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  2. Game dev takes a looong time. DM has only been in development for 2 Years. Still an extremely short time and for such a small team they have been going Ham. Most games take 5 years+ of dev, Obviously smaller scope games can take less time.
  3. how so If I may ask?
  4. You can really call it early stage? The game got delayed for 1 year... If you guys arent ready yet to show the game its just sad... I hope this game can enter in the closed alpha this year because I cant keep anymore with this.
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  6. Was it confirmed or denied whether you can recruit AI into a group
  7. Last week
  8. Wouldn't the right hand be preoccupied in certain vehicles, like the pickup?
  9. Could work similarly to how weapons work while holding a player eg. unable to reload
  10. Driver seat Weapon use I think a cool realistic move to put in possibly, would be putting in Handgun use in the drivers seat. A lot of games tend to go with the only passenger when it is possible and realisitic to use them in the drivers seat, especially if you're desperate in a survival situation you would use one. I highly recommend and would love to see this
  11. Is there going to be the ability to disable infinite ammo for the AI in the options for a new game, and if not, will that be possible to do with mods?
  12. you the man Gunschlinger. will there be any kind of dodging or rolling moves?
  13. I think you misunderstand Gun. I am not suggesting it detect whether the player is whispering. I mean you have two key binds, one for 'regular' VOIP and one of 'whisper' VOIP. If you have the 'whisper' keybind pressed, it transmits at a lower range than the 'regular' keybind does. This is so that RPers/immersionophiles can have a 'hushed' conversation. For example, it would make no sense that if you were facing a horde or trying to take on an enemy group that you would speak as you normally would. I hope that clarifies the request. 😁
  14. Animated mouths is something we want to look into. There will definitly not be a whisper voip since everyone has different mic settings it would be impossible for us to detect if you whisper or not. There will be Yelling and Whisper for text chat tho
  15. I am literally working on vaulting for both players and AI
  16. I waited for so long (2 years)...I can wait a little bit more 😅 I just hope it will rise to my expectiations.
  17. Originally it wasn't planned for there to be an NDA, however, these plans have changed in an effort to make the game's release and first impressions to be as good as it can be. Details about the NDAs will be announced in the future.
  18. I read on the official website that there isn't any NDA even for the closed alpha.
  19. Bonsoir, Au risque de vous décevoir, ça sera une (1) vraie alpha. Qu'est-ce que ce monsieur peut bien vouloir nous dire avec "vraie" alpha ? Et bien, ça ne sera pas "jouable" ; alors oui, vous pourrez probablement tirer sur des zombies ou d'autres joueurs, vous pourrez ramasser des objets et les déplacer mais ça s'arrêtera là, ça ne sera pas directement aussi développé que DayZ à ses débuts - bon, il n'a pas trop changé et il est resté "à ses débuts" -. Il faut savoir que ça sera amusant cinq (5) minutes puis vous en aurez vite fait le tour, l'alpha est là pour débusquer les bogues et rassurer les backeurs que les fonctionnalités sont là. Bonne soirée.
  20. I can ask if i want to you have your opinion i have mine.
  21. I agree with these suggestions, animated mouths helps a lot with immersion and also knowing which characters in a group are the ones speaking. I do like that suggestion of lowered range for whispering too but did wonder how you would switch between (unless it’s an additional keybind) as it would be tricky to go off varying user set voice levels.
  22. As you would expect I guess, only natural to expect someone to get nervous if you have weapon drawn and approach someone. Will they give you verbal warnings or a warning shot first?
  23. That depends how you aproach the AI. Bandits will get nervous if you have a weapon out and come to close
  24. And they are wasting time by adding weapons... there are already enough for an alpha... they can't focus on the real base core of the game. Stop asking weapons .... I just want a good IA
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