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Dead Matter
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  1. I merged your comment into the main post. Please edit the main post instead of making successive posts, this helps cut down on clutter. The reason why infection isn't done in many games, and the reason why it isn't planned for Dead Matter, is due to the impact such a mechanic has on gameplay. It essentially means that getting bitten a single time is certain death for the player, and this quickly becomes a frustrating and over-punishing experience. From a balance perspective it takes hardcore a bit to the extreme, even "Souls" games aren't that unforgiving. It could potentially be balanced with things like cures, but that defeats the purpose and also begs the question of how the infection spread in the first place. The method of killing the player with a drawn out and inevitable death is also simply boring and usually not fun. Project Zomboid does infection, and it sort of works with that game due to it's slow and lumbering zombies and the overall slower pacing of the game. However, the devs find it still too punishing for an enjoyable gameplay experience. The zombies in Dead Matter are planned to be scary in a more immediately threatening and thrilling way, with faster zombies and large numbers.
  2. The devs aren't opposed to some additional game modes being in the vanilla game, it would be pretty cool. It's something they may consider later down the road.
  3. Welcome, and thanks for supporting the game!
  4. Like Amerak said, the game is still lacking in many core features. What gets shown in updates is selective for what's ready to present. The team has observed what has happened to many, many other games that have released before they were ready, and the major challenges that it caused their development. Alpha or not, the first playable version of the game sets the impression that the game will be stuck with. There is only one chance at this, and the team is not going to take it lightly.
  5. The game takes place in Alberta, Canada. So no, there won't be any oil rigs.
  6. Welcome to the community, glad to have you and thanks for the support!
  7. Trains are still a ways into the future, but they are planned to serve as a mobile base of sorts.
  8. Not really. The game will definitely look and feel realistic, but mechanics will be geared towards what makes for fun and balanced gameplay. The growth time for crops has yet to be determined though, that will require some testing and feedback once the system is implemented.
  9. I merged your comment into the main post. If you have more content for your suggestion then please edit the original post instead of making successive comments. The inventory system will be broken down into segments like pockets and pouches, this will likely be shown in the next development update. This will prevent a lot of weapon holding and also make it easier to implement additional pouches for expanded inventory space.
  10. Welcome and thanks for supporting the game!
  11. Since the last update a lot of time has been spent onboarding new development staff, as well as refactoring a lot of code under the hood. So the team is currently still working to get enough content that's more tangibly presentable for the vlog.
  12. Performance is something that is always considered during development, however, it's important to keep in mind that Dead Matter will be releasing as an Early Access game and as such it won't be perfectly optimized out of the gate. As for whether it can run on your PC, well that all depends on your specs.
  13. Welcome to the community and thanks for the support!
  14. There will be hordes. Please take the time to read the main post, this thread is for suggestions for survivor AI.
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