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  1. Simple question maybe

    I wouldn't bother applying. One of the criteria is not being banned from the community discord, as it is a large part of the partnership program. This would immediately disqualify you from it. Also, the cut off (with a few exceptions) is 5k subscribers / followers.
  2. Unofficial Contest - Writing!

    This is a very well put together contest, David! For all those entering, I need to reinforce to you that this not an official contest and QIS cannot guarantee you will get your prize.
  3. I missed the Kickstarter, is there any way I can back the game? Starting January 29th 2018 we've re-opened backing the game. All pledges for Dead Matter offer alpha/beta in addition to the full game. See for details. You can also now back the game at ! When do you plan to release? Closed Alpha for Partners/QA Staff - 14 November Closed Alpha for all backers - 14 December (if previous test is stable enough for release) Steam Early Access - Q1 2019 Will Dead Matter be available on console? We want to explore being able to get the game onto consoles. However this is very far down the line for us. Our performance does show it may very well be possible, so it's hard to see what the future holds! We would love to put Dead Matter into as many hands as we can, but first and foremost, Dead Matter is a PC game. We want to ensure the game is completed before we branch to any new platforms. What engine are you using? We are using Unreal Engine 4. How will you communicate development progress? We plan to post regular dev vlogs on our website, Kickstarter, and Youtube. Smaller updates and teases are dropped regularly on our Twitter and will continue to be. We also have a Discord, where you can engage with us directly. All these links (and a few more) are available at the bottom of the Kickstarter. What are the system requirements? It's difficult to say what the system requirements will be at this stage of development, so it's best to use other games that utilize Unreal Engine 4 as a benchmark in the meantime. If you can run PUBG or SCUM, you'll be able to run Dead Matter. Will the game have skill trees and perks? A profession system is planned to give characters buffs to various actions. However, there are no grindy skill trees or other RPG skill elements. How big is the map going to be? 400KM² (20x20km) at full release. During the closed alpha the map will be 8x8km (64km^2) and grow during development. Is there permadeath or will there be a respawn mechanic, and how will it work? If you die, you will lose all items carried on your person, recipes are persistent and loot can be recovered if you can find a way to re-acquire it. However, you will retain any profession you chose when you created your character. When I disconnect from the game will I be turned into a sleeper? IE. Rust. or will I disappear from play? In the vanilla gameplay preset, a sleeping version of your character will temporarily remain while you are disconnected from the server. A dedicated server host can have this feature disabled if they so choose. Is the Armored Hazmat Suit lootable by other players? Yes, however backers will never lose the recipe to craft Armored Hazmat Suits. It is forever tied to your account. How many players will be able to connect to a server? Our bare minimum goal for server population is between 60 to 80 players. For dedicated servers this will not be hard capped, and server hosts can set the player limit to whatever their network can handle. Will there be special infected? This is still being discussed, nothing is confirmed as of yet. There will, however, be infected with clothing/gear that may make them harder to kill with normal tactics. Keep an eye out. Will part of the world be destructible? Can I break walls and destroy buildings? You cannot destroy walls or buildings. Things such as windows, fences, trees, and glass surfaces, can all be interacted with. Will there be third person? Dead Matter is primarily a first person game. However, there will be both third and first person with a toggle. Server owners can choose to disable either mode. Did you guys get my backer payment? If your payment to our Kickstarter or Paypal went through then we have your payment and the information we need to be able to send you your rewards, so don't worry! There was a problem with my Kickstarter payment and didn't go through, what do I do? You have to contact Kickstarter or your bank. Kickstarter leaves you a small window to fix your payment. Will I be able to record or stream the game during Alpha? Yes, you can. We don't plan on having any NDAs to prevent you from doing so. Can I loot other player's bases? Yes, however we are exploring options with being able to lock containers and set traps. It will be possible but at a greater risk. Will zombies make use of any weapons? Zombies will not make use of any weapons, it is possible to loot weapons off of zombies, however. When a player dies, what happens? Depending on the circumstance the player may be turned undead, and the zombified player can be looted. Otherwise the corpse may remain in place. This will be explained in greater detail in upcoming developer diaries. Don't be surprised if you get back to your body to find that some of your loot has gotten picked over! If you die, you have the option to respawn a few kilometers away from the nearest town. Keep in mind we are still balancing this mechanic and this may change in future updates. I didn't get a survey emailed to me! Do you not have my information? Certain tiers will not be receiving surveys, as such PayPal backers maybe not receive surveys. But don't worry we do have your information on file. However we are going to be working on a system regarding your preferred name on the credits section. Will there be official servers? No, at least not initially. Multiplayer will be through community operated servers, P2P, and LAN. However, we are discussing possible official server options. These will be announced when we are able to confirm everything for sure. Will there be anti-cheat? Not at first, but eventually yes. However, hosts and admins will be given the necessary tools to handle cheaters that get into their servers.
  4. Free look

    I don't know that it's been confirmed, so I agree. I want to be able to look over my shoulder to see just how screwed I am if I stop running.
  5. Unarmed Eagles

    Oh wow, I didn't even realize how old the thread was when I replied. Bad, Regi, bad.
  6. More Skill-Oriented Gameplay

    What I described isn't a QTE of press x button when shown on screen. It's putting in "skill-based" mini games in order to perform certain actions. Like having a "mini-game" that involves the player actually crafting an electrical component. Failing the game leads to a faulty or less efficient component.
  7. More Skill-Oriented Gameplay

    It sounds like you want to have skill-based mini games attached to various actions in game. Like some of the old Nintendo DS games that had players hit a button, then perform an action with the stylus. Be it pickpocketing someone in Assassin's Creed and having to move the item out of the pocket without hitting spots that would get you noticed, or having to unscrew the plate and twist wires to hot wire a car in the DS GTA game (Chinatown or something like that). It's fun in concept, but has the potential to be gimmicky and annoying. Not to mention pull players out of the game depending on how well or poorly it's integrated. Personally, I don't want to feel like I'm playing Warioware or something while trying to do things in game to survive.
  8. Unarmed Eagles

    Always good to see another group joining the community! I know of a couple, my own included (Zomboozle Enterprises, represent) that are here but not necessarily actively recruiting. Hopefully we'll see one another in game and (hopefully) not shoot each other.
  9. What all does the Prepper Pack come with?

    You get two (2) closed alpha keys, one (1) Dead Matter key, the armored hazmat blueprint, and the pet pic add-on.
  10. It's really not worth dealing with all the potentially bad/offensive content that will wind up everywhere. Sure, notes have that potential as well, but at least those aren't plastered on the side of a building you can't choose not to see like a note.
  11. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. Bearing Balls

    Finding ball bearings could have a lot of uses outside of tripping zombies and slingshot ammo. They could also be used for pipe bombs, homemade claymores (pretty much tripwire directed pipe bombs) or, if the devs decide to have simple home made firearms, some kind of improvised blunderbuss. I like this idea. I think a tripping hazard would be difficult to implement well, but I like the idea of ball bearings in general.
  13. Dead Matter Memes

    Edit: Here's another.
  14. Hello all!

    Welcome! Glad to see you posting here on the forums and I look forward to seeing you around.
  15. Dead matter fan - concept art

    Seriously amazing work. I'd love to see more in the future! A couple small points of constructive criticism, if that's alright: The only nitpicks I have are that the surgery room is clean even though the blood streaks into/out of it, and that the crash bag/medical supplies next to the bloody stretchers is so well put together despite that being where it looks like a trauma was treated. That scene would be an absolute mess of packages, tubes, etc. For reference here is an image of the aftermath of a trauma treatment in an Emergency Room (the patient survived). I'll put the image behind a spoiler because it's potentially disturbing.