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  1. I bought in on https://qisoftware.ca, So problem solved!
  2. Hi, I know this is a strange question. Buit, I know that I backed this superb project in march 18, BUT i cant find out where I backed it. I think it was with kickstarter but in my profile there, theres just no backed projects. Either is there any backed projects on indiegogo. Was there another option to back this project in march 18? Thank in advance. Anders
  3. Okay, thats nice to know :-) Thank you!
  4. Of course. My problem is that this is actually the first time ever that I use PayPal, so im not sure that I donated to the right people ;-) Maybe I just wanted to know what other people who did the same got after the donation i think,
  5. Hi, I've just donated 50 bucks through PayPal. My question is, what happens next? Do I receive some kind of official email, telling me thanks, and welcome and whats next in the process or do I just as now, receive the email from PayPal telling that I've payed 50 bucks, and that's it? Anyways, Im looking forward to this game! Thanks, AF
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