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Dead Matter
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  1. Player amputation will not be in Dead Matter. Zombie infection/transmission also won't be in at least initially, though if players die to zombies there's a chance their body will reanimate and turn into a zombie after death. I encourage you to check out the Dead Matter common suggestions list and the post detailing how to write a suggestion for Dead Matter, both of which are pinned at the top of the Suggestions category.
  2. This was a sample I made and thought I'd share here.
  3. (Police Station/House) I fought the law and the law lost llll llll
  4. Though they are both good bois, there can only be one. Confetti dog is a good pupper, absolutely. Jester however - who is a trained police K9 - is a very good boi protecting and serving his community while being incredibly loyal and important. Ultimately, my vote goes with police K9 Jester, who plays an important role in helping his community and is a very good boi.
  5. Some of my favorites from @Regicidalnut: @Onyx's 100% accurate first meme.
  6. Dead Matter Suggestion Guide Howdy guys! I'm going to give a few tips on how to write a good suggestion for Dead Matter - some of the things to avoid, some of the resources to check out before writing, and what makes a good suggestion. Before Posting! There are a few things you should do before posting your idea. First and foremost if you haven’t already, please check out the following: The Dead Matter Frequently Asked Questions thread: https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/index.php?/topic/373-frequently-asked-questions-updated-1292018/ The Common Suggestions List: https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1562-dead-matter-common-suggestions-list/ After looking at these,, there's another thing to do - search. Not to say that you need to spend hours looking through pages of search results - just put your main topic (ex: "Cars") into the search pane. The search function is a great tool for finding lots of information that's already available in both the forums and discord server concerning the topic at hand, and helps avoid cluttering up suggestions and discussions with repeated topics. If you don't see anything and your idea hasn't been suggested before, been said "No" to, or been listed as planned, feel free to move on. Looking at your idea! The next thing you should do before you post is take an objective look at what you're proposing. The basic questions you should answer before posting: - Is it somewhat realistic? - Does it fit with the tone/spirit of Dead Matter? - Would it make the game too easy? - Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? - Would it be found in Alberta, Canada common enough to be added? Posting your idea! Time to post your idea! First, the title. Titles should be short and they should give the basic idea of your suggestion. Three examples to show the extremes users go through with titles: 1: idea 2: Vehicles 3: Devs, add in cars now please and also buses and trains and tanks and bicycles and blimps and zeppelins and submarines. Please don't ever make your title just your name followed by the word suggestions (i.e. Deputy's Suggestions!). When writing the body of your post, please follow the same basic principles of posting constructively in every forum. Use complete sentences, grammar, and punctuation. You may think it's a waste of time - it's not. It helps people understand you and makes people more liable to agree with you. Additionally, check out the Tag feature to add tags relevant to the suggestion - this is especially helpful for easily identifying multiple ideas within a single suggestion post. Responding to Criticism! After posting an idea, your job is only half done. It's now your job to listen to what community members and/or developers have to say about your idea. It's hard for anyone to listen to their idea being critiqued, but you should do your best to remain calm and positive. If someone says your idea has been posted before: If they haven't linked a thread, ask them where. If they link you a thread and it's similar enough to your idea, you should consider asking a moderator and the original poster to get your threads merged. If people add things you enjoy to your thread: It's common courtesy to add things that other people suggest to your original post (for example, when discussing cars - if someone mentions trains, and you like that idea, add it to your post using the "Edit" feature and mention that it was suggested by them, not you). This is a good way to make other people feel involved in your idea and help it be shaped by the community. If people criticize your idea: Please listen to constructive criticism. It can be difficult sometimes, but many times people are just doing and saying what they think is right for the game. They may even be right sometimes. It's perfectly fine to have a back and forth discussion talking about the idea, but if it becomes heated or you're both posting the same thing back and forth in circles, it might be a good idea to either stop responding to them or just leave the thread all together. Sometimes it turns out that great idea wasn’t all it was cracked up to be - it's happened to the best of us. If someone starts insulting you or your idea: Please do not respond in kind. It doesn't help anyone to throw insults back. If you feel they've stepped over a line or are bringing down an otherwise good idea, then report them to a moderator and move on. The best thing you can do is remain calm and polite.
  7. Dead Matter Common Suggestions List Howdy guys. I wanted to throw together a quick list of things that are commonly suggested, and whether they've been mentioned by devs as yes, no, and maybe. I'm going to be making this off of a few threads in forums, and what I know off the top of my head - if I miss any features that have already been confirmed, please mention it in the thread and I'll add it to the list. Additionally, feel free to check out Onyx's list of items and features containing planned features and other important bits of information along with this list. Key [n] - This is a confirmed 'No' from the development team. Please don't post about these unless there's something relevant and new about it. [y] - This is confirmed 'Yes' from the development team. This is something they definitely want to see in the game, but this does not constitute a guarantee. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add. [m] - This is a 'maybe' from the dev team. It's something they've mentioned that they’re interested in, but is unknown if it's a confirmed feature. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add. Everything else - Everything not marked would be something overwhelmingly decided by the community or that is self-evident. If you feel it needs discussion, bring it up here or in a thread if there's not already one out there. The Big No's! These are features that are either vehemently opposed by the majority of the community or are confirmed "no's" for now by the dev team. [n] Amputation [n] Automated turrets [n] Beginning of the game before the infection [n] Children [n] Fast travel [n] Freeform building (similar to Rust/Miscreated) [n] Ground deformation/digging [n] Immunity/Cure [n] Zombie infection transmission/being infected by zombies (subject to change in development) [n] Loot boxes [n] Micro transactions [n] Mini Maps [n] Nudity [n] Overpowered weapons [n] Overpowered Vehicles (i.e. Tanks) [n] Personal Hygiene (bodily functions, etc.) [n] Playing as a zombie [n] Randomly generated maps [n] Skill trees [n] Spray paint [n] Thermal vision [n] Zombie animals [n] Zombie Camouflage/Using Zombie Guts as a Disguise Tentative Yes's These are features the developers have expressed interest in adding. [m] Porting/Console Version (Depending on Things) [y] Ability to lock doors [y] Animals [y] Airdrops [y] Area Maps (no location marker) [y] Armor [y] Barricading with furniture [y] Bows and Crossbows [y] Car Batteries [y] Chainsaws [y] Dismemberment [y] Distractions [y] Feral Animals [y] Generators [y] GPS [y] Handcuffs [y] Helicopters [y] Hunting [y] Hydroelectric dam [y] Metagame system [y] Motorcycles [y] Modding support [y] NPC's (of all types, good and bad) [y] NPC management [y] Planes [y] Professions [y] Player corpses/reanimated corpses (not playing as zombies) [y] Ragdolls [y] RVs [y] Sadist Movie Director (in progress) aka The Governor [y] Sewers and basements [y] Solar panels [y] Suppressors [y] Tasers [y] Trains [y] Craftable/placeable traps [y] Unconsciousness [y] Vehicles [y] Watches [y] Weather/seasons
  8. Additional general suggestions for Dead Matter. As noted with the last list of suggestions here, some of these features might already be planned, but I believe they are worth mentioning and discussing further nonetheless. Weapons/Equipment: Halligan Bar - The Halligan Bar is a tool used by both firefighters and law enforcement for forcible entry. Having been adopted by both law enforcement agencies and fire departments worldwide, it is a useful tool for prying, twisting, punching, and striking, consisting of a claw, a blade, and a tapered pick, which is especially useful in quickly breaching a number of types of locked doors. With this, I think the introduction of the Halligan Bar could warrant it as not only a worthwhile weapon, but also an incredibly useful tool for forcible entry when needed in-game. With the potential to be found primarily among fire department and law enforcement locations, vehicles, and personnel, the Halligan Bar could serve as a useful, unique, and realistic tool and weapon. Maglite/Heavy-Duty Flashlights - Taking from No More Room In Hell, heavy duty flashlights useful for self-defense. Maglite flashlights have been known to be used as melee weapons, with security and law enforcement personnel often carrying such flashlights as they can be employed as a defensive weapon, especially at night or in dark locations. Although not a first weapon of choice, the flashlight can be swung as a baton as a measure of self-defense, and with enough force can cause serious injury or death. Simultaneously, as with the Halligan Bar, the Maglite can be used as a tool - either by itself, or with weapons can be dual wielded with a flashlight. Though not necessarily a first-choice weapon, seeing as brass knuckles and boxing gloves have been shown as making a possible appearance in-game, I would like to see a form of the Maglite make its way into the game both as a useful tool and a weapon. Fire Extinguishers - Also taking from No More Room In Hell, fire extinguishers useful as both tools for putting out flames and as unwieldy yet dangerous weapons. Self-explanatory, and will most likely be making an appearance in-game, but a particular item I wanted to address nonetheless. Road Flares - Items useful for illuminating dark areas and possibly attracting zombies - found primarily in law enforcement, military, and construction locations and vehicles. Vehicles: Built-In Radios - Coinciding with the former list of suggestions, certain vehicles ought to have built-in radio systems that can be used by players. All emergency services vehicles - fire engines, ambulances, police cruisers, and other various emergency vehicles - ought to have usable CB radio/microphone systems. Police cruisers could have the ability to route the radio microphone through speakers integrated into the siren, allowing the driver to use it as a public address system in the event more noise is needed, or contact with another player needs to be established without stepping out of the vehicle. Radio setups ought to also be prevalent among both semi-truck models and security vehicles, and possibly utility vehicles. Military vehicles ought to have built-in and usable radio setups as well. Relevant Supplies in Relevant Vehicles - This feature might be planned already, but I think it's still worth addressing - Certain vehicles ought to have higher chances of containing certain supplies. In the trunk of a police car and in the interior, players early on could have the potential to find a combination of: bulletproof vests or other body armor; a firearm and/or corresponding ammunition; a first aid kit; specialized tools (such as bolt cutters); fire extinguisher; and other types of gear. In ambulances and fire engines, players could find useful basic first aid supplies, medical kits and medical instruments, blankets, and other general medical supplies, depending on how in-depth the medical system turns out to be. Military vehicles ought to have the potential to contain military hardware (though rarely). Utility vehicles could contain appropriate construction supplies - including but not limited to flares, cones, and construction tools (and weapons, depending on how you use them). Civilian cars could contain an assortment of items - from clothes, to food, to even the occasional weapon. Obviously all of this would have to be tried and tested to ensure it is properly balanced for gameplay, but I think it could be a start. Randomized Vehicle Spawning - This might planned already, but to address it - I would like to suggest implementing a system that spawns vehicles randomly with each new run. Might be a 'no, duh' suggestion, but if possible I would like to see vehicles, accident scenes, crime scenes, wreckage, barricades, and all of that regarding vehicles spawn randomly when the map is first created - then, after initially spawning in, nothing changes from there unless players or NPCs interact with vehicles. I think this would be the best system to incorporate if possible. It could mean that every server run is unique - not finding the same cars and wrecks in the same places over and over during different runs - and yet once you are established in a server, you get to know where key vehicles and accident scenes are, adapting to a unique environment with every run. An example I would have of this would be showing up at a police station - depending on your luck, you could find either several cruisers in good condition, various cruisers in various conditions, no cruisers at all, or completely wrecked cruisers. I think there could be quite a bit of unique environmental storytelling and fun, unique gameplay if this type of system can be incorporated. Environment: In my opinion, environment is the bread and butter of the apocalypse. I think environment and environmental design are incredibly overlooked aspects in many survival games, and I believe there is a huge amount of potential with it with nearly endless possibilities. I think it's important to note that environment and environmental design are very broad areas, and as a result what I mention here is by no means the 'end-all, be-all' regarding environment in Dead Matter, just some ideas to throw around. Crime Scenes/Accident Scenes/Wreckage - With vehicle placement, I would like to suggest non-fixable/drivable wreckage out on the roads along with accident and crime scenes, from right before and during the initial onset - as an example, EMS and law enforcement vehicles and personnel could be grouped together at certain scenes where calls were answered, with hazards and lightbars still running early on. For this, I'd like to refer to a separate zombie survival game called Fort Zombie - it's an older game for sure, yet it still did environmental design pretty well, and the ideas are there. It might be worth taking a look at, either the game itself or videos of it, for ideas regarding environment. Checkpoints/Convoys - I'd like to suggest police and military checkpoints and convoys (although military to a far lesser extent), with the appropriate gear and personnel in and around the surrounding areas; for this, I would also refer back to Fort Zombie, which was one thing in particular I was fond of - in Fort Zombie, if you managed to find an army vehicle or police cruiser, chances were there would be a soldier or a police officer not too far away. Respective Personnel/Equipment - Might be a 'no, duh' suggestion, but I also think relevant professions/equipment should initially spawn around respective vehicles and certain areas, taking from Fort Zombie and L4D(2), before being dragged around the map by the metagame or other noises, such as with first responders around accident scenes or respective structures. These are all of the suggestions I have for now - overall, I thought these might be worth addressing. Any feedback or additional comments provided would be appreciated.
  9. A few general suggestions for Dead Matter. Some of these features might already be planned, but I figured these are worth at least addressing or expanding upon. Writing/Marking: In-Game Maps - Taking heavily from Project Zomboid, in-game maps at town, city, and regional levels to help guide players. Additionally, the ability for players to mark maps with symbols and text with the appropriate writing utensils to provide information and keep an accurate account of where supplies, safehouses, and other points of interest are. An example of maps in Project Zomboid: Marking a map in Zomboid: An example of what a map of Calgary could parody: Annotated Maps - Also based off of Project Zomboid, annotated maps found in-game on NPCs or zombies that contribute to bits of information around the map. Imo these help with the overall atmosphere/tone, and are an interesting feature that contribute to the game. Examples from Project Zomboid: In-Game Notebooks/Journals - Also taking from Zomboid, the ability to write in notebooks/keep journals in-game. From keeping track of inventory to keeping a personal log of events in-game, I think this feature could add quite a bit to the game. Example of a journal in Zomboid: Structures: Underground/Above Ground Parking Garages - With more of an emphasis being place on pre-existing structures rather than player-made structures in Dead Matter, I'd like to highlight this specific aspect of structures. There was a screenshot of a parking garage floating out on the Discord channel in an update sometime ago - with the focus on pre-existing structures, I'd like to see several large underground and above-ground parking garages for office buildings, police stations, courthouses, and other municipal buildings across the map as a more secure option for both storage and parking vehicles when using aforementioned structures (especially for larger groups), and to serve as an additional incentive to have electricity for light and access. Fenced-Off Parking Lots - Speaking of secure parking and storage, I'd suggest fenced-off parking lots across the map, especially around larger structures (i.e. police stations, courthouses, factories/industrial buildings, etc.) that have sections of chain-link fencing that can be interacted with, and locked. Examples below. Metal Shutters/Grating - Working with the parking garages, metal shutters and grating across the map in front of businesses, storefronts in malls, parking garage entrances, and industrial structures to provide a secure entry/exit for bases, and to buy time for players while looting. Operated either through electricity or by a simple chain-and-pulley system, depending on the size, possibly with pickable/breakable locks (i.e. padlocks) able to be attached to increase security; able to be broken with the correct tools. Examples include: Municipal Structures - Will most likely be included in-game, but worth addressing imo - larger municipal structures for players or groups to hide out and build up in; examples of structures include fire stations, police stations, town halls, post offices, and courthouses. One example I have of this that I was very fond of is in The Division with the James Farley Post Office; reclaiming, cleaning up, and defending larger structures (outside of the commonplace industrial and residential) from the undead and other players is something I'd like to see in Dead Matter. Clean Up In Aisle 3 - Falling between structures and gameplay, the ability to clean trash from structures and certain areas. I believe this was mentioned by Jooni over on the Discord, but (again) worth addressing imo. As seen with Kickstarter photos and trailers released by the developers, there is a lot of garbage in the streets. Cleaning up blood, dead bodies, litter, and other general trash from structures and areas would be greatly appreciated in-game. Vehicles: Vehicle Interiors/Storage - Detailed vehicle interiors would be appreciated in-game (such as with the gauges in SUV in the Dead Matter game trailer), in addition to being able to fiddle with the radio and scan channels, open the glove box, and use either the heat or AC (The Long Dark would be my best example for interacting with vehicle interiors). Being able to use and interact with radios in emergency services cars (police, fire and rescue), take a shotgun or rifle from a firearms rack in a police cruiser interior, or find medical supplies in any emergency services cars would also be amazing to see in-game; additionally, being able to store items in the backseat as well as the trunk when storage is full and there are more supplies to transport rather than players. Examples of a police cruiser and firetruck interior below: Environment: Tidbits of Stories - Again, going back to The Division, including unique forms of storytelling and building up the environment of Dead Matter, such as with police dashcams, recordings, reports, papers, audio and video surveillance, all sorts of found footage, from before, during, and after the outbreak - once again, most aspects of this will most likely be included in the game, but worth addressing as, imo, The Division - despite its flaws - did this particular aspect incredibly well, and is absolutely worth looking at for future examples, seeing as the potential for effective and creative stories in Dead Matter is huge. One example in particular I found worth including: Gameplay: "Impactful" Shooting/Melee - More of a broad suggestion rather than a specific one, but I saw a few people comment on this elsewhere and thought it to be worth addressing - To provide somebody else's comment: "A major issue with multiple early access titles is that the combat ends up looking or feeling incredibly off. Make the weaponry look solid and feel impactful. Above all else this is essential, as it's the filler for the scavenging, upgrading and base building mechanics. Floaty MMO combat is a huge turnoff. Look to Dying Light for good melee feel and Killing Floor for good ranged combat. Make sure the weapons aren't held awkwardly." Again, this is more of a broad idea rather than a specific one, and obviously Dead Matter is still early in its development - but I highly suggest looking at (if not playing) the aforementioned games to get a sense of combat done right. Having good-looking graphics, a slew of gameplay elements, and a huge map could all end up falling flat if the gameplay's poorly done, or just feels off overall. Again, I'd recommend taking a look at the above titles, and players' perceptions to combat across both these titles and other survival games to see what works, and what does not. Bad gameplay is a killer for quite a few titles, and I'm hoping Dead Matter can avoid following suit early on. Other: "Spoiler" Feature - A "spoiler" feature for posting on the DM forums. Useful for condensing pictures/text (as seen needed above). That's about all the suggestions I have for now. I thought these were worth addressing and/or expanding upon - any feedback or additional comments would be appreciated.
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