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  1. Onyx

    hi all

  2. Onyx

    German guy joined the Community :D

  3. Onyx

    Portuguese Dude Just Joined

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Onyx

    Backer role rewards

    The role for the forums hasn't been implemented yet, for the discord, you can follow the guide in Pinned Messages in #help-and-support
  5. Onyx

    Dev Vlog #6

    Lol thanks, I just happen to have been awake at the right time.
  6. Onyx

    Realistic Zombie Types

    Crawlers are confirmed.
  7. Onyx

    Dev Vlog #6

    Yup, that's the plan!
  8. Onyx

    Dev Vlog #6

    Feel free to post your thoughts on Dev Vlog 6 here!
  9. Onyx

    G'day from OMC

  10. Onyx


    Crawling zombies are confirmed (both spawning like that and as a result of being shot in the legs)
  11. Onyx

    Delay Discussion

    @Babytay That's incorrect, at the end of the month, they will release an announcement on the state of the game's development and plans moving forward. Not necessarily a release date.
  12. Onyx

    Ello From London

  13. Onyx


    Moved to Questions and Answers. Grenades are confirmed, as well as flashbangs, though rubber ball grenades and tear gas hasnt been mentioned. Personally, I think tear gas could be a good addition, since gas masks are confirmed, and that'd go along well with the hazmat suit, but again, that's just my personal thoughts on the matter.
  14. Onyx

    Winter Weather

    Moved to Questions and Answers. When a snowstorm hits, it will cover the entire map, but wont have any depth as, according to Shirk, "that’s some technologically advanced stuff™️." Throwing snowballs hasn't been talked about but I like the idea, personally.