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  1. For real though, I do think the forums and front page are strangely separated, im not exactly sure how or why, but they seem like separate websites, instead of the forums being a part of the front page, like it should be imo.
  2. First off, welcome! I will say that, uh, kids, and all that entails, are confirmed not going to be in the game.
  3. Most magazines found, unless part of military grade loot for example, will be pinned, limiting the number of rounds that can fit, regardless of the actual size of the magazine. They can be unpinned at a workbench pretty easily though. Moved to Q&A.
  4. Honestly the Ammo section is the least fleshed out because that's just not something we're specifically shown all that often. Also, it's worth mentioning that the list is made by me, and i'm not a dev, so though it's mostly accurate, I can get things wrong, and plans and ideas can change
  5. Onyx


    That system has been changed; loot will now respawn as it does in most games, though there are also various other ways loot will be reintroduced into the world, such as NPC convoys, airdrops with humanitarian supplies, (like food and water, not guns and ammo), and, as mentioned, the heli crashes, to name a few.
  6. Single room bunkers are confirmed. That said, still a nice read; good post!
  7. Train's wont derail, though to my knowledge nothing has been said on the need for fuel, or the lack thereof.
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. The role for the forums hasn't been implemented yet, for the discord, you can follow the guide in Pinned Messages in #help-and-support
  10. Onyx

    Dev Vlog #6

    Lol thanks, I just happen to have been awake at the right time.
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