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    Sadly there is no current plans for a console version. The Dev team are putting all their efforts into getting the game ready for Closed Alpha and stream Early access. If you have anymore questions please check out the FAQ first, It has tones of info that may help.
  2. Welcome and thank you for joing the community!
  3. Welcome to the community!
  4. Amerak


    Yes, Along with Hunting and farming too.
  5. Feel free to make use of the club feature for your group. https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/index.php?/clubs/
  6. Amerak


    IIRC, fishing is planned. However won't see it untill later in Early access.
  7. Amerak


    It's one of the down sides in seeing a game so early in development. Things change quickly, If you start having to add every little detail that's changed to the vlogs you'll end up with less new info/features shown off in each vlog, Just for things to maybe 180 a few months later. I know it sucks but IMO the most efficient way in getting that info out is through discord and subsequently through the content creators making update videos on it. like with Pathfinders video on the Loot Update. I'll also like to add that Dead matter is still pretty early in development and a lot of things are still WIP and subject to change, that's sadly just the nature of a game that's in heavy development.
  8. I wouldn't say the Vlog/Blogs have become less common, It's still been one roughly every month ish. Save for over the Christmas period which is understandable. We didn't have a Vlog update before the last one as we had a Blog post instead. Twitter is also a good place to follow the individual dev's if you wanna keep up with some of the info. Also lot of the non backer exclusive Sneak peeks get reposted to the reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/DeadMatter/
  9. Amerak


    There is a crashed helo Event already, with other Meta event planned as a way to help reintroduce loot..
  10. Walkie talkies/ Radios are already confirmed to be in DM, Along with radio station you can broadcast from. Check out the Masterlist for images/videos of the Radio and OB van.
  11. Welcome, Fellow Englishman.
  12. This thread has now been locked. Please make a new thread for any suggestions you may have, This will help save them from getting lost and keep the focus of the conversation on said suggestion. Need a guide on how to write a good suggestion? Thanks.
  13. Welcome, Glad to have you a part of the community. We have a pretty active Discord were you can come and chat to the community/devs. http://discord.gg/deadmatter
  14. zombies are planned to be a big threat. With that there will be a few variances in the zombies that will make them feel different to each other, one being clothing, I.e ear defenders will decrease their hearing while riot gear will increase their damage resistance. Having a zombie that can run as fast as some vehicles would be unbalanced and screw over anyone without a vehicle. You can jump crouch through open windows and your be able from shoot from vehicles.
  15. There was an update on the state of the game in April. Sadly the closed Alpha is now estatmated for summer 19. Check out the full update here: https://playdeadmatter.com/2019/03/01/community-update-9/
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