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Dead Matter
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  1. Amerak

    Stun Gun

    You will be able to Handcuff other players, You can also break out of said handcuffs if you really wanted to. IMO a stun gun/taser would be a lot of fun. I can see it now running away from a horde of zombies and you taze your buddy for those sweet extra seconds to escape. Most translations will be community made through steam workshops.
  2. Moved to QnA. If anyone forgets where they backed but know the Email address, make a QI Account and it will show your order info on the website.
  3. Currently no but for certain props like trash and stuff they are considering letting players destroy to clean up a base, but that's something they'll be looking into in the future.
  4. Non disclosure agreement, it means you won't be able to stream/share clips of the closed Alpha.
  5. Sadly Paypal has been disabled due to an ongoing issue with it, No news on when it will be back. However you can buy a Visa gift card and use that to purchase from ether QI or IndieGoGo.
  6. Amerak


    The city is going to come pretty late in development so sadly no screenshots and a lot is TBD.
  7. Amerak

    Realistic Zombies

    The Dev's are a fan of L4D, IIRC that where the inspiration for the Gore came from.
  8. Cutting down trees hasn't been confirmed, IIRC you will have to find refined lumber from sources on the map. Farming and the trap system hasn't been shown. An early version of Fortifying windows was shown a long time ago. Bushcraft isn't really that much of a thing in DM, The flamethrower maybe the only makeshift weapon plus some explosives.
  9. Amerak


    Welcome to the community!
  10. However there is also a planned "Hardcore" mode where upon death you will lose everything and will have to create a new character. Standard mode there will be things that you keep upon death, I.E your money, Schematics, ect.
  11. There is still some core systems/Mechanics that need working on, touching up, ect. People say they would be fine with an extremely early build but once they actually get into one they would soon change their mind when there isn't much to do. Same as when people think QA testing is just playing a game and finding bug's when in reality it's doing the same thing over and over again fro a few hours.
  12. Summer for the northern Hemisphere Is from Mid June to Mid September. I.E So the definition for everyone in the northern Hemisphere is still the current Estimate for CA, be it AUG or Sep. Edit: Just FYI that blizzard date is still summer for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, So 🤷‍♀️
  13. Welcome, And thanks for supporting the game.
  14. Please can you title your thread so people can have an idea what to expect in said thread, It also makes it easier to search for later down the line. Here's a little guide on writing Suggestions:
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