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  1. What about a fog of war type map? The more you walk around the more you "remember" the world you are in and your map improves. You could start with a pen and paper. Find a GPS or phone/tablet in game.
  2. Riley (RIP), Abby(RIP), and Rowan. When the zombies came my plan was simple, bunker down with the supplies I had been gathering for years and spend the rest of my time with my wife and my three well trained dogs. They wouldn't bark if anyone was outside and could be told to run to the other side of the forest to lure the zombies away from the farm. My error was in the breed of dogs I had chosen. Abby the mix breed was the smartest of the three and ran away at the first sight of a zombie. The two Golden Retrievers, being the loving breed that they are, didn't last long. Riley fetched a stick for the first horde that arrived and Rowan rolled over for a belly rub. If things calm down here, I might go into town for some spray cans and paint a large mural of them on the side of a building. It's the little distractions that keep you sane, and alive.
  3. Awesome submissions! Congrats to the winners.
  4. '65 Series 2a Land Rover. Currently my primary vehicle. 75 hp from the factory, ride is terrible, loud, 90 kph seems frighteningly fast, drives over everything, flat head and an adjustable for almost every repair, turns heads.
  5. Will the stars be correct? Doesn't really matter but it would be pretty slick!
  6. These Dev Diary's are great. Love the underground stuff as long as it's done realistically and not just randomly all over the map. I can't see there being a network of tunnels spanning 5 farms. Tunnel density in industrial or downtown areas are good. Keep up the awesomeness!
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