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  1. HavocHank

    Has any other backer gotten to name anything yet?

    It is on Indiegogo, the Road Warrior Pack.
  2. HavocHank

    Has any other backer gotten to name anything yet?

    For stuff like that emails will be sent out when backing ends to collect the information.
  3. HavocHank

    Tracking, Sign and Ecology

    This was a very in-depth and well written post! Unfortunately I wouldn't expect tracking signs quite on the level of dynamic, physical detail you describe to be in Dead Matter, as it's not exactly feasible performance wise. Even now things like footprints and grass displacement only last very briefly as it would become taxing to keep for an extended period of time on a map as large as Dead Matter and with as many characters as there will be in the world. More gamey versions of some of these signs that are sprinkled around may be more feasible and would certainly be cool to see in the game. And most of the suggestions regarding zombies are planned.
  4. HavocHank

    Redy to try the game

    Moved to Questions & Answers. The current aim for closed alpha is sometime this summer (northern hemisphere). You can get access to the closed alpha by backing the game, which you can find links to do so in the Frequently Asked Questions thread. Please be sure to checkout the rest of that thread as it may answer other questions you have as well.
  5. HavocHank

    Purchasing Backer Package

    Glad to hear it, thanks for supporting the game!
  6. HavocHank

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Essentially, yeah that's the plan. Colliding trains will cause a lot of damage that will require repairs, but won't derail because the physics for it would be really expensive.
  7. HavocHank

    military bases

    I can't say I know what specific ones are planned exactly, but there will indeed be military camps/bases!
  8. HavocHank

    Dead Matter Common Suggestions List

    They're both the same thing. The meta game system will control things like loot spawning, zombie spawning, animal migration patterns, events, and much more.
  9. HavocHank

    Recruitment section on forum?

    We plan on adding a proper recruitment section as we get closer to closed alpha release.
  10. HavocHank


    There will be an announcement later today with information about the release.
  11. HavocHank

    Hello fellow Survivors!

    Welcome to the community!
  12. HavocHank

    Zombie Survival Nut from Ireland

    Welcome to the community and thanks for supporting the game!
  13. HavocHank

    Delay Discussion

    Actually they do stream their work from time to time, Shirk does the most often. https://www.twitch.tv/macshirk https://www.twitch.tv/jooniguitar https://www.twitch.tv/theshinyhax
  14. HavocHank

    Delay Discussion

    The devs are trying to be as transparent as possible. Dev vlogs are released showing progress on their work on the game, and an announcement specifically regarding the release will be coming soon.
  15. HavocHank

    Game release in 2019

    As I said, an announcement providing more information is coming soon, please remain patient until then.