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  1. Falka

    Riot shields

    I think your thinking of a ballistic shield. I referring to a transparent riot shield.
  2. Falka

    Riot shields

    Will there be riot shields. They would provide good defense and imagine a group of players forming a line with riot shields equipped pushing back zombies.
  3. Hopefully the loot will be configurable so each server can set what spawns and how much.
  4. How will players communicate? Will players have direct chat for close proximity and radios for communicating longer distances? Will radios have different frequencies so players can communicate on different channels?
  5. I think it would be good to have road flares that you can hold or throw. Also fire torches that you can craft from wood. It would be beneficial to have move light sources than just flashlights.
  6. Will there be PvE only servers? I just want to play coop without the anarchy of PvP.
  7. How do I join the Dead matter discord server?
  8. Hello, Will this game have adjustable FoV? Thank you
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