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  1. Hello there! (Obi-Wan accent)
  2. Epic store is terrible. So much complaints about accounts being hacked and terrible customer support, not to mention there are no social features involved like chat or forums for the games. Plus is 40% owned by the chinese company Tencent Games wich is selling user data to the chinese goverment. I wouldn't even bother to think about it...
  3. Hello there my fellow romanian !
  4. It was early in the morning when hell came at my door. - A poet ( maybe on a house) Maybe the world is not ours anymore, but the words still are. - The poet (on a wall or smth) Love your work poet ! We have a small camp if you want to join us. I'm on channel 6 ! Your biggest fan, Denise Denise, I'm going to the city library with the poet for some books he can't stop talking about. See you tonight at the place.
  5. I understand the delay, I really do, but I wait for this game for more then a year by now. Not only that but I also convinced some of my friends to get the game and they will trash talk me hard for this (they are not as reasonable). I hope the game is as good as we all imagine it is.
  6. So in like 2 years? Man, I tell you, it's a pity to wait that long. You should definetly get a ps4 pro if you can, they are so many great exclusives beside RDR2.
  7. Wow, very nice, but on the profile page there is no background and also I think it would be better if you could do it longer. It starts to fade very on the top. I hope you understand what I'm saying.
  8. Really want to get Rdr2 this time. I've sold my xbox 360 before playing the first game to get the ps4.
  9. Are u sure it's the email you remember? For example I have 2 email adresses with the same name but one it's @gmail and one @yahoo
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