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  1. Free look

    I don't know that it's been confirmed, so I agree. I want to be able to look over my shoulder to see just how screwed I am if I stop running.
  2. Unarmed Eagles

    Oh wow, I didn't even realize how old the thread was when I replied. Bad, Regi, bad.
  3. More Skill-Oriented Gameplay

    What I described isn't a QTE of press x button when shown on screen. It's putting in "skill-based" mini games in order to perform certain actions. Like having a "mini-game" that involves the player actually crafting an electrical component. Failing the game leads to a faulty or less efficient component.
  4. More Skill-Oriented Gameplay

    It sounds like you want to have skill-based mini games attached to various actions in game. Like some of the old Nintendo DS games that had players hit a button, then perform an action with the stylus. Be it pickpocketing someone in Assassin's Creed and having to move the item out of the pocket without hitting spots that would get you noticed, or having to unscrew the plate and twist wires to hot wire a car in the DS GTA game (Chinatown or something like that). It's fun in concept, but has the potential to be gimmicky and annoying. Not to mention pull players out of the game depending on how well or poorly it's integrated. Personally, I don't want to feel like I'm playing Warioware or something while trying to do things in game to survive.
  5. Unarmed Eagles

    Always good to see another group joining the community! I know of a couple, my own included (Zomboozle Enterprises, represent) that are here but not necessarily actively recruiting. Hopefully we'll see one another in game and (hopefully) not shoot each other.
  6. What all does the Prepper Pack come with?

    You get two (2) closed alpha keys, one (1) Dead Matter key, the armored hazmat blueprint, and the pet pic add-on.
  7. notes idea improvement.

    It's really not worth dealing with all the potentially bad/offensive content that will wind up everywhere. Sure, notes have that potential as well, but at least those aren't plastered on the side of a building you can't choose not to see like a note.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Bearing Balls

    Finding ball bearings could have a lot of uses outside of tripping zombies and slingshot ammo. They could also be used for pipe bombs, homemade claymores (pretty much tripwire directed pipe bombs) or, if the devs decide to have simple home made firearms, some kind of improvised blunderbuss. I like this idea. I think a tripping hazard would be difficult to implement well, but I like the idea of ball bearings in general.
  10. Dead Matter Memes

    Edit: Here's another.
  11. Hello all!

    Welcome! Glad to see you posting here on the forums and I look forward to seeing you around.
  12. Dead matter fan - concept art

    Seriously amazing work. I'd love to see more in the future! A couple small points of constructive criticism, if that's alright: The only nitpicks I have are that the surgery room is clean even though the blood streaks into/out of it, and that the crash bag/medical supplies next to the bloody stretchers is so well put together despite that being where it looks like a trauma was treated. That scene would be an absolute mess of packages, tubes, etc. For reference here is an image of the aftermath of a trauma treatment in an Emergency Room (the patient survived). I'll put the image behind a spoiler because it's potentially disturbing.
  13. Dead matter fan - concept art

    Do you mind if I share this on the Official Discord? I'm not sure if you're on there, but if you are, please do. This deserves exposure.
  14. Dead matter fan - concept art

    These are absolutely stunning! Fabulous work, really. I'll be saving these to my Wallpaper folder as soon as I'm back at my PC.
  15. Pet Pic Contest Winners! Hey everyone! We're back with the winners of the Pet Pic Contest! If you didn't win, don't worry! We're going to have plenty of other contests of varying types in the future, so your chances are still strong. That being said, let's get to the winners! Winners - Dogs 1st Place - @FuckHorses 2nd Place - @abduL 3rd Place - @Regicidalnut 4th Place - @K Blankenship 5th Place - @Deputy Winners - Cats 1st Place - @Fusanori 2nd Place - @ShadowPurple 3rd Place - @ImmolatioN 4th Place - @OrangeLine 5th Place - @Stonewall78 Winners - Other Pets 1st Place - @LibertyDuck 2nd Place - @RandomEternity 3rd Place - @Electricdarkness 4th Place - @Elianna 5th Place - @Greatmate8 Thank you to everyone that submitted their pets for our second competition and we look forward to all the community participation in future events! Winners will be contacted via the forums to collect information and receive prizes.