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Dead Matter
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  1. the moment i read that idea i loved it happy to see you guys adding more great ideas from community \
  2. kool yeah my bad read further into the post and saw u saying something along thoose line
  3. i like the idea of a npc city or settlement for gambling or trading maybe something like barter town from mad max?As far a quest go i think that might be a neat addition like getting a quest to find this group of survivors medicine or go a kill bandits/horde from a place
  4. i think being able to have a intractable one would be great.even if its just one u place on a wall but this is something that could go on the smart watch as well no?
  5. i cant agree more it ruins the world alot of the time and truthfully hats off to you guys for choosing to do so.I do have a few questions and maybe a suggestion i know were going to be able to fortify our bases but will this simply be barracading off windows or doors with a few structure ?or will we be able to make a gaurd tower like structure maybe a gate and fence i by no means think free form building should be added but something to be able to beef up structures would be nice ie sandbags barbed wire or a larger barricade to block off infected.
  6. i must say though i do like the idea of a military style clip on light for a chest rig or something almost along the lines of the one you see in dying light
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