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  1. Alright I apologies if I start to make a few smaller posts on my ideas in a row, But here are some more : Counter camping, I do not know how you will do it, but I sure would like it if you could not easily abuse the AI and camp in a door way where the AI keeps running into your kill zone regardless of how many bodies and casualties they suffer. --- AI behavior difficulty : (so there is more variety in the groups we fight alongside or against) Amateur grade, equivalent to an inexperienced civilian these AI's will panic more, use less tactics and make poor use of cover. Mediocre Grade, Sort of in the middle, easy as that. Professtional Grade, Equivalent to Rouge military, expert use of tactics, cover, Roles (I will suggest this later on), they will actively try to flank you and hunt you down, making any form of combat much more difficult then a "amateur" grade AI faction. --- "Roles" Really I hope that not EVERYONE will have the same identical AI behavior and hope that certain factions will use different tactical roles, but there gear is appropriate to the factions means. Spotter/Scout, Intended for higher grade factions This roles primary role is spotting threats, and they are very good at it with much better then average vision. The primary reason I recommenced such a class is so you can not abuse the AI by sniping at them from well outside there vision cones, when attacked a spotter will try to find you (encouraging you to actually hit and move). There Gear is light, by default Pistol and binoculars, maybe radio, This increased to DMR's, light Armour and thermal vision (or what ever is actually planed) in more advanced factions. may even have a map of his local base. Sniper, No introduction needed, but when on the attack will move to higher ground. There gear is precision rifles depending on faction, rarely wears Armour likely to wear camouflage. Assault, Front line, attackers even on defense will be the likely choice to hunt down any attackers. Wants to engage closer to use there closer weapons, also has the heaver Armour varies from SMG's, Shotguns and possibly melee. Lower tiers may be the only amoured (and poorly) role in the faction (like a looter with sporting knee and elbow pads). This might even be the place to have the "heavy" a class only seen in higher tiers that has military/riot Armour and may even wield heaver guns (like LMG's), as really the behavior is about the same. Leader, may very well just be pasted ontop of an existing role this role call's out tactics and reduces the "delay" in decision making. May have a radio and map. Sapper/Trapper, on attack he is the guy who will try and open a hole in your fences or open doors, depending on the factions tier this could be anything from a looter with a hammer and bolt cutters, to a rouge combat engineer with explosives. Is not a kamikaze will try to stick with other roles or only arrive when they think its clear. On defense they actively repair damage and set/reset traps. I am sure there can be more, but these are some I would be interested in seeing. --- The AI actually drives around in convoys and patrols. There is likely more to come, time willing.
  2. Alright More latter, when I have time to properly go through all the current suggestions but my ideas as of now : 1) No cartoonist "signaling" (the bandit loudly yells "trowing Molotov" and takes an almost comical amount of time to actually trow it afterward and then doing a unnecessarily long animation, which exposes a massive amount of his arm.), I accept some signaling, even encourage it, but you know I don't want it to be where the AI poses no threat to me when I am in cover. 2) AI does not always last stand, some people are ether cowards or clever enough to realise when a fight is lost. (I don't care if the AI "despawns" after they move away for some distance)
  3. Hm, Fair. A bit of overgrowth could be interesting to see on the games more rural lines. I still refer to my previous points, and can not think of anything more to add at this time.
  4. Even the given image shows a significant bit more ballast as the image I presented. By my eye that's not dirt at all but overgrown ballast. However this does supports my point about the use of wooden sleepers. I am hard pressed to actually find any examples of none abandoned lines that look like that, a causal search still shows decently maintained lines (not euro standard (like with a protective fence) but decent) this may well be because its easier to take pictures away from forested areas like above.
  5. Today I saw two images that show track that will likely appear in the alpha testing area, However as one was backer eyes only I will instead focus on the publicly available one : Summery on my initial thoughts : =========================== Sleepers seem to be mostly modern concrete, only really seen in urban areas and high speed lines, a causal search online shows most rural lines still have wood sleepers. (No strong opinion here but I feel you should know) While the gap of vegetation before the rail is about right I feel most of that dirt should be replaced with Ballest. (and should be a little higher then the surrounding area) The layout itself seems realistic nice long smooth lines and steady turns. They have gone for the realistic one track layout. My quick discussion with Shirk the poster, a summery (some paraphrasing) : ============================================================= Railways will be not be scaled versions of the Calgary network. (fair enough, But I still hope my suggested points of interest inspire areas along the games railway) His stated example is that the current railway seen above is no where near the water at present (unlike the real counterpart). He said it was to conform the games idea of, a lightly based on Calgary area using no real world information. He did say that the track tools where made by another Dev (since then left) and that he was unable to adjust the tool as of the time I was discussing with him. There is a planed industrial area for the trains to interact with(?) in the future in the alpha area. (if this includes quarry's and maybe a cement works I would be satisfied, but I think he meant more warehouses and such) A warning to not expect too big of a copy of the Calgary network. --- Additionally I saw messages talking about the fact there will be no functional trains for testing in the closed alpha. (kinda expected that) This concludes my thoughts for now, But I hope to return with some more finds I have on more areas of rail interest after I rest up.
  6. Hm, A hard "on/off" then, I am curious if you have a way to get the Zombies to head back outside properly in spring.
  7. Well, It answers half my question, I will assume the rest is "being worked on"? Otherwise thank you.
  8. They do? A source if you could I would like to read up on that. As seen in my example I just hope the Zombies will leave the buildings once temperatures return, also how will this effect times of year with warm days but cold nights?
  9. As I stated on the videos comments but hope to elaborate here on the forum : I am encouraged with improvements to the medical system, often enjoying supportive roles It is good to see a sophisticated medical system and multiple damage/injury types in play.
  10. I can only guess I am looking at an April fools gone wrong?
  11. The bunching in of itself is not a terrible thing, but consider that they leave behind a unpopulated area, on a grander scale this may mean very weird behavior. Let me reference a Project Zomboid Mod "Fear the rain" as an example of flawed horde behavior : Concept) When it rained Zombies start to rush to the nearest indoor areas. Problem) They Zombies would not really leave after ward, causing all outdoor areas to be empty travel to be trivial, but indoor the buildings would be crammed creating a hellish nightmare to actually scavenge anything indoors. However I would agree with your first point.
  12. A fresh perspective for sure. One fear I have is this might encourage the AI to "bunch" in some places while completely ignoring areas that would traditionally be populated (because no needs met). (a surreal scene where zombies leave the city's, ignoring urban survivors) Another is Zombies spontaneously dieing on mass, because they starve. (Controversially I would prefer a generic arbitrary trigger event for this) I would instead argue the way its handled in "Project Zomboid" (A noted inspiration for the Dev's), where Zombies want to form small hordes and start gravitating toward areas that players depopulate over time is a decent, dynamic and game play interesting way of handling it. Really considering a zombie is basically a broken down human I am already suspending a lot of my disbelief. If the above concerns are met however I could see it being a revolutionary mechanic.
  13. I can understand Lancers point, Both methods have merits and disadvantages, it boils down to a Quality/Quantity mentality. But I would in fact state support a "lower traffic" reporting system, I have read quite a few bad reviews (and I don't mean negative I mean poorly written) in my time while its unavoidable we will have some jokers. I feel if the person REALLY feels like they need to feedback on what they are feeling and goes through the process, we may well get more meaningful feedback.
  14. A rudimentary ecosystem simulation would be more welcome then "wolf1_Spawn, Location _15.90", certainly I for one being more in the "Survival" then "Zombie" Camp do hope for a hunting system that is not just a glorified mini-game. But this desire must also be balanced with the realistic needs of a small development team, and a game promising many features. I just hope that the right compromises are made that wont result in a compromised game that pleases no one.
  15. Certainly, But it would still be important to discuss that "base" and what it would be like.
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