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Dead Matter
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  1. Onyx

    Hello, Finally!

    Welcome to the community!
  2. Yeah when I said distributor I meant like an IRL lumber distributor, which are often, but not always, attached to mills.
  3. Though Lumber Mills themselves havent been mentioned, the main way to get a large amount of wood, IIRC, is to just go to a distributor and load up. I believe Johnny mentioned this as an alternative to "punching trees" once.
  4. Also, are you sure you backed on the Kickstarter, and not Indiegogo? The Kickstarter ended well before 6 months ago.
  5. Welcome to the community, glad to have you!
  6. Onyx

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community!
  7. Per rules, we ask that people not discuss mod actions publicly, if you have a problem, feel free to bring it up with a moderator through Direct Messages. That said, you can make an official ban appeal through the following link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdF2bK7ghsBE_E2hqSl4cls3N35qg9H77FyoDppg-X_pDBE6Q/viewform
  8. Hello~! Welcome to the community!
  9. For real though, I do think the forums and front page are strangely separated, im not exactly sure how or why, but they seem like separate websites, instead of the forums being a part of the front page, like it should be imo.
  10. First off, welcome! I will say that, uh, kids, and all that entails, are confirmed not going to be in the game.
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