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Dead Matter
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  1. Wouldn't the right hand be preoccupied in certain vehicles, like the pickup?
  2. Originally it wasn't planned for there to be an NDA, however, these plans have changed in an effort to make the game's release and first impressions to be as good as it can be. Details about the NDAs will be announced in the future.
  3. A number of the things people suggested were already planned. That thread was mostly just to get a general idea of what the community was hoping to see with the survivor AI in the game.
  4. What's shown in the vlogs is selective, there is still a lot of work left to do. And the vlogs are meant to show specifically what's being worked on, not so much to serve as gameplay videos. But it is planned to have another gameplay trailer in the future.
  5. They backed through Qi, not Indiegogo.
  6. @martin @Nymesis there is no email confirmation from purchases on Qi, however you should see them on the Orders page of the site.
  7. Hopefully it should be fixed soon, please remain patient with us a while longer.
  8. Welcome to the community and thanks for supporting the game!
  9. Welcome to the community! Normally we don't allow self plugging, with the exception of letting people make a post for their groups for Dead Matter.
  10. Correct, players will only be able to have one claim at a time.This is subject to change, but for now that's the current plan. For groups, there are planned to be some permission settings for a claim for teammates so you can all stick together, or you can each go and claim your own separate building.
  11. Hey MarineVet, At the moment there isn't an ETA I can provide for when pet pictures and other information for certain backer rewards will be collected. However, we will definitely be making announcements when the time comes.
  12. I merged your comment into the main post, please be sure to edit the original post instead of making successive ones. The city will be made by hand, and it won't be a perfect recreation. Real maps will be referenced when making it and certain major landmarks will be included.
  13. There is, Gunschlinger just posted a video of him running 100 zombies on screen.
  14. HavocHank

    Stun Gun

    Didn't want deadly explosives? There are explosives though. There will be the option to respawn your character manually and players will not be able to keep other players alive against their will. It will be possible to break out of handcuffs as a counter-balance, though it won't be instant. I personally do very much understand concerns about the toxic gameplay that capturing can lead towards, but this is also being considered and it is something that we'll have to see how it actually plays out with the way they implement it.
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