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  1. It can be both, and if we can sell on the EGL we would also sell on Steam and simply allow people to decide. There are usually two reasons why the EGL gets an exclusivity, because the Developer isn't willing to eat the revenue hit by selling via Steam or they have an exclusivity agreement with Epic Games that usually ends up covering the cost of development in cash. This is HUGE for indie developers, not having to worry about putting bread on the table because all development costs have been covered is probably a huge source of relief. The reason why I am open to sell on both platforms is because of the numbers. 40% of the EGL userbase does not have Steam. Considering the success of Fortnite, it would be incredibly stupid for us to not sell on the EGL and miss out on a huge segment of the PC gaming market. This is the same reason we will be selling via any platform that is available to us, we want to make the game as accessible as possible for people that want to play it, even if we're taking a hit to our revenue stream by selling on a platforms that grant us less of a cut instead of only selling on select platforms that are more developer friendly. We originally promised Steam keys and we'll likely be sticking with that promise.
  2. I think that could be a good idea, forums or the front page?
  3. I'm not happy about it, but I'm looking forward to closing the gap between them. Since there's some other stuff you brought up in your previous post that I forgot to address I'll do it here. I completely agree, if you have any ideas to address this let me know. I think the information isn't easily accessed by people outside of the Discord, I am looking to improve this and am open to suggestions. We're still going to keep you guys in the loop, game-dev is very fluid and unfortunately if things happen, they happen and we WILL push through it with you guys at our side. Cheers!
  4. Dev Vlogs are going to be more common, I'm not a fan of the timing between them and we ended up having to cut content from Vlog 07 due to the volume of content I had to work with. January and February was a pretty slow period for us. I was actually so sick in January I ended up in the hospital with respiratory distress and missed about 20 days~ of work. No way. Vlog 06 and Vlog 07 had about 2 months between them, same with Vlog 05 and Vlog 06. I'm not going to beat around the bush that there has been too much time between them. There has been and I want to correct it.
  5. Well. Here we are. Has the game faded into obscurity yet?
  6. Due to legal reasons, installing VAC and playing it over your mic is going to be the only way to do it.
  7. Flamebaiting in the Discord server, which is what you were doing isn’t going to be tolerated by us. Coming into the forums to stir up drama really isn’t helping you out here.
  8. We've got the tech for moving a your stance up/down but we feel that it doesn't really fit into the game all that well, mostly because Dead Matter isn't a super hardcore simulator. It's a game. We may implement it and change it based on feedback though.
  9. jooni

    Vlog 05 Discussion

    I'll definitely get this into the game.
  10. jooni

    Vlog 05 Discussion

    Hey folks, just a thread for any feedback, comments, critiques, etc. from the vlog.
  11. Yeah, every update we'll be opening a feedback thread to encourage discussion.
  12. To add to your post, this is exactly why it took DayZ so long to make any progress. They had to remake everything, the fact animations have to be remade is very evident that they were overhauling massive systems like weapon handling, etc. Even for us, initial implementation of base systems is something we’ve had to completely redo. Inventory, gunplay, vehicles were scrapped and remade completely. Are any of these systems finished? No. But most are in a place where we can branch off and iterate features that are essential to survival games. A robust vehicle and inventory system means adding a trunk to a vehicle takes very little time. Decreasing the turn-around time on the things we will have to grind out is a thing I constantly look forward to doing the most. It’s a thing every coder should strive towards doing. Unreal Engine is also extremely powerful, without the amazing networking, world streaming which is client and serverside in DM to ensure the best performance possible, auto LOD generation, etc. This game would easily take another 1-2 years of dev, just to implement tons of base systems that you couldn’t even believe actually exist just to manage all of the data required for a large world. Buildings with firealarms, doors in multiple states, etc? It all has to be networked and I’m sure as hell glad we’re on UE4 and not something like the source engine which was a nightmare to make it work well above 80 players.
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