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  1. Amerak

    Voice chat

    IIRC, that's kind of the plan with walkie talkies
  2. One of the things, As you already pointed out, Is the PvE with PvP elements which is pretty well baked into the game loop and doubled down on. A good focus on teamwork/picking professions that help alleviate the groups weaknesses also help reinforce that. The ethicist on the zombies being the main threat and the winters being absolutely brutal is what really helped peek my interest. I've seen a lot of people compare DM to a 3D version of Project Zomboid which a lot of people seem to want and seems to spark a lot of the people's interest. The constant communication they have with the community and the amount of passion that they show towards the game gives me a lot of faith that they can deliver a solid game.
  3. Amerak

    Shipping containers

    I'm all for having shipping containers but realistically your average person wouldn't know how to load the container onto a trailer also getting it off would be a different story. Maybe being able to find already loaded trailers and then just tip them over with a forklift to create the "wall".
  4. Amerak

    Question about the Dead Matter Key's

    Yes, two alpha and two Early access/full release keys.
  5. Amerak

    Music and soundtrack

    Yes, Anyone who backs the Single Action pack and Up will receive a copy of the sound track once they have been completed.
  6. Amerak

    G'day from OMC

    👋 Welcome!
  7. Amerak

    The Whisperers

    The zombie "Camouflage" is confirmed no as it would take away from the zombies being a threat.
  8. The map is going to be a loose representation of Alberta, So it's going to have the feel of the area and not necessary be a 1:1 of the area.
  9. Amerak

    Ello From London

    Hello London.
  10. Amerak

    Greetings from Ontario!

    Welcome. If you haven't already don't forget to check out the official Discord
  11. Amerak

    Time until Release

    I got it on steam a day or two before the announcement, I ain't touching Epics store at all. Don't like their tactics.
  12. Amerak

    Time until Release

    The division and RE2, soon to be Metro and the division 2.
  13. Amerak

    Fan Trailer

    Very Noice.
  14. Amerak

    _REW_Reloading while carying bodies

    IMO, It add's to the risk factor/tension. Makes you think twice before just going in willy nilly and picking someone up. Do you quickly duck to cover and reload or do you keep running and hope for the best? Balancing is also another reason why reloading should be restricted.
  15. Amerak

    Mounted weapons

    Mounted guns are a confirmed no.