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  1. kylel999

    dead matter company

    That makes it even better, kind of ironic. Make it ridiculously expensive and fancy looking.
  2. kylel999

    Community Update #9 - Wall Writing Contest Winners and More

    I really thought the "I fought the law and the law lost" with the piggy with check marks was the best submission. It almost gave me chills when I read it, the idea of a cop killer survivor out there
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I wasn't sure if zombies will spawn inside houses and buildings. It was overlooked in DayZ. It'd be a nice surprise to break into a house to find a zombie in the bedroom or the bathroom. Which brings me to my next question: Will there be zombified hospital staff/patients in/around the hospital? Would a police station be filled with zombies-in-blue?
  4. kylel999

    pizza easter egg

    I think a good reference would be a random closet in 1 house, in each world, that's full to the top with pizza boxes
  5. kylel999

    Stockpiling weapons?

    Would love to pop the trunk and just see a pile of weapons that just barely fits
  6. kylel999

    Community Update #5

    Dude, I was wondering why it seemed so quiet lately.
  7. kylel999

    New Trailer Thoughts

    Regarding the congo line thing - will groups of zombies eventually attempt to climb over fences and things simultaneously to get to you rather than funneling through the clearest path?
  8. kylel999

    Dead Matter - May 2018 Teaser Trailer

    If you're referring to the dashboard I think it's purely functional for now, I'm sure they'll pretty it up a bit. The engine sounds are definitely placeholder, with the exception of the ATV which sounds pretty gnarly.
  9. kylel999


    I can't really make this out into an extensive post but one thing I've noticed that a lot of developers don't do is future-proofing games - now, we don't need 1,000,000 poly ultra-high quality model options, but little things that might not be possible now that might be a breeze in the future can go a long way. One of the things that comes to mind iis render distance - now, I know it's not 100% up to the hardware, and that sometimes the engine itself can impose limits on things like this, but the ability to make render distance extremely large, even if top-tier PC's couldn't run it, is a nice freedom to have - in short, it means we can continue to push the limits on beauty for years to come. Thoughts?
  10. kylel999

    May Teaser-trailer opinion

    I'm a little concerned how unresponsive the zombies towards the end seemed to gunfire, they should definitely be alarmed in a much larger radius than what I saw at the little camp I also hope zombies will have some ability to vault, as seeing them all run the same path through the waist-high fences seemed unnatural but the game is obviously still a WIP so I'm not going to think too much of it
  11. kylel999

    ESO-Esque Animation Packs

    I'll always support anything that supports roleplay. Changing your walk style and facial expression on the go in GTA V was great.
  12. kylel999

    Moving things

    I know barricading and stuff is supposed to be in the game but I'm not sure if we'll be able to push/drag furniture and stuff around in a hurry (i.e. outside of some form of building mode)
  13. I would much rather be forced to barter
  14. kylel999

    What Questions Are Allowed?

    I think he's asking if this sub is just for game-related questions or for general questions directed towards the devs