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  1. Wait so do we post the story here or on a separate post?
  2. One of the big things I would like to do in Closed Alpha is host a server. My question for the Community is should it be a Whitelist RP Server or an Open Server. The server would be hosted in Chicago somewhere but I have a discord set up for an RP server I want to do once the game releases. Just curious if you guys think I should do an open server or a Whitelisted server which would be easy to join just would have to submit an application about your character and what job you would want, or if you want to go off on your own and live solo.
  3. Well firstly a few problems would start when an outbreak happens. Besides the mass panic all doctors, nurses etc. would be immediately called into the Hospitals because Hospitals would become filled with people who have more severe bites. A curfew would be set into place immediately and anyone outside that time would be killed on site if they don't identify themselves. How long the infection takes to spread is questionable if you have 1 bite you're not going to bleed out if you weren't bitten horribly. So skip ahead after the first 24 Hours, Hospitals will become overrun most likely unless one of them caught on and put down the infected before it spread. These would be places the Military would base at and hold down until further instruction never to come. The lower levels of the government aka Police etc. would unravel and go off on their own. Within 48 hours most of the world is gone etc. Assuming this is how we are going. Within the first 24 hours my family would have started rationing food and taking our canned goods upstairs. As a matter of fact we just had solar panels installed so we could go off the grid. We also have a water well so we're not dependent on city water. Our chickens eggs would become our main food source and a pretty good one. After a while we would have to figure out how we would acquire more propane for our house. We would be fine on guns as my oldest sister who lives out of town has a nice armory when she would most likely come over to our house as her daughters are always here. The next big thing would be us getting a generator to store power we don't use so most likely my older sister who works at a Hardware store would know where a warehouse is. At this point maybe a week in chances are my youngest sister who is 13 would be dead. Reason number one is she said if an apocalypse happens she is going to commit suicide and unfortunately there's no convincing someone in this scenario not to live through hell. We would do our best to keep her from doing it but if she does there's no stopping her. As a family and possibly a few friends we would end up in my dads yard at his shop getting a semi built and ready to head to Great lakes concrete walls. We would head here to put up a decent wall around our yard and house which is cleared already so farming would be easy because our soil is good. We have a creek outback that we could also set up to irrigate crops. After the wall is built we will be getting tired of canned tomatoes and eggs. At this point I would be using anything for information on where warehouses are around Michigan as that's where we live. Warehouses are going to be easier to get food out of than risking any stores, gas stations or suburban areas. After all of this is done it would just be farming and living until the infected decay and we could restart our vision on a way of life. As for enemy groups we wouldn't really have any because no one would stay up north. Most people go south because A. No Winter and B. More Rain = More Water. This is how I feel things would go. A lot of my family I wouldn't probably see again as my second oldest sister and brother in law are nurses and a doctor. My 3rd oldest sister lives with the second in Iowa. So our group would consist of Me, Little Sister, Mom, Dad, 4 Nieces and my oldest sister. Just a boring farmer life. Let's be honest about one thing though, The Amish would be the real survivors of the Apocalypse.
  4. I would have to go with a pistol most of the time. Assuming you're talking about a rifle and not an assault rifle I would think a rifle wouldn't be worth carrying around as well. Suppressors aren't as common, ammo isn't as common and clips are harder to keep extra of. However, if you're talking about an Assault Rifle I would favor the Assault Rifle. For the reason of Semi-Automatic being good for clearing out small hordes of zombies that get in your way. Not to mention suppressors are still common for an Assault Rifle if you look in the right places.
  5. This is Scalpy, she was scalped by the other chickens because she was considered weak but we found her before she died and got in her in a safer place. Since the attack we've tried twice to integrate her with the other chickens again. On the first attempt they tried to kill her, on the second attempt a rooster attempted to deflower her while she was being pecked to death. Scalpy is now in her own little chicken coop were she is safe until our third and final attempt to put her back in with the Chickens.
  6. Thanks man. Im just really hoping larger wall like structures make it into the game some how
  7. I don't expect any of the things I ask here to be in Alpha but maybe a bit after. The one thing I like about this game is how close the developers are to the community supporting it and I know that our Ideas will be put into the game. 1. Walls. If you have watched The Walking Dead which I would presume you guys have then you know that there are walls around around Alexandria. My question is at some point will we be able to do that in the city/suburban area. Whether it is just an owner option on a server it would still be cool to put walls up around your base to help defend against the zombies. 2. I would really like to see some type of graves in the game where you can bury your dead such as friends who have died and even make a gravestone for it. As I have heard mental health will be part of the game I am curious to see how that plays out. 3. Cooking. I would like to see cooking also become a part of the game. Since we can farm I don't see why there shouldn't be a way to take what you have farmed and jar it for future use. I don't know how long canned goods will last but I expect not long.\\ 4. Will there be an easter egg Walking Dead AI grouped based off any of the characters or mocking them like the Saviors. This would be cool. 5. Will we be able to mod our own types of AI's into the game? 6. Lastly, about how many things are we able to craft as of right now? Thanks for being so close to the community hope to get answers soon!!!!
  8. Ok thanks Mad even though this thanks is 10 days later
  9. Ok I have thousands of questions going through my head about this game so I will just ask a few of the big ones and hope they can be answered. Since the game hasn't been released there is very little information on how things will work like if you shoot a house with a gun does the bullet leave a hole in the wall or same with smashing windows? But anyways here are my questions and god I am typing like a mad man because of how excited I am since I have been waiting for a game like this FOREVER. Sorry i'm just super hyped. Question 1: How close or based off The Walking Dead will it be and by this I mean like Zombie wise and how they find humans. Like does sound attract zombies within a certain radius? Is the do you get Infected through one bite and can it be stopped by amputating a limb if your bit there? and so many more questions I really would like to talk to somebody just about this whole thing. I heard there was a Discord I will search for the Link. Question 2: Will there be a Voice Chat on multiplayer to talk to other players? Of course by this I mean a Voice Chat within a certain radius. Question 3: Can you build a Community? So this is a really big questions for me because this can mean a Huge breakthrough on many more levels with you being able to build a Community like Alexandria or be like The Savior, Kingdom, Hilltop etc. I am also curious because I don't know if you guys will have it so food expires after a while meaning you will have to farm and maybe even start trading with another community. God I keep getting more and more questions to ask by I am trying to limit this to 5-10 probably 10. Question 4: How is loot going to work. I am hoping the loot is more like it would be in the real world with you having to for example if you wanted a gun go to a Military base or gun shop or food for example will that be in a store or house. Question 5: How far into the Apocalypse are we going? This question is a big one because I am expecting we are at the most a couple weeks in and if we are since there are seasons do the houses and buildings slowly degrade over time until it comes down to trying to rebuild society. This question is also for if the stores will already be looted and clearly the amount of Roamer, Walkers or Zombies will depend on the Population of the area so that makes me more excited. Question 6: How will destruction work? If you shot a house would the Bullet leave a permanent hole in the wall or window or does it just not leave anything? Do explosives leave huge holes. This is my final Questions I have so many more but I want to keep this short and I forgot a few but i'm still super duper hyped for this February!!!!
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