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  1. JollyRoger

    Abandoned/Derailed Railroad Boxcar Bases

    I love the drawing! I also love the idea! very unique and a cool way to represent your idea. I got a new way to pass downtime when work slows down. Im gunna be drawing some M EFFIN Bases.
  2. JollyRoger

    Xbox maybe

    LOL sorry I had to laugh. Only because folks have been waiting on PC since the kickstarted launched so I could see people getting tiffed at this question. I just don't get why its the same guy
  3. JollyRoger

    Survivors settlements and related

    Having a little Casino in a rag shack town!! I LOVE IT!! I thumbs up this idea. NPC settlements were already confirmed. In my head they wouldn't be this big, BUT I wouldn't mind to see a decent sized area like the trader town pictured above. The only critique I would have is its pretty soon after the fall of mankind. I'm not sure folks would be back up and running that quickly. Idk. Its interesting. Also consider all the Noise would draw the undead. That's why nobody is in the actual city. Its filled with zombies
  4. JollyRoger


    Snag some code from Red Dead Redemption for Horse mechanics. If we get a vote, I'm gunna have to vote Pro Horse. I just like the idea of roughing It through the mountains on horseback, with some stuffed saddle bags. Idk it feels like the right fit. Stamina would limit the horse like fuel limits vehicles, but there are perks to both.
  5. JollyRoger

    Dev Vlog #6

    Oh and one more thing. I caught the sneak peak at the size of the map.... Ummm how do you expect us to find anyone? Its (Pardon this) FUCKING HUGE.... You could populate a server with over 200 people and still have a hard time tracking folks down. Im not mad just curious 😃 H1 was 8km by 8km and there were 200 people (Mostly in one of three towns) but this is 3 times that size.
  6. JollyRoger

    Gathering Wild Edibles

    The last Dev Log mentioned all the foliage was now all done in house. I was curious if anyone could confirm or deny if they left any room for the wild edibles? Are there models of Oak vs Hickory vs Walnut. Or is it generic like Deciduous vs conifer? I think late game it would be a Huge benefit to have some of the listed nuts and berries when the canned food and the MREs run out.
  7. JollyRoger

    Dev Vlog #6

    Wow! honestly its more than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. The voice feature was something I didn't expect, and a profound yet subtle add to the game. The new Mosin (I went back and looked at the old one) - Fantastic upgrade. The first model was good, don't get me wrong, but there is a noticeable amount of Detail in the new model. I love the progress. I love the look. Newspapers, Green houses, the small details really set it apart. loading batteries in the flashlight. That kind of shit is what I don't think of, but I think makes the game stand apart. Nutrition being a bonus, not so much a requirement I think is a good move. Giving a bonus to those who care about that shit, yet not making everyone take part, Smart. Nikolas / Shirk / Nomad/ Shiny haxzorous - Keep it up. Fantastic. If I had one critique it would be the ladder programing. I know you said its a WIP (work in progress) but at the end when you are coming off the roof of the gas station. The ladder being hard to engage while going down would be my critique. I don't know if its worth considering using the Use Key bind to engage the ladder.
  8. JollyRoger

    Delay Discussion

    Im sure they will cover it in the Latest Dev Log, But I have been watching Shirk Make a new map on Twitch. The detail of it is incredible, and extensive. There is a lot of work into making this right. I am very excited about it. If your craving a taste (Like I Am) watching them actually build the game is satisfying. The impression I pick up, And please correct me if im wrong. They got a lot of traction really fast and they started to toss together a game. Rushing to put out an alpha means you cut corners to get a product into the hands of folks. (with the mindset you will go back and pretty it up later) Ultimately this never works right. Errors pop up whether it be coding, rendering, optimizing, or something just doesn't look quite right. You will have to back track and rework the mistakes and errors everyone learned along the way. Compounded with a team of folks spread out over some distance. Not everyone's image lines up. Eventually at some point You have to cut your losses and Start fresh. You can build a 2nd round much faster knowing what not to do. Imagine, if you will, Your drawing elevation plans for a house. And you want to change the roof, it looks ok, but its just not exactly what you want. So you erase and redraw, erase and redraw. Eventually the paper gets all marred up and now your have the right pitch but it doesn't look professional. So you need a fresh sheet, and this time you know the exact angle from your protractor.. Now take the same principle with a game where some buildings don't render well or have a massive GPU draw, or there is a coding that conflicts with another code. People are critical of performance and something this size, takes time. Instead of wasting time reworking the buildings that are broken, spend time putting together better buildings from scratch. take the same principle and multiply it over and over and over and over again. Zombie movement, Bullet Dynamics, Weather Patterns, Lighting, Physics, The coding for the actual players, their professions, their metagame, all the extra props they need to make, AND AND my least favorite Any update from Unreal Engine that can really throw a wrench in the plans. Long story short. Yes it may be some months before we see an Alpha but ffs give these boys some props for having the heart to look at that monumental task and take it head on. Not only for themselves, BUT for you and for me.
  9. JollyRoger


    Yea I have been peddling around on your twitch. Dems are some nice roads. Also a big plus the lake isn't 3 feet deep like ALLL of H1 Z1 lol
  10. JollyRoger

    A small request to the dev team

    That's solid, I can wait for an overview. On a similar note, Just thinking outside the box a moment. They have randomly generated tunnels / bunkers. How many tunnel/bunkers do they intend to have in this large scale map? They are saying that it will be different every time to keep it fresh and replayable, but realistically I don't see how there can be more than six, maybe eight, underground lairs. Unless Canadians are just fans of doomsday bunkers and this killbilly from the states is out of the loop. (For the record im coining the phrase killbilly) its a typo for hillbilly but it felt appropriate.
  11. JollyRoger

    A small request to the dev team

    I know a lot of the dev vlogs are based in a secondary map, I used to do the same thing when mapping in source sdk. I was hoping, If you decided its ok to do so, Somebody could snag a screen shot or two of the official map like an overview of it. Graphically it feels like the game has leaped and bounded into a new echelon. In the best way possible, its not the same game I signed up to back. Its leagues ahead of what I signed up for. That said, I feel like we get pieces at a time, and all of those pieces are hands down fantastic. I was just kinda wanting to see those collaborated into an all encompassing immersive Wow! shot. If you don't want to give too much away at this time, I understand. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  12. JollyRoger

    Delay Discussion

    LOL that made me laugh. ^^^ yes that was me as well. Just out of curiosity. We are roughly half way through the extension, give or take the Holidays. Is there any additional insight regarding a better release date? I am fully aware it was an estimate when this post was originally submitted. Just curious if the lead team could say something like "We are aiming for Valentines Day" or something. I don't get on discord all that much so if this is out there sorry for missing it. For the record. If you launch this on Valentines Day. That's the coldest Shit you could ever do. I gotta treat the lady right and if you release on the one day of February I don't dare touch this keyboard, well that's just cold.
  13. JollyRoger

    car repairs

    Not to get technical here, but If the dev team does decide to do this I would like to recommend 2 point to consider. Converting old veggie oil to run in a diesel takes a good number of steps, and chemicals in the right amount. To my understanding (Which is minimal) Cooking oil isn't the proper viscosity, and in CANADA the oil will solidify in cold temperatures That said you can make some garage grade biodiesel. Find some powdered Lye or Sodium Hydroxide - Usually a trip to the grocery store or hardware store for some drain cleaner. And also your will need methanol. A trip to the auto part store should yield a bottle of Heet fuel treatment. Methyl Alcohol. Filter the Oil, Warm the oil to the proper temp (60 Celsius or something), add the right chemicals in the right amount, and mix it all together. And you can stabilize it. Filter out the bad stuff in your mix again, and you can yield some golden lifeblood for you diesel. BUT this is the apocalypse here so I would like to add one extra point to consider Most folks aren't chemical engineers and might mess up the recipe. Using dirty biodiesel should cause added strain on your motor and should incur a penalty requiring more engine maintenance. Make it a trade off since every restaurant should have a deep fryer full of the stuff. You can get around town... For a PRICE
  14. JollyRoger


    THIS is the game changer. if you can build a community with NPC's integrated with your buddies, I feel like your community will feel more alive, without having to worry about whether Jim is going to run off with the ammo box in the middle of the night. Unless the NPC runs off with my ammo box, then I will hunt down and kill the mm-eff-er
  15. JollyRoger

    Base Building

    I respect that. It sounds like a solid plan. I was just curious how realistic the shopping list was going to be. Or is that something fluid that the dev team will be testing in alpha. I guess the best way I can describe it is; In JS you his a car with a crowbar and ultimately out popped a metal wall. << Not saying its bad, but it doesn't fit the Dead matter realistic stance on the apocalypse. Will there be a realism to what resources are required, and better yet the sources of said resources? For example. I want to barricade my window with 1/2" wood laths. Rough sawn cheap lumber is everywhere. Now I can scrap enough dimensional lumber from a decent shipping pallet, but I need to find a box of nails. In my head. I have to run to the hardware store, or raid a garage and stuff a 5 lb box of 16D nails in my back pack and l have to lug a pallet back to the house I want to barricade. The added weight will surely slow me down, and I will probably make more noise. Making my own nails from "Scraps of Metal" I beat from a car frame seems like a stretch. Or cutting laths from a fallen pine tree.. That's also a stretch. Are these types of discrepancies being discussed? (Disclaimer) If there is more important shit to worry about I totally get it. Its a basic example and beyond a barricade I understand it will be immensely complicated. I also understand there is a fine line between a game that's fun, and a chore that is tedious. I'm just trying to get a taste of the game before alpha launches. Lastly: Free Form bases were absolutely ugly!