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  1. Picture 1(In a house): Mom, I'm sorry that I hurt you. I wish I could turn back time, I'd take it all back. I love you Picture 2(Anywhere): Fuck my life Be happy you still have one Picture 3(Anywhere): I was promised hell, but this is not what I imagined I'd rather burn than stay in this place one more day... Picture 4(Anywhere): Wish I could turn back time... Don't make me do this all again Picture 5(Anywhere): How many have you killed?
  2. They're so cute!! Congrats to everyone that won
  3. Kim

    Shipping containers

    Yeah, it does look like an amazing idea, very interesting and itll add a new way that you can create a community that people want to join because its safe.
  4. Sounds like a great idea!
  5. YES Amazing <3 Both are to be honest but the reddish colour is a bit more DM ^^
  6. I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have some paper money lying around. It doesn't mean you have to use it, but it's the apocalypse.. could be used to starting a fire or as currency as you say.It's up to the people to make that decision especially in a RP situation. You could use whatever you want to pay something, that's how it works right. Its only the beginning of the apocalypse I assume so no rules and stuff have been set yet. It;s not like people just immediately throw away their money when things go south Even fallout has Pre-war money lying around. Printing press might be a bit to much though, but it would be interesting.
  7. Wow Amazingly done \(^,^)/ Maybe change the art to a red colour, a bit less orange. I think it would look better. It's up to you of course. <3
  8. This is SHIVA, god of destruction. (Well more when she was a pup) She's pretty cute. <3 PS: Sorry for the bad quality picture >.<
  9. Kim

    Home Base?

    In basebuilding there is a chance that people will build mega structures and towers, what's the ratio between people's buildings? And when you build in a house can someone take the house next to you if that is possible? Like if i'm with a friend or just someone that build next to the spot I think is amazing, can I still build next door inside the house, or am I out of luck? It would be amazing to have a neightbor to greet everyday
  10. Amazing!! Like always, can't wait for more <3
  11. Yes flooding would be a great addition would love to see that as well
  12. This is amazing, and yes having different kinds of weather and the fact that the environment changes with them is what makes the game even better. I agree with most of what @vic501 said, that's really good. - I don't think we need tornadoes or like storms similar to those in Miscreated, (Snow and radiation.) of course they should be in there, but not as big storms just some normal weather (No radioation unless there is a reason for it, but a storm with maybe thick fog would make it harder to see and greate this amazing atmosphere where players need to be more careful. - Maybe instead of creating bad weather, create like really good weather and its atmosphere. (Add a rainbow or like something different that stands out.) Most survival/zombie games only focus on how bad it is (Of course it's bad thats the game), but even in those times there is good stuff. (Weather related.) - The car looks amazing, so does the MP5, can't wait for a screenshot tying it all together. Keep up the good work!!
  13. So much Hype can't wait for it! Keep up the great work! (~^,^)~
  14. Just saying hello and the obvious... Can't wait for the development & release!!
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