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  1. gamermax

    Anyone play Star Citizen?

    yeah, I enjoy the game. It's how I discovered this project, supermacbrother did a video on it.
  2. gamermax

    Development Update #12

    I like the sky stuff.
  3. gamermax

    Development Update #10

    I like the weather effects
  4. gamermax

    What others games do wrong

    Day Z, that is easy, it was never finished. 7 days to die, I guess it was okay. It lacks a lot of the finer polish, it lacks immersion, it doesn't suck me in like I wanted it too. dying light, didn't work with the whole spiderman for me. Then we can talk about walking dead, the early seasons for pretty good, the later ones start to fall apart for me. I loved the whole zombie survival of the early years. What I want, and what I feel is lacking from every zombie game I ever played. Is a really good survival system. I really want this to feel like the early years of walking dead. Now their is another kick starter project being done by a company called soulbound studios, the game is chronicles of elyria. If you can get a really amazing survival based system. That really challenges me, to live, along with a amazing item upgrade system. You will stand above the rest, and make the zombie game I been looking for. If the survival system is watered down, and the zombies are just their. and this ends up being just a really polished nice looking 7 days to die. I'd be sad I backed the game. As far as survival goes, you picked a smart area of the world. what walking dead did wrong was they set it in the deep south. Now their is a 0% chance anyone doesn't get infected because the bugs. If zombies are effecting animals, it had to start with the bugs. And the bugs would spread the disease to just about everyone down their. Having it happened further up makes it a lot less likely to have that problem. Now animals become a issue. Will they be zombie animals, or normal animals. I assume both. Real animals tend to be very scared, and stay away from humans, and with a hunting system. So that would help the hunting system feel more real, and then infected animals attack, so it gives you a feel for both. After Dark is a wonderful survival game, you could also look at. I hope the best for you guys. I don't often support kickstarters this is my third time. So hopeful third time is a charm I wish the best for you, and I look forward to playing it.