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  1. jooni

    Linking the Radio Station to an Actual Online Station

    Due to legal reasons, installing VAC and playing it over your mic is going to be the only way to do it.
  2. jooni

    Discord Admin Abuse

    Flamebaiting in the Discord server, which is what you were doing isn’t going to be tolerated by us. Coming into the forums to stir up drama really isn’t helping you out here.
  3. jooni

    Combat Stance Implementation

    We've got the tech for moving a your stance up/down but we feel that it doesn't really fit into the game all that well, mostly because Dead Matter isn't a super hardcore simulator. It's a game. We may implement it and change it based on feedback though.
  4. jooni

    Vlog 05 Discussion

    I'll definitely get this into the game.
  5. jooni

    Vlog 05 Discussion

    Hey folks, just a thread for any feedback, comments, critiques, etc. from the vlog.
  6. The US is a Federal Republic, not a Democratic Republic.
  7. Yeah, every update we'll be opening a feedback thread to encourage discussion.
  8. To add to your post, this is exactly why it took DayZ so long to make any progress. They had to remake everything, the fact animations have to be remade is very evident that they were overhauling massive systems like weapon handling, etc. Even for us, initial implementation of base systems is something we’ve had to completely redo. Inventory, gunplay, vehicles were scrapped and remade completely. Are any of these systems finished? No. But most are in a place where we can branch off and iterate features that are essential to survival games. A robust vehicle and inventory system means adding a trunk to a vehicle takes very little time. Decreasing the turn-around time on the things we will have to grind out is a thing I constantly look forward to doing the most. It’s a thing every coder should strive towards doing. Unreal Engine is also extremely powerful, without the amazing networking, world streaming which is client and serverside in DM to ensure the best performance possible, auto LOD generation, etc. This game would easily take another 1-2 years of dev, just to implement tons of base systems that you couldn’t even believe actually exist just to manage all of the data required for a large world. Buildings with firealarms, doors in multiple states, etc? It all has to be networked and I’m sure as hell glad we’re on UE4 and not something like the source engine which was a nightmare to make it work well above 80 players.
  9. jooni

    Delay Discussion

    There are issues with announcing an employee departing especially when they do not want it to be mentioned, respecting their privacy is a concern that needs to be considered on our part. We’ve taken steps to bring ourselves back up to full strength, Dead Matter has progressed immensely and we have a newfound sense of synergy on the team.
  10. jooni

    3 screens, Nvidia surround, yes I need it in this game.

    I have 3 monitors that are the same and I used to love playing games in surround so I’ll be sure to give it a shot when I catch time!
  11. jooni

    Mosin-Negant + Firearm animation adjustments

    There was a camera animation issue for the weight issue.
  12. jooni

    Delay Discussion

    We’d have to teach you, or show you. Both unfortunately take time we don’t have.
  13. That's fine, but we've barely gotten over the 20k usd mark from Indiegogo