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  1. HavocHank


    There will be singleplayer, public multiplayer, private servers, peer to peer, and even LAN.
  2. HavocHank

    Just Backed Game

    There may not be a specific date given in the announcement next month, the announcement will be about the game's development and plans moving forward though.
  3. HavocHank

    UE4 Tool: SpatialOS

    It's been discussed before. Basically they don't need SpatialOS because it won't really help for the type of technical limitations they'll face. The Replication Graph by Epic is something that would help them more for that sort of thing and it's something they're looking into for later down the road.
  4. HavocHank

    Howdy from Ohio

    Welcome to the community!
  5. HavocHank

    how zombies move

    Think of it as kinda like a form of rabies. Think like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days/Weeks Later.
  6. HavocHank

    how zombies move

    Correct, they are not "undead" but "infected".
  7. HavocHank

    Prepper package

    No problem at all!
  8. HavocHank

    Prepper package

    Moved to Q&A. Emails will be sent out at a later time in order to collect pet pics and other info for the backer rewards. There is no ETA on when those emails will be sent however.
  9. HavocHank

    how zombies move

    They are still human, the main point behind the slower movement and being indoors more really is to add more dynamic to their behavior.
  10. HavocHank

    Hey y'all from florida

  11. HavocHank

    how zombies move

    Already confirmed that they will move slower in the cold. They will also be found indoors more often than outdoors when it's cold.
  12. HavocHank


    If you backed the game on Indiegogo then you would've gotten an email from Indiegogo, or if you used PayPal then you would've gotten an email from PayPal. If you paid with a credit card on the QI website then you don't get an email confirmation, but you should see the transaction on your bank account and you should see the purchase on the Orders page of the QI website.
  13. HavocHank

    A small request to the dev team

    I believe the number is around 6 or 7. The location of the bunkers will stay the same, it's their interior layout that will be procedurally generated.
  14. HavocHank

    Virginia Is For Lovers....of killing zombies!

    Ah another Virginian, glad to have you in the community. And thanks!
  15. HavocHank


    No I mean there won't be areas that are considered "safezones" at all. There will be npc settlements which will discourage pvp with hostile action, yeah, but they won't be totally safe from pvp or zombie threats. They'll be just as susceptible to threats as player settlements.