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  1. I want a decent zombie game. Not over-complicated by features that go into too much depth but still realistic enough at the same time. I want looting supplies to be fun rather than a chore
  2. Please don't rush anything. I'd rather wait a year to play something you're happy in releasing than have access next week to be bored with what's in the game and criticise what isn't. Rushing games is the worst thing to do. Have seen way too many games flop because they release too early due to pressure from people.
  3. JayTheBandit


    I'm sure the reason for all these changes not being so openly broadcasted is due to the work load the entire team have to meet the summer closed alpha release. Although I do agree, would be nice for the dev logs to have more information. I'm way too hyped for this game
  4. I always prefer PvE elements of games over the PvP side. And I think what your suggesting will be determined which kind of servers that'll be available, and more so down to the players and how they react to meeting other players in game. If there is a way to reward players for being friendly, I feel like it would be more beneficial to run communities like the one you described. We will have to wait and see how people react to finding each other. I'm sure once the game releases people will be able to band together on discord and run little groups.
  5. As much as I hate the delay of the closed alpha release, I personally agree with it. If you compare the earlier development vlogs from the fairly newer ones, you can see the amount of progress being made on the game. It's all well and good saying "release now" or "summer release will kill the game because of other titles being released" however I'd rather have a more polished version of the game than settle for a less developed rushed version. I mean if you look at other games of the similar context that have been released prematurely, they've all been a disaster. I've wasted much time and money on these titles, and yes if I personally had the chance to play the game right now I would, but I also don't want a repeat of previous projects that have been just as ambitious as this one. I also think it's important to bare in mind that the closed alpha is what's coming this summer, and not the final released product. This reflects the fact that backers who have been following the game's development, whether it's from the earlier stages or fairly recently, will appreciate that the alpha will not represent the final product, and there will be substantial changes to the game following it's initial closed alpha release. I know that the developers have their minds set on making this game the best they can, and because of this I trust their decisions to delay the alpha release. I've been patiently waiting since 2017, and I'll continue to wait until the developers decide they're ready to let us play.
  6. JayTheBandit


    Ahh I see. Still a cool way to introduce new loot as well as a respawn system. Intrigued to see what kind of other events will appear across the world when they're complete
  7. JayTheBandit


    Is this to counter-act the lack of loot respawns? If so, that's a pretty immersive way of doing so and I give big props to that
  8. The security of having the long range advantage over zombies and even bandits would be great. Always a sucker for an array of different snipers in games
  9. Treehouses would be cool. I'd be avoiding all the zombies from the safety of the trees . I could imagine camping out in the woods with a rifle and knife. Would be cool with the addition of hunting, could make for some good roleplaying aspects too.
  10. Joined the forums in 2017, been lurking pretty much ever since. Posted here and there but never really introduced myself so hello world!
  11. Being able to pull yourself over a fence as an escape would be useful. Would definitely see myself using a feature like this to get away from those hordes.
  12. A temporary boost to stamina stats through consumables such as energy drinks or coffee would be cool!
  13. I like the idea of personally applying camos through a little mini-game or what not. I know full well I'd end up with botched jobs that look pretty rough.
  14. If the items are purely cosmetic I don't mind. As long as there is a way to gain the items through gameplay. Players should be awarded for playing the game!
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