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  4. I merged your comment into the main post. Please edit the main post instead of making successive posts, this helps cut down on clutter. The reason why infection isn't done in many games, and the reason why it isn't planned for Dead Matter, is due to the impact such a mechanic has on gameplay. It essentially means that getting bitten a single time is certain death for the player, and this quickly becomes a frustrating and over-punishing experience. From a balance perspective it takes hardcore a bit to the extreme, even "Souls" games aren't that unforgiving. It could potentially be balanced with things like cures, but that defeats the purpose and also begs the question of how the infection spread in the first place. The method of killing the player with a drawn out and inevitable death is also simply boring and usually not fun. Project Zomboid does infection, and it sort of works with that game due to it's slow and lumbering zombies and the overall slower pacing of the game. However, the devs find it still too punishing for an enjoyable gameplay experience. The zombies in Dead Matter are planned to be scary in a more immediately threatening and thrilling way, with faster zombies and large numbers.
  5. 000

    Why no infection?

    An explanation to why infection (from zombies to the player) will not be a thing in DM would be much appreciated, because without knowing why, I think it's a bad decision. Getting infected is one of the things I value the most in zombie games and yet it's a very uncommon feature. In most games, bites or scratches from zombies doesn't ever infect you. And it's never acknowledged either, you're just unexplainably immune to what makes others (NPCs) in the game infected once bitten or scratched. Considering how complex and thorough the game’s foundation is designed, it feels proportionately unambitious to not implement such a function. It’s too fundamental in what makes a zombie; when they bite you, you get infected and (unless you treat the infection) become one. It’s a defining thing. Cheers and also sorry for possibly poopy English. Infection is also great for gameplay, because it's a way to make the zombies much scarier without having to make them stronger or having more of them.
  6. I want a decent zombie game. Not over-complicated by features that go into too much depth but still realistic enough at the same time. I want looting supplies to be fun rather than a chore
  7. Please don't rush anything. I'd rather wait a year to play something you're happy in releasing than have access next week to be bored with what's in the game and criticise what isn't. Rushing games is the worst thing to do. Have seen way too many games flop because they release too early due to pressure from people.
  8. The devs aren't opposed to some additional game modes being in the vanilla game, it would be pretty cool. It's something they may consider later down the road.
  9. sorry if anything like this has been posted before or if it is already planned. I was playing l4d2 over the weekend and while the game is old it is still fun to play, the type of game mode could be incorporated into dead matter at some stage by mod or hopefully the vanilla game and then people could make their own maps. a wave survival similar to nazi zombies or killing floor would also be a good addition and people could make their own maps for this as well. I think the addition of these modes give good variety in terms of gameplay and would appeal to a wider audience.
  10. Welcome, and thanks for supporting the game!
  11. More than anything, rewarding gameplay, where you've got real depth but are not constantly bogged down by tedious micromanagement and make-work.
  12. Welcome to the community, glad to have you!
  13. Onyx

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community!
  14. Like Amerak said, the game is still lacking in many core features. What gets shown in updates is selective for what's ready to present. The team has observed what has happened to many, many other games that have released before they were ready, and the major challenges that it caused their development. Alpha or not, the first playable version of the game sets the impression that the game will be stuck with. There is only one chance at this, and the team is not going to take it lightly.
  15. However there is also a planned "Hardcore" mode where upon death you will lose everything and will have to create a new character. Standard mode there will be things that you keep upon death, I.E your money, Schematics, ect.
  16. There is still some core systems/Mechanics that need working on, touching up, ect. People say they would be fine with an extremely early build but once they actually get into one they would soon change their mind when there isn't much to do. Same as when people think QA testing is just playing a game and finding bug's when in reality it's doing the same thing over and over again fro a few hours.
  17. man almost a whole year delay? from what you guys keep posting it seems u could easily go into alpha now. well if it is late august/sept looks like im not going to be able to play. which is just fucking sad. you guys really should have a trial alpha stage for a 1 week period. let people see and test what you guys got to so far. because the longer you wait, the less interested people will be and more distractions/bullshit can happen in that time. everyone here, or nearly 99% of people who are supporting this game, im sure, would love to test the game, and would give you more feedback than ever and it would be positive reviews and they could care less if it only available for a week for minor testing. look at state of decay, first game came seriously out of nowhere, no one really heard it, but it blew up and did very well. thats how dead matter is going to get recognized, not by you guys trying to make a complete game for alpha stage (which is something i feel you are trying to accomplish) but simply coming out with alpha will allow people to see how great the game is. its like the more you guys update the game, the more the game gets delayed, i dont understand that lol
  18. Summer for the northern Hemisphere Is from Mid June to Mid September. I.E So the definition for everyone in the northern Hemisphere is still the current Estimate for CA, be it AUG or Sep. Edit: Just FYI that blizzard date is still summer for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, So 🤷‍♀️
  19. The ETA is late summer, could be August/September
  20. Alright thank you. Awesome. Makes it way more immersive.
  21. i am wondering what the community of dead matter would like to see the game go the most.
  22. confirmed rogue-lite game. if u die, u will spawn back in as a "new" person. certain items will drop at death location, while some other items will stay on your corpse for a duration. this is all what i know about the death situation so far. check Q and A and the vlogs and it will give you better idea.
  23. Im guessing there is going to be Different servers for this type of thing? For those of you that don't know, Permadeath means you lose all items upon death. And hopefully corpse will be lootable upon death. I know this will probably encourage KOS. (Kill on sight) Or, Shoot as soon as you see someone, ask no questions, you just want their gear. Personally, i think this would make the survival experience for more hardcore players extremely entertaining, but for those of you that just want to play the game, there could be a setting to where you don't? I'm just curious here, is the game in general permadeath or not?
  24. Hello, friend. I will be backing this soon. Super stoked for it.
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