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Dead Matter
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  1. Signs your friend is infected: Their trying to eat you (this ones pretty obvious) They won’t let you check them for bites or scratches They were surrounded by the dead and their clothes are now torn and they are bleeding They ask if a rabies shot will to cure a bite from the dead They ask you to cut off their hand while their in a sewer (Sorry about that Jeff) If your friend shows any of these signs, please, consult your local bullet maker and finish the job…. Ethan
  2. I will update this post with any more memes I create related to Dead Matter.
  3. Teach me your ways all wise one X_X Teach me the ways of the concept art......
  4. Dang it, I didn't win, oh well. Congrats to everyone who won, I'll be looking for your pet in Dead Matter
  5. This is my doggo, his name is Spooky. He was found roaming around a cemetery so he was named Spooky, we got him from a rescue service as a friend for our Pug named Eddie who sadly passed away a few years ago. Spooky has a new dog sibling now though, so all is well.
  6. *Up Vote +1 rep for 10/10 image examples
  7. So you meet a family of NPC's and they give you a quest to go to the Super Mart and get them some supplies, but they warn you that there's a crazy guy there who calls himself 'The Manager'. When you get there he is running around the store in his under wear and running with a shopping kart full of supplies, and you have the option to kill him and take that kart back or stealthy loot what remains on the shelves. But it turns out you could have approached him without a weapon out and barter for some of the supplies he had in his kart. If you were caught stealing he would attack, if you charged at him with a weapon he would attack, if he saw you with a weapon out he'd warn you then if you didn't put the weapon away he would attack. But he would peacefully barter with you, but you wouldn't get as much supplies as you could have gotten if you had stolen from the shelves or killed him.
  8. Please let the flare from the flare gun get stick inside the skull of a zombie while the walk around with it lit!!
  9. Some tasty content goin on here.
  10. So I just did some simple stripes, I tried to put it on a gun to be used as an example, but I have no idea how to do that, so it didn't turn out very good... But anyways hope you enjoy meh stripes :3
  11. Making a skin is harder than I thought, and there's a lot of good skins out there.

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