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Dead Matter
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  1. The front page would probably be the best, since people go to the main site to get vlogs, the Discord link, and other news already.
  2. Would it be a good idea to place an interactive embed for the DM twitter account and an embed of the discord server on the main site home page, and make the Dead Matter logo here redirect to that page instead?
  3. I'm astounded that this is a thing and can't thank you enough for asking the community what they'd like to see. Please, make AI value their life and their allies' lives above all things. If you can, see if you can try to get them to extract injured allies, make humans hard to kill- That would make them dangerous and feel like something else different from any other human enemies in any other game.
  4. David

    Contracts (NPC)

    A quest system is already confirmed but we haven't been given any information other than it exists. If I had to take a stab, I'd be willing to bet there would be a good amount of radiant quests which could include recovering certain things from certain locations or perhaps killing certain creatures or an individual, but none of this has been confirmed yet.
  5. I get a Red Dead feeling from this. Looks like someone gave up hope when Calgary fell.
  6. Holy shit, didn't know it got that bad. I'm happy you recovered, man. I really hope I'm not coming off as ignorant of the situation. QI is a small team and you guys have been doing absolutely amazing with both communication and development, I feel as though a large amount of the community really appreciates that and is thankful for it. It's really good to hear you acknowledge the gap between vlogs, though, and any and all information really is nice to have. Thank you for this.
  7. It's good that you're taking things carefully, Jooni, but we're all anxious, and I feel that some of us really are scared of a Bannerlord situation. Dev vlogs are becoming less common, which is reasonable due to staff overworking and the priority being game progress over the vlogs, as well as the team size being small, but at this point in time information is almost worryingly scarce. While there are live streams, it can be very easy to miss them when they pop up, and it wouldn't be surprising if a majority of the out-of-Discord community only knew about Shirk's streams. And it's become almost a year delay for the alpha now, which again is reasonable and again it's a good move to take your time with this, but concern about things like this are natural for people like Dinkleburg, Nagol, or myself to have. We know that Dead Matter is being worked on by talented and passionate people but there's still the concern that maybe things won't turn out right. Like I mentioned, information is becoming increasingly more scarce, and historically that type of thing usually came straight from a pot of MacBeth stew. Just to clarify, I'm not trying to rush you or urk you, game development is difficult and what you and the rest of the QI team have done so far is amazing, and approaching the alpha cautiously and trying to release it at the right time is the right move for sure. I'm just trying to explain what our concerns are and have been since March.
  8. The plan for Dead Matter has been to encourage PvE gameplay since the original Kickstarter. PvP will still be enabled by default but server admins and owners will have options to disable it, which has also been confirmed for awhile. If you're looking to take part in or run a player-driven community, they already have you covered. Walkie talkies have been confirmed for awhile too.
  9. David


    Alot of stuff seems to be changing really quietly. It'd be nice to see big changes like loot respawning in the dev logs, no loot respawn seemed like kind of a big part of Dead Matter's identity, at least from my perspective (barring events and NPC patrols and other immersive loot introductions).
  10. For the sake of gameplay, cold nor lack of needs has to kill the zombies. It could just add debuffs to them.
  11. Zombies already go indoors during winter.
  12. David

    Development Vlog #7

    Jooni, Shirk, Nomad, you guys are really doing something amazing- It's really downright inspiring. Everything seems to be coming together beautifully and it's certain the community does appreciate your hard work. The map really is looking gorgeous, and it's really cool to get all these details about the medical system. Looking forward to #8!
  13. Absolutely. All keys will be released release day, whenever that might be.
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