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    ltblackcoat reacted to Lasik in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    I would love to seen multiple factions of bandit and survivor AI such as
    - Gang Bangers - 
    This faction type would be loosely organized mainly using melee and handguns, They would also utilize scare tactics such as gang signs verbal insults and stray shots to punk out any assailant who may be lurking nearby. 
    - Mercs -
    This group would consist of all different kinds of ex military specializing in stealth tactics and guerilla warfare, Mainly using smg's and assault rifles as their primary defense, They could communicate with each other using ComTacs on different radio channels so if the player was to be near them and on the same channel they could listen in and maybe pick up on Intel on the current mission they are on or maybe the location of a hidden stash that you could mark on your map and comeback at a later time when they have left or it has turned nighttime.
    - Cleaners - 
    This group of bandits consist of people from many walks of life with one common goal to eradicate any and all threats, They should drive around towns clearing it of the infection piling the corpses up and then burning them to cleanse the area, They should be very cautious of any and all npc's / players they encounter, Having them warn you not to come close once or twice before attacking because of their building anxiety and fear of becoming infected.
    - Psychopaths -
    This group of survivors are irrational and violent, always talking to their self and hitting their own head like they are trying to get rid of the voices that compel them to commit such heinous acts like torture and cannibalism, if they manage to knock out a player they should take them to their base where they would prep them to be butchered, The player could wake up during this dynamic event and be prompted with the task of surviving by either looking for the gear they once had or finding a melee weapon and trying to stealth kill your way to safety.
    - Responders -
    This group of ex law enforcement and medics are the kind of survivors that will go above and beyond to help out whenever needed, Be it giving food and water to passing npc's or players or even offering shelter and safety to those who earn their trust by performing tasks such as scavenging for items like food meds and weapons or dealing with some troublesome bandits that keep raiding their supply's.
    -Lone Wolfs-
    This type of survivor or survivors ( up to a group of 4 ) will be scattered throughout the world being a neutral faction allows them to go unnoticed by most moving primarily at night and using melee as the only form of defense they would be weary of passers by and you would have to gain trust with them by performing tasks eventually opening up trades so that you can get the much needed supply's that they scavenge. ( each group should be different, depending on where they reside like in a Forrest or on a city outskirt that would determine the kind of loot they have ) For example Lw's who live in a wooded area may have access to fresh meat they hunt or maybe foraged food such as berries and mushrooms Where as the one's in the city would have canned goods weapons ammo and meds and random tech.

    Aside from factions the AI should perform random tasks during the day as many have stated  previously such as
    - Fortifying for the night time
    - Scavenging for items
    - patrolling the perimeter of their base
    - Sitting around camp fires and telling story's or playing cards
    - maintaining weapons like cleaning guns or sharpening blades
    - Hunting and fishing
    - Getting drunk or doing drugs
    - setting up traps
    - practicing skills like hand to hand combat and target practice with the zeds that get to close
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Wilfred Sickle in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    You could have secret bandits, like there's an AI on the road and when you go to help them they pull a weapon on you and try to kill you
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Shadowfrogger in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    This wouldn't be a priority now.  Large amount of bandits being able to move into a set of empty set of houses and setup camp.  They start consuming resources.  It would be very hard to do a full attack straight away. You would have to slowly pick off numbers.  You could create a new layer of the game. As before this would be a late game development but you could think start thinking about feasibility
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    ltblackcoat reacted to ??? in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    In real life, a person wouldn't know if a person is good (Human?), or if the person is bad (Bandit), so the Game should include personality and similar things to create decision in the game.
    For Example: Fallout 4: If you look at someone in that game, it shows if there an enemy or a bystander (like a physco gunner or a civilian in a settlement). After that it doesn't change unless story changes included. Dead Matter should never precisely and definately show the AI category of a Human NPC if you find one.
    What can happen is they can double-cross, betray an trick players and other AI characters of different Factors.
    Another Example: Lets say, one dude opens up a trade for supplies for an ATV he has with him, you accept, you and said trader departs and you ATV is really bad (*Cough cough* purposely tampered with and possibly rigged).
    Something along those lines can happen.
    Sorry this was long, but it'll be realistic, but I don't think death can be very common amongst these mistakes, only rarely to avoid RageQuits and lost process.
    Edit: Some AI characters can point a gun at you even without bullets to trick you, but you can do the same if you don't have bullets either. They can see the gun, but they can't see what's inside of it, (Cool Idea-Innit). Or if they can drop their gun and surrender, for their lives Or to stall for back up to arrive.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Royalewithcheese in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    You can have the human AI also fortify a home, and when we as players knock on their door they will be willing to trade the little supplies they have.
    For the bandit AI they should try and attack our fortified settlements and hang around high loot areas.
    Maybe they have fortified locations which they protect that contain weapon stashes, food rations and gear.
    We as players could try to eliminate all the bandits inside of one such stash house and claim the loot for ourselves.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to TheNiceGuy in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Dont know if anyone has posted this yet but i think the depending on the gear level/group size of the human ai they should react differently like if if a big group of people against a small group of zombies they should just try and take them out but if it like a weak small group against a big group of zombies they should run away or try to hide so you can use zombie / ai to your advantage buy luring them together or using zombies as cover to flee from strong ai or the other way around. 
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    ltblackcoat reacted to ScorpoSadek in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    ^^ THIS! Great observation as disappearing or wandering AI helpers are usually anything but helpful. I'm sure the tech required to make this work is significantly more challenging than we give it credit for, but at a minimum, AI should behave in a predictable way or they just break the immersion.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to JollyRoger in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    I'd like the ability to recruit AI into my faction.
    A group of buddies and I are planning a small outpost. I think it would feel more "alive" if I could recruit locals. They provide numbers and security, but cost resources. So your canned food will dwindle over time. Like in Fallout a certain outpost can only house "X" number of AI (4 or 6 max). A way to limit being too powerful. But have them muddle around and perform background tasks in camp. Possible tasks (Tending crops, cleaning firearms, Structure maintenance, General Patrolling, ect.) And maybe even let them go on "Scavenge runs" where they disappear for a while and return with limited loot. Better yet, You can twist that into a mission of sorts. If your AI gets pinned down maybe they radio home for help, so its your call to send a rescue party or let them die. Assuming you can find them. Better sharpen up on your cartography skills. 
    Recruitment could help and hurt relationships with other AI - Tribal alliances via recruitment can have a positive impact with one group and may upset another. OOORR if the AI group feels that you are "Stealing" their people away then the AI's former group may become hostile. Recruit at your own risk. 
    A few requirements would be: 
    - A digital "Geofence" of sorts. Keeping the AI in the area of the base will be a challenge. I'm not sure the best way to implement that, but maybe a place-able beacon with a radius of effect.
    - Equip them with a Radio for the example above - If your base is lacking a radio then I guess you wont hear the calls for help 
    - A bank of predetermined conversations similar to Fallout, or  State of Decay. So they can recognize the player and acknowledge them.
    - A loyalty meter. Maybe if you treat them badly or supplies run to low they can run off with some supplies and never return. 
    - A key thing - Make them worth while in a firefight. No aim bot or anything, but don't make them a hinderance if the base is under siege.
    - When recruited maybe have a random roll of the dice so to speak for a character background - Maybe a shady past, or a decent profession like a farmer or soldier, or get a crappy roll and you end up with a cockroach of a person who absorbs resources. DON'T Make the background known right away. You can only learn about the person from the conversations. Such as a soldier talking about his tour of duty. A farmer comes with a stash of seeds and your crops perform better. A cockroach would have their stories subtly change and not add up, weapons and food would disappear slowly, and stashed other places on the fringes of the base, they avoid eye contact and act skittish. (Just 3 examples, I could go on for days) 
    this post is getting longer than I intended, but if it is implemented and you would like more suggestions regarding this feature I'd be happy to brainstorm. Just shoot me a PM and I can list much more. 
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    ltblackcoat reacted to BubsonHD in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Honestly, Id say leave Bandit AI out of the game and put those efforts into making zombie AI beyond anything we have seen. Id prefer to walk around a world where everyone is a real person. having fake AI walking around in a game like this takes away from the experience in my opinion.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Akudann in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    My idea would to have certain factions be more adept at fighting both zombies and players than others. Have some of the AI be "Professionals" that can set up good ambushes that could really mess up a player. Have them be rare and maybe affect their accuracy rate or maybe have their initial shots miss to make it more playable. Have the AI seek out food and water. Have them grab weapons left in the open if needed. Maybe have some of the AI cower in fear when a gunshot lands nearby.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Sonsian in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Thanks for communicating with the community. I would like the ai to have somewhat decide combat tactics such as flanking, or have a designated sniper that sits in the back, basically semi-intelligent coordination capabilities. That would make every encounter with a group of bandits unique based on their team composition :).
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    ltblackcoat reacted to i'm john wack in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    so this is regarding entering combat. i think the way this should be handled is once bandits enter combat against you or other AI they should. 1: run to cover is they aren't in cover once bullets start flying they don't look like people that value their lives. 2: have someone call out your last know position then the AI goes into a planning phase about how to proceed to your last known position such as one flashes while another flanks. Or one smokes and two push ahead to some other cover. Also to make them more immersive and unpredictable make it so there is a chance to fall back i think some people would value their own life more than some loot so having them run away from combat sometimes is very realistic. Especially when they start taking casualties. also have them make callouts such as "reloading" "he's suppressed" "smoke is out push up"
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Dragontonio in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Make military patrols that cross all the map and the player can trade with them or do a request, always putting down all kind of weapons.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to ScorpoSadek in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    This is why I am SO EXCITED for this game. Devs that really want to hear from their fan base (consumers)!
    Lots of good ideas already! 
    One addition to the trader would be to have this affect some sort of in-game economy. As food starts to get more scarce later in the game (and the player has leveled up), trading for food items becomes more "expensive". If you trade a lot of one item to a trader (animal skins/leather for example), that item becomes less scarce and it's value decreases in that region.
    Factions should have their own personality, affecting how you have to deal with each a little differently (friendly, scavs, bandits, crazy murderers). Some factions could have good organization and leadership, making you have to think more strategically when taking them on versus a loose band of hooligans who aren't as good as fighting and get easily spread out. They should not feel like copy pasta with different costumes.
    I realize this thread is about the human AI, but for the love of all great zombie games, please make the zombies and dangerous animals attack NPCs just as they would us. Nothing is more immersion breaking than an NPC walking right past a bear as if they're on a Sunday stroll.
    AI should be recruitable, but this could lead to LOTS of programming to get the interactions to feel right and be useful. We would be up close and personal with them a lot more than NPCs in the wild, so we'd be much more critical of their behavior.
    AI should level up throughout the game just like we do. You shouldn't bump into a one shot KOSer in your first days, but later in the game you'll appreciate a tougher fight. Their stats improve (accuracy, DPS, etc.) through their own training and improved weapons.
    Have AI tell a story; little vignettes that show the tragedy of the zombie apocalypse, opportunities for hope in this new world, and madness that has overtaken some. Perhaps have a competition to have backers write some of these mini-stories to be incorporated into the game at some point.
    AI should have pets/tames that work with them. Attack dogs in particular would be nice to have to contend with.
    AI could be mission givers, traders, or craftsman and should offer items/services that the player can't otherwise loot or craft himself. Force players to seek out AI for a high tier weapon, trap, or upgrade, stats buffs/skills (improved stamina, improved limb HP through prosthetics, better night vision, better long distance vision, better aim accuracy, improved lock picking ability, etc.), overclock or fix a generator/weapon/vehicle, provide security in certain zones, grant rights to build in certain zones (with good loot and some protection), maps to loot stashes, keys to certain buildings or parts of buildings, hitman to kill a rival, bounty hunter missions, sell contraband (drugs, hacking tools, special seeds, special weapons (RPG, EMP, silencers, big magazines, etc.) ). Force the player to make a risk calculation of 'should I approach this group because I need XYZ, but don't want to get shot on sight'.
    Successful mission completion would bring rewards and improved standing with that faction and possibly lower standing with the faction that you did something against in that mission. Failure would lower your standing.
    Ability to interrogate/torture AI to get their loot, locations of loot stashes, keys to their loot stashes, etc. Ability to take hostages for ransom. Force the player to make decisions as to the risk vs reward of interacting with NPC. You should never feel 100% comfortable when going up to an NPC (with the exception of traders/doctors in safe zones).
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Scottworld in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    AI should not be suicidal.... (if they are human)
    Large volumes of fire should cause the AI to flee or duck for cover.
    If you are out gunned you would keep your head down.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to DeathShadows in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    I would like to see the ability to recruit AI to your own group and be able to send them out on tasks such as sending them to gather materials/food, send them to trade goods with other factions, or even just to take them with you on scavenging runs yourself. 
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    ltblackcoat reacted to gherk in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    I'd love to see human AI with a more realistic (longer) line of sight.
    One of the things that really breaks immersion for me in open world games is when I can be, say, crouching and moving 30m away from a human enemy and they still can't see me.
    If it's 30m away, in real life you'd have to be lying prone and not moving and praying they don't spot you - it'd be cool if the game encouraged tactics like this.
    Even better, if AI could spot you from far away moving around on the balcony of a place where you're squatting, and then switch to a stealthy ambush strategy, it'd be even more realistic.

    Another more difficult but cool idea: if you are spotted, they should not just walk/run straight at you like a zombie would, but instead try to stick to cover or approach in a way that you're less likely to see them, or maybe regroup first. One way of doing this could be waiting until dusk to launch a raid, which would mean that if it's daytime and you realise you've been seen, you may be able to escape if you're smart and leave quickly. Or if they target the building where they saw you, you could hole up in a different building and lay a trap for them.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to John Nada in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    I'd like to see survivors "break" and flee from combat where the odds are clearly against them, depending on context.
    Realistically, folks in survival situations where outside assistance and decent medical attention are unlikely, and a single wound may result in a drawn out death, tend to be fairly risk adverse unless there's a lot at stake.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to XCITE in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Definitely should setup ambushes. Hide in closets in homes or behind things where the player can't see them and then they attack player at random.   How about a random chance when a player is looting a house the Bandit's also come into the same house running around looking for player.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to thedaleplays in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    What if there were random human AI that hide in houses. If you go into the house they are in they set off a trap that will block you in and an alarm to attract a zombie horde while they get away.
    It should be a trap you can break down with your hands, but if you don't do it fast enough there could be zombies bearing down on your location.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to Nub in Post your Survivor AI suggestions here.   
    Something interesting and would be a cool detail is that when raiding a base of raiders, they will surrender if most of them are dead.
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    ltblackcoat got a reaction from JayTheBandit in Efficient way to submit bug reports   
    I can understand Lancers point, Both methods have merits and disadvantages, it boils down to a Quality/Quantity mentality.
    But I would in fact state support a "lower traffic" reporting system, I have read quite a few bad reviews (and I don't mean negative I mean poorly written) in my time while its unavoidable we will have some jokers. I feel if the person REALLY feels like they need to feedback on what they are feeling and goes through the process, we may well get more meaningful feedback.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to MidnightWolfSDJ in Softcore Parkour   
    Climbing Mechanic
    So we have seen in the updates you can climb ladders. You can even climb up on a crate, according to the videos.
    Im hoping for an extensive climbing system that is as simple as if you are close enough to a ledge you can pull youself up. That includes climbing over fences, roof tops, crates, ladders, ropes, etc. 
    Health Matters
    Thatd be cool if the health of character effects climbing ability. So for instance, if you are injured you may not be able to climb, depending on injury. A stamina system may be nice as well. The game, I Am Alive, i believe has a stamina climbing system where if you are climbing to long you stand the risk of falling. Proper hydration may give you buffs for climbing speed or endurance.
    Im not asking for Dying Light type mechanics
    i understand there are possible limitations to this games engine in regards to parkour. So i hope the devs can create a system that works well with this style of game, that doesn't violate the theme of realism!
    Thanks for your feedback!
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    ltblackcoat reacted to HavocHank in will zombies have basic human needs?   
    It's mainly a winter thing where it's cold day and night.
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    ltblackcoat reacted to HavocHank in will zombies have basic human needs?   
    Confirmed, zombies are planned to be found indoors more often when it's cold and will move a bit slower as well. It will make their behavior a bit more dynamic and makes looting during the winter more dangerous too. 
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