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  1. Was it confirmed or denied whether you can recruit AI into a group
  2. Gunschlinger opened up a suggestion area for what the community wanted to see come out of the AI meta. Is there any chance we could get a list of suggestions the team might consider or are currently working on? I felt there were tons of great ideas, but my knowledge is limited on what is possible with the coding.
  3. Could you shed light on the fortification system in regards to squads or clans. Its a multi tiered questions so bare with me, Question 1 : Rumor has it, You can only claim 1 building. Is that true? Follow up - Question 1a: If true, Would you consider changing that ruling. Id love to have small cabins and supply holes around the map for safe resupply. Also if the loot system is designed to fluctuate I'd like to have multiple options for security. Question 2: If the answer to question 1 is true, and the answer to Q1A is No: Then if we had a squad of lets say six survivors; Could we claim an area with six different buildings and fortify our corner of the map? Im not requesting taking over a town by any means, but I also don't want to be limited to a single house in suburbia.
  4. id love to see a photo if you can track one down.
  5. Truth be told Id like to see the warehouse with a small outdoor yard like the Scailes Wholes example above. Have the fenced in Area with some overgrown hedge brush overtaking the 8' fence. (Cant see through it or shoot through it) For added protection. The gated yard with three or so out-buildings. I would imagine putting shooting platforms on the corners of the yard. I would reinforce the chain link with any available material. Have a Fortified outdoor area where I can set up a greenhouse, and store a car possibly. Have a medium sized warehouse area. Its not overly ambitious and would make a decent urban hold up that a few guys can defend
  6. In all of the streams and watching the game come together. I see tons of hazmat, garbage, and soiled buildings. Will there be anything to allow one to clean their space? If I pick a Dicks Diner as my base I don't want tons of waste floating around the dining room. Will I be able to rid my base of these props?
  7. Yea starving in summer would be tough. Its one of the more abundant wilderness' in the world. Preservation is where you must stand out. Canning, freezing, and dehydrated options would give you variations. In the end i go back to the coding. I dont know what it would take, but im sure the investment in time would add depth to the game.
  8. So what would it cost me to make it the J.Roger Mill Co. ??
  9. Fantastic Idea, This just give the "Distributor" a chance to be a Clan or some group of people. Instead of relying on an AI Faction
  10. I'd also like to point out. It doesn't all have to be "Farmed" Wild edibles are confirmed, though the extent of what will be available hasn't been decided on. There are dozens of options when it comes to leaning on mother nature. I detailed some a long while back. But recognizing and living off what is already there is survival 101.
  11. Shirk, Just an Idea for Endgame, or maybe even in the beta Map. A larger Point of interest could be a Lumber or saw mill. See Below - Downi Timber - Its just outside of Calgary. In game doesn't have to have an inventory yard this size, but a larger expansive saw mill as a place to gather truckloads of crafting supplies - If you have the truck, and if you can hold off hordes of zombies. 😈 Also just east of this photo is a railway switch suggesting rail access. You could run your in game rail line into the Mill Yard. Also the possibility of more satellite buildings and warehousing in an around the lumber yard. Making it an even larger point of interest with a lot of opportunity and even more danger. Maybe have stacks of premade lumber bundled together, Branded Dugfor Lumber Co, (a play on Canfor - A major Mill) or Atlas Timber Co... A brand could be strewn up im sure. J.Roger Mill Co if your really feeling Generous LOL 😎 This is a rather Large outfit as you can see, It would be a lot of modeling that wouldn't have much in game use, but it gives you an idea of the complexity. Obviously turning the mill on would be a mammoth task on the coding side, plus draw hordes of zombies. So I wouldn't imagine any of it would actually work. But there are details in the photos below. The last Section of my suggestion is imaged here. A small home made lumber mill shop on some homestead in the wilderness, or off the beaten path. Maybe the relics of a small cabinet maker before the outbreak, or some hobbyist who built one in the barn behind the house. Regardless of where it is, this could be made to function. A crude set up that could produce limited supplies of lumber for crafting. Maybe only have two or three around the entire map. Its a POI that would be prized by any outfit. I would imagine a larger band of survivors or AI would be required to hold onto such a place. The operation noise would draw zombies, and the economic benefit would draw thieves, and marauders. But you would have a product to mill and trade. It spurs the economy of the meta or gets locked down by one outfit - each server would be different. Or its gets over run and nobody gets to use it. In any scenario it is an engine for a living, breathing economy. (The coding would probably come late in the development, and wouldn't be required, but its one more unique feature for DM)
  12. You will survive the apocalypse in ALBERTA without cutting down a tree. Wow I'm impressed. not to be the Debbie downer here but if and when a social collapse takes place, Gas and Oil are the first things to go. If the game wants to go past 2 winter cycles Id suggest talking about chopping down a tree. Everything is being upgraded and re-worked so I don't put much stock in "An early version" of anything. When I backed the game it showed a guy with a camp fire, hunting for food, roughing it. Like it would take brains and creativity to win out in this game, and now it seems like it morphed into something else. IDK what that something else is. But like I said Maybe the next dev log will help me with focus.
  13. Details and features like cutting down a tree, farming, a fortification system, trapping systems, Bushcraft, ect? The fundamentals of surviving? I'm not opposed to waiting, but I would like to see advances in the areas the team had patronized from the get go. It is, at the end of the day, a survival sandbox. I'm usually optimistic, but I guess I'm losing focus. Maybe the next dev log will clear it up.
  14. Is farming expected to be ready by closed alpha? I honestly am not sure who is working on what. Gunschlinger has AI and Shirk has World design, but outside of that IDK who is developing what. Is farming on the whiteboard being discussed or are there more important details pressing?
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