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These are the rules to be followed by all registered users on our forum, most fall under common sense and bulletin board etiquette. Feel free to speak your mind, but ultimately with respect for others.

The following actions are considered a bannable offense, and may result in the deletion of your post depending on gravity the offense:

  • Posting adult content, shock sites, or photos of gore.
  • Participating in targeted harassment of any user, this also includes harassment of people outside of our forums.
  • Impersonating staff members or members of the team.
  • Discussing piracy/warez or otherwise illegal means of obtaining software.
  • Showing disrespect towards staff members or members of the team (constructive criticism is fine).
  • Advertising unrelated websites or otherwise spam.
  • Posting racist/sexist profanity with intent to promote hatred.
  • Discussing exploits or cheating methods pertaining to Dead Matter. We ask that you notify a developer in a private message instead.
  • Please do not make posts to appeal a ban or moderator action. Contact a member of the Community Moderator team or Community Staff member via private message to discuss bans and moderator actions.

The following actions will result in a warning:

  • Posting in arbitrary font sizes.
  • Posting in all capital letters.
  • Bumping topics older than two weeks with irrelevant information. New information becoming available, and unanswered questions are fine.
  • Writing in non-english in forums other than 'General Discussion'. We are aware the game is available internationally, but we ask that you participate in English on sections frequented by developers.
  • Making a post less than three words in length.
  • Posting topics in unrelated forums or sections.
  • Posting two times in succession (as opposed to editing the previous post).
  • Abuse of the report system (malicious or fraudulent reports).