17. Looks like we have a couple of no-goods who ain't steppin a got-darn foot on my land.
  18. Lz saber

    As far as I know, what's on the store is what's for sale.
  19. In game Survivors

    Players can group up and like Onyx said, there is going to be a system similar to Fallout 4's survivor camps.
  20. Dead Matter Common Suggestions List

    Any chance of being able to paint a name or a groups name like territory claims so long as it’s not profane. Maybe make temporary markings like military use to say a room is clear or friendlys area this way or safety this way? Maybe make temporary markings last 5-15 mins? Maybe use basic icons like arrows and “X’s” or some basic words like safety and danger or zombies inside?
  21. Community Update - #7 - Pet Pic Contest Winners!

    Wish I had been more involved in the forums before this.
  22. Kill-On-Sight; Issue and Response

    in games like these it is good to have both pvp and pve. It would be good to have a safe place you can always go to trade but maybe make it so that kos players have to pay a higher trade price and there iteams won’t sell for as much while players who are good and help others have a lower trade price and higher trade values letting these players get the better gear without killing players. Sorta a small simple solution.
  23. It would all depend on what you propose as s government. Do you mean as a group of players comes together or the government before the zombies came? A dictatorship would work best in a small group of 1-4 but for larger groups of 10+ I would say communist so long as it is done right. As for play style if your more into raiding I would say monarchy but if your into rebuilding and defending from raiders and thief’s I would go wi democracy or republic. What does everyone have to say to this?
  24. Forum communication app

    Sort of a side question if this forum on an app somewhere? I’d like to get notifications on my phone or tablet when someone responds to my posts.
  25. Lz saber

    Hello to all who read my forum post. I’d like to start this post off with a sort of question I’d like to find a way to make a sort of side story in the game. Would it be possible to help with another donation so that I can create a sort of story in the game. I want to let players follow along with the exploits of a squad called team Saber. Primarily following the character known as Saber 6-1. Let me know your thoughts. I can provide more information later if someone does want to discuss this. I’m open to all opinions. Until then Saber 6-1 switching to alternate frequency.
  26. Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome to the forums pooter. Maybe we can play together! I will need help locating the picture of my boy Tate I miss him a lot and seeing him in a game will just be so amazing. So maybe we can help one another out when the time comes.
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