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Dead Matter
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  1. quick suggestion: when alpha comes out call bugs "uh oh spaghettios".
  2. The best name would just be "Stuff 3" if the devs were careful and more experienced with the science of names.
  3. I didn't account for that. However, Left 4 Dead is pronounced "Left for Dee-Add", which is a multiple of 2.
  4. Hey Dead Matter community, Sorry to be a downer but I believe Dead Matter will be a commercial failure. Observe the trends of the great games Minecraft, Tetris, Wii Fit, Fallout, and Skyrim. All the greatest games all have one notable thing in common- They have two syllables. If there is any universal truth, it is that for a game to be considered successful, it must have two syllables. Unfortunately, Dead Matter (pronounced Dead Mat Ter) appears to have 3 syllables. This is simply one too many for the game to ever be considered great. Have we just been pronouncing Dead Matter wrong the whole time? My research affirms that is regrettably not the case, as according to Google Translate, it is apparently still pronounced with all three syllables (a search shows ded ma•tr). It's an unfortunate mistake for the developers, since the game appears rigged from the start. It is set up to fail. What are your opinions on the matter?
  5. Is there going to be the ability to disable infinite ammo for the AI in the options for a new game, and if not, will that be possible to do with mods?
  6. Is it okay to ask what caused the forums to break? I've heard speculation that it was a failed April Fool's joke.
  7. David


    In my opinion, a great way to implement a UFO would be to have a crashed one with an alien corpse in some secluded area in the woods, like a Rockstar easter egg.
  8. Dead Matter looks like a very nice sandbox. There's infinite ways to play the game judging by what's been displayed so far. What features would you like to see emphasis on?
  9. David

    Development Vlog #08

    Consider the yeet hit.
  10. my wife when she leaves me
  11. David

    Why no infection?

    It would be neat to only have it for zombies that aren't in your field of view and have them actually have to do a bite, maybe if you turn your camera quickly to look at them the bite could fail, too. It was also be handy to have an amputation system for permanent debuffs as well as maybe prosthetics as hospital loot and wooden counterparts that limit the debuff but don't restore limb function to the same extent professionally manufactured prosthesis does, or a symptom suppression system like Dying Light maybe. Just brainstorming, it looks like QI is pretty dead set, but maybe modders could pick it up.
  12. post etiquette? more like my wife left me 😎 why did she leave me 😂😂😂
    1. David


      i am the supreme gaming meme turbo machine

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