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Dead Matter
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  1. That's a pretty nice quote, and I totally agree that zombies have just sort of turned into obstacles. Seeing them as an integral part of the game that other game play factors revolve around would be amazing.
  2. Time to form the greatest corpse pile ever- gonna make a wall of em like the Spartans did in 300 >:) Besides that though it would be dope if we could burn bodies.
  3. Wow man, good ass post. I know a lot of devs go under after successful backings because they do exactly that- hire a ton of devs. But then they still can't get the game out on time juggling fees and salaries, so honestly I think thats why you see a lot of games tank even after super successful funding. Or, you know, they end up taking off with the money.
  4. *crashing through hordes of zombies in a truck blaring country roads* COUNTRY ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADS TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME
  5. I feel like it really is size based, as a dictatorship works well with smaller groups, maybe facism/communism for bigger ones, and in the long run democracy would prevail for the biggest of groups 😁
  6. Throwback to when I made this in like january lol
  7. Yeah, the free advertisement is for sure good for the game, who knows how many people on the forums those kind of videos attracted. Really hoping the devs have some good ass advertising planned, both with partners in the alpha and maybe some other mediums.
  8. Ah yeah, mod only. I appreciate you trying though. I'll try to file one is it an email or-?
  9. I'm curious if there is any way to change your name, cause I'd kinda like an OG name when the game takes off, but if I make a new acc. I lose my nice lil rank, so, y' know
  10. OOooo, what if there was like a personal radio you could carry that allowed you to tune into their frequency once you discover it, which you could get info from about troop movements or like supply shipments or something like that. And the longer time goes on shit gets worse for them until eventually they can't keep up with the zombie threat and its just pockets of troops popping up occasionally to try to stage some resistance. That would fit in real nicely with the general feel the devs have planned where as stuff goes on longer, shit gets worse for everyone and everything goes into further disrepair.
  11. If this is still on, count me in. This sounds dope.
  12. So, I was pretty bored so I was watching a lot of those "upcoming games 2018" ones for like post-apoc stuff and zombie stuff, and check this out: EXHIBIT A) 2.6 Million Views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjeQxqFXnrU Has Dead Matter at 8:54 EXHIBIT B) 1.67 Million Views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpMUmfAPKt8 Has Dead Matter at 27:40 I gotta say, it's probably pretty good when the people who make this crap have enough faith in that Alpha footage to include it with games like Escape from Tarkov, Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, and even Dying Light 2. Man, its gotta at least give us some extra pep by association, we're talkin' gettin the game included on lists that have triple A games on them, thats some impressive shit!
  13. I really like this idea, this seems like it would be really cool to have some sort of event surrounding. Like maybe an NPC patrol of em passes through a city or something either gunning down and drawing out a ton of zombies or ending up dead and leaving a ton of high value loot. Anything that could add more meaningful, cool encounters to the game would be awesome. And of course, anything that gives more purpose to actually going into risky areas.
  14. Ooo, sounds nice. I'm in, if you end up doing it. Mainly because of the hosted in Chicago part, my ping would be great, lol. I'll take an invite to the Discord if you got it up already.
  15. UhhhDIE

    Hey now!

    Oh damn, I think I have watched you before. Welcome!
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