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Dead Matter
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  1. David


    In my opinion, a great way to implement a UFO would be to have a crashed one with an alien corpse in some secluded area in the woods, like a Rockstar easter egg.
  2. Dead Matter looks like a very nice sandbox. There's infinite ways to play the game judging by what's been displayed so far. What features would you like to see emphasis on?
  3. David

    Development Vlog #08

    Consider the yeet hit.
  4. my wife when she leaves me
  5. David

    Why no infection?

    It would be neat to only have it for zombies that aren't in your field of view and have them actually have to do a bite, maybe if you turn your camera quickly to look at them the bite could fail, too. It was also be handy to have an amputation system for permanent debuffs as well as maybe prosthetics as hospital loot and wooden counterparts that limit the debuff but don't restore limb function to the same extent professionally manufactured prosthesis does, or a symptom suppression system like Dying Light maybe. Just brainstorming, it looks like QI is pretty dead set, but maybe modders could pick it up.
  6. post etiquette? more like my wife left me 😎 why did she leave me 😂😂😂
    1. David


      i am the supreme gaming meme turbo machine

  7. You're right. It's easy to forget the standard of polish on all of the vlog content, and easy to lose an appreciation for that. Thanks for the reminder, Hydri. 😁
  8. This is reassuring to hear, but getting vlogs out more often was also reassuring to hear. As someone who is invested in the success of Dead Matter, through time spent interacting with its community and through backing, please understand we want Dead Matter to succeed as much as you do. I feel as though information is diluted, even if it is abundant, through all the various methods you, Shirk, jooni and everyone else use to communicate progress. The (b/v)log system is the definitive means of concentrating all of that and making it easily and widely accessible for everyone. I have good faith in you, Hank. You and the rest of jooni's team have been hard at work, and you and jooni have been extremely good with responding to concerns like mine and other community members'. Thank you for that.
  9. Not to rush anything, the team is small and under alot of stress and pressure, but hypothetically if the project does go under- Would there be any chance that the assets could be released to the community, at least so the various talented supporters of the project could try their hand at finishing the game collaboratively? I think that the current situation looks pretty scarily like past failed Kickstarters, and while you and other QI members are very talented and skilled, it's a massive job that is definitely capable of overwhelming such a small workforce with access to such limited resources.
  10. It'd just be nice for there to be loose systems to mess around with in place, really alot of focus on the sandbox right on alpha release. However long it takes is worth the wait, but it is a long wait, it really feels like Bannerlord and STALKER 2. You know Dead Matter's gonna be great and the wait is worth it but it's still painful to wait so long.
    1. David


      Why won't statuses show up still? Forums continue to be janked and news is still slow to crank out. Hopefully things are managable for QI. Developing a game is extremely time consuming and stressful, wouldn't be surprised if they did either openly admit to quitting development or taking an extended hiatus. One would hope for the open sourcification of the game if that happened though, there's alot of talent in the community and even if QI fell apart, the community would be happy to finish the job at no cost to the original team. Really hoping for things to work out though. 🤞

  11. Summer is just a rough estimate. and I don't remember them specifying the year.
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