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  1. the way I saw internet radio broadcast law was as long as you had your paperwork in order with the government and the public broadcasting rights for your music, it is safe to have the option to broadcast via the game's internet radio options as it would be a method of broadcasting the station just like how there are radio stations on twitch and youtube.
  2. GunsNGlue

    Riot shields

    While the shield bash with an unconscious individual idea is interesting you are incorrect about the inability to reload as all shields have historically been attached to an individuals arm, not their hand. Therefore it is possible to reload any small arms with slightly longer load times relative to standard reload times. Just look up rainbow six siege players and see how well the shield operators work. While there are shields with a handle for shield techniques that benefit form fine motor control the handhold is often optional and can be easily disengaged as it is a simple handhold. The only time a handhold would be necessary is for a heavy tower shield which would not appear in game due to their impracticality. It it would be interesting to have round shields similar to what the Vikings use since they are fairly simple to make, have a wide surface area to defend and light so they would not be a serious burden to have equipped
  3. It could be military or law enforcement surplus or be one of the rarer guns in game found in a collectors house in a heavy safe or in a bunker since many where granfathered in around the world when gun laws where lax. Also still make a modified version of the Thompson today except you need a gunsmith to use a conversion kit to reactivate the full auto setting and add the switch since the manufacturer currently sells it with auto disabled to be legal in more places. If your friend had a machine shop and buy the auto upgrade kit you could upgrade your legal single shot Tommy into an auto illegal tommy as long as you don’t get caught. Also, I imagine there will be options to get high tier guns thorough convoys, airdrops, and dead crazy Americans that thought they could be zombie apaocolyose John Wayne.
  4. Finds a club, walks over to stripper pole, hits E, funny animation occurs, character no longer stressed, let the in-game madness occur because why not see a guy decked out in swat gear spinning around on a pole
  5. It would be interesting to see if the dead matter team or some modder adds improvided guns like pipe pistols or slam fire shotguns for those of us who have resources but no luck with finding firearms.
  6. Personally, I'd like them to add in the Model 1928 Navy Thompson SMG because it's the iconic, sexy, Tommy gun for goodness sake. It's made of steel with solid wood grip and stock so it can handle going through a zombie apocalypse. It's chambered in .45 ACP which should be great for those shopping mall shootouts and bullet mold kits for solid slug and hollow point are easy to purchase so if you had to you could make your own ammo as long as you scavenge smart and policed your brass if the game wants to get that in detail. You can switch between single and auto fire for fire discipline, appropriate force, and noise as the pistol rounds mean that it can be easily pressed. The Tommy gun lets you choose from a flavor of magazines form the 30 round box magazine preferred by the US, the 50 round drum preferred by the British, or the 100 round drum for when you want to play LMG. Psst, hay devs, how many pizzas would it take to bribe encourage you to add the Thompson to the list of guns being put in game?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they added the whole AK family with the Russian favoritism they have had, guess in future Canada it's easy to acquire a Russian armory since the Canadian customs is so chill the Russians just waltz right through with a duffel bag full of guns, no wonder someone was able to sneak in a zombie serum.
  8. I think this would be beneficial, especially since the first thing a swat team is going to do is take over one of those evacuation camps, or maybe it will be a military-based evacuation camp variant that is reinforced and never fell the zombies when the virus hit. It would spawn randomly and have heavy MG's on the outside and maybe have a disarmament policy when you enter. There would be a small store for buying and selling scrap, ammo, water, and food with a small farm and water collector in the back. It could offer quests to find new survivors, retrieve or identify points of interest of the survivors for rewards. Maybe make it a safe refuge for people to log out and back in without spawning next to someone waiting to kill you. Not sure how they are going to handle spawn killing and people using tactical spawning to instantly make an ambush or army appear out of thin air, while not making logging back in punishing since today's log in spawn is 20 miles from where you were the last day or everything you owned was destroyed while you were logged out and a tripwire killed you as you spawn in.
  9. There needs to be something, maybe even an old IFF system can be found in one of the bunkers so you and a friend or two can stay hidden while knowing where each other is on a particularly trigger happy server. The biggest problem with basic clothing id or bright yellow over here belts is when a group of bandits, ai or player, sneaks up on you and you'll have big shoot me signs on you or a troll may fly false colors then gun you down before you can confirm his id, or you'll be playing guess the spy mid-gunfight. Basic squad colors may be beneficial for PvE encounters where the AI won't troll you or be as affected by reflective vests causing you to stand out, but this is a PvP game that can be played PvE so you need to figure something that works both ways.
  10. Your forearm is doing most of the holding when he is bouncing up and down on your back. If you had to you could stop, dump the used mag on the ground or in our pocket, rotate the hand that is on your friend, put the pistol in your rotated hand then use the other hand to slap the new mag in and chamber it by pulling back on the handle, or keep in in the chamber so you can save time by not needing to charge it. Finally, regain your grip on your friend and keep running. Personally, it would be nice to do a two-handed or two-man carry to increase speed if your playing in a squad.
  11. PvE is my preferred game mode since single player will be difficult with the classes being synergetic, making it hard to one man army and pvp has that one new guy that has no life and griefs the hell out of everything.
  12. Colt Thompson though I suppose the H&K G11 would be a close second.
  13. I think that locking down a sector using barricades and traps to be a great idea since areas like the train stations, and airport will need to be zombie-proofed since engines make a lot of noise and what is the point in taking a train to the next town if every zombie within two miles is waiting for you to get off. it would also encourage the design and implementations of defenses and members would have to decide whether it is better to focus on defenses or production.
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