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Dead Matter
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  1. Amerak


    Some one should get to you in a few days, But if you're in the community discord feel free to DM shirk.
  2. The Metro books are ace, 11.22.63 By steven King is also one of my all time fav's.
  3. @jglitch Depending on where you backed you may not recive an email. You can create a QI account with the same email address you used for backing and your order should show in the orders tab.(May need to log out, then back in to refresh). Heres a litle Guide:
  4. Soft AIM is late summer (September),More Info will drop in the next Vlog.(No ETA).
  5. *Moved Thread to Disscussions!
  6. There will be some negitive effects to using Helo's/Planes, They are loud AF, Drink fuel like no tomorrow and your going to need a decent clearing to safely land in. They require a fair amount of recources to maintain, You'll also pretty much want a squad with you everytime you take it out. Moved to Disscussions!
  7. Amerak

    Zombie Tiers

    This is pretty much planned, as zombies "age" they will get slower, ect. What they are wearing will also have an effect. I.e construction zombies wearing ear defenders will have less hearing, soldiers with bulletproof vest would have armour, ect.
  8. Translations will be community made through the steam workshop.
  9. Amerak

    Delay Discussion

    Depending on when you backed you may be past the refund period.
  10. There is currently A bug reporting section on the forum's that will be made Viewable at the start of CA. No plan for a dev room in the CA tho.
  11. Yeah, Female playable characters have been confirmed for a long time.
  12. Game dev takes a looong time. DM has only been in development for 2 Years. Still an extremely short time and for such a small team they have been going Ham. Most games take 5 years+ of dev, Obviously smaller scope games can take less time.
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