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  1. Onyx

    Zombie Tiers

    They won't get smarter, but there will always be some fresh zombies even later in the servers life.
  2. Onyx

    Delay Discussion

    An August release isn't likely. It's listed on indiegogo as an estimate because a month had to be chosen, but it's not a determined release frame. The current aim, not a date, is late summer, summer ending September 23rd.
  3. Fire propagation/wild fires is something they are considering, but might be unable to implement with the current limitations.
  4. There are no plans to allow bullets to be crafted.
  5. It's being considered for single-player and possibly co-op, however it wouldn't really be feasible or logical for multiplayer.
  6. There is simple vaulting, and a shove mechanic was shown off in, iirc, dev vlog 7, maybe 6.
  7. Onyx

    Hello, Finally!

    Welcome to the community!
  8. Yeah when I said distributor I meant like an IRL lumber distributor, which are often, but not always, attached to mills.
  9. Though Lumber Mills themselves havent been mentioned, the main way to get a large amount of wood, IIRC, is to just go to a distributor and load up. I believe Johnny mentioned this as an alternative to "punching trees" once.
  10. Also, are you sure you backed on the Kickstarter, and not Indiegogo? The Kickstarter ended well before 6 months ago.
  11. Welcome to the community, glad to have you!
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