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  1. Just like Kmart and Walmart, if you buy the stock from that front sure it goes to the supplier but the distributor still takes their individual cut. T hen again I'm pretty sure you don't need to launch the game through the launcher. I'm pretty sure you can just add it to steam as a Non-Steam game if you prefer the one launcher.
  2. From what I've read, the Epic Games Store is planning on opening their store to new games as soon as mid-2019. Currently I've been playing Hades which is still in Early Access and constantly bringing out new updates heavily based on player feedback, much like what Dead Matter aims to do. So the question I'm asking is, 'Should Dead Matter go up on the Epic Games Store?' Positives Epic Games is new and is sure to put the time and effort which small games need There will be no 5% royalty payment for use of Unreal Engine 4 Targeted towards indie game developers The store will even involve a Support-A-Creator program where content creators who get the word out there and refer players to buy the game will get a small percentage of the game's sales which Epic Games has pledged to pay the first 5% generated in the first 24 months. Epic Games has decided to split revenue 12/88 instead of Steam's 30/70 so the devs can use this funding to better the game Negatives The Epic Games store is just starting up so there would be a smaller audience There are currently no forums on the store site so most of the discussion would stay on the discord but there would be a significant lack of player based reviews Although they're a big company, they are taking on a lot and may get overwhelmed "Missing out on Steam workshop, Steam API, Steam community, Steam achievements, Seam sales, Steam exposure, Steam rating and reviews, Steam forums, ect." Deputy I would love to hear any feedback people have on the matter and I may update my pros & cons list as people add their own points and views.
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