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  1. JayTheBandit

    Pay2win / crates etc

    If the items are purely cosmetic I don't mind. As long as there is a way to gain the items through gameplay. Players should be awarded for playing the game!
  2. JayTheBandit

    Totally new and seriously excited for this game

    As soon as I saw the game, I said "Take my money!"
  3. JayTheBandit

    Characters and hitboxes

    I doubt this will be a feature as it seems unrealistic in the sense of how it would be implemented. Weight gain should be a result of food consumed over time, which I doubt would be worth the time for the developers when they could be working on more important features. I do like the idea for immersion though! Another point to add is as long as the hitboxes are nothing like the CS:GO hitboxes, I think they will be fine.
  4. JayTheBandit


    PC will always be superior to consoles. I think the best course of action is for the developers to focus on the PC release, and once a stable version is released then worry about a console version.
  5. JayTheBandit

    Will the hazmat suit be in steam inventory?

    In my opinion, you shouldn't be able to trade the hazmat suit. I mean it's supposed to be a backer perk. If you could trade it there will be people selling the "exclusive" item. Plus it's kinda nice to have bragging rights!
  6. JayTheBandit

    DM Profile Pictures for your use

    Good job. Time to photoshop my face onto this
  7. I think it's time to upgrade my PC
  8. JayTheBandit

    What are you listening to?

    I hate myself for it but...