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  1. I'd like the ability to recruit AI into my faction. A group of buddies and I are planning a small outpost. I think it would feel more "alive" if I could recruit locals. They provide numbers and security, but cost resources. So your canned food will dwindle over time. Like in Fallout a certain outpost can only house "X" number of AI (4 or 6 max). A way to limit being too powerful. But have them muddle around and perform background tasks in camp. Possible tasks (Tending crops, cleaning firearms, Structure maintenance, General Patrolling, ect.) And maybe even let them go on "Scavenge runs" where they disappear for a while and return with limited loot. Better yet, You can twist that into a mission of sorts. If your AI gets pinned down maybe they radio home for help, so its your call to send a rescue party or let them die. Assuming you can find them. Better sharpen up on your cartography skills. Recruitment could help and hurt relationships with other AI - Tribal alliances via recruitment can have a positive impact with one group and may upset another. OOORR if the AI group feels that you are "Stealing" their people away then the AI's former group may become hostile. Recruit at your own risk. A few requirements would be: - A digital "Geofence" of sorts. Keeping the AI in the area of the base will be a challenge. I'm not sure the best way to implement that, but maybe a place-able beacon with a radius of effect. - Equip them with a Radio for the example above - If your base is lacking a radio then I guess you wont hear the calls for help - A bank of predetermined conversations similar to Fallout, or State of Decay. So they can recognize the player and acknowledge them. - A loyalty meter. Maybe if you treat them badly or supplies run to low they can run off with some supplies and never return. - A key thing - Make them worth while in a firefight. No aim bot or anything, but don't make them a hinderance if the base is under siege. - When recruited maybe have a random roll of the dice so to speak for a character background - Maybe a shady past, or a decent profession like a farmer or soldier, or get a crappy roll and you end up with a cockroach of a person who absorbs resources. DON'T Make the background known right away. You can only learn about the person from the conversations. Such as a soldier talking about his tour of duty. A farmer comes with a stash of seeds and your crops perform better. A cockroach would have their stories subtly change and not add up, weapons and food would disappear slowly, and stashed other places on the fringes of the base, they avoid eye contact and act skittish. (Just 3 examples, I could go on for days) this post is getting longer than I intended, but if it is implemented and you would like more suggestions regarding this feature I'd be happy to brainstorm. Just shoot me a PM and I can list much more.
  2. I know the end game has the massive bunker system like Norad - But I was thinking how cool of an Easter Egg or Hidden detail to have personal underground bunkers. Rarity is the key. Place them very few and far between. Only have one bunker per square km or ever other sq km. The bunker is much smaller in size, two to five rooms max. But LOADED full of fuel, food, ammo, and maybe a legendary weapon every now and then. BUT HIDE THE EVER LIVIN SHIT out of the entrance. Put clues around the area such as wall writings coupled with a scavenger hunt. Make it challenging to find, but the reward to be worth it. (Read below for an example) For an example. You have a wall writing that leads to an obscure spot, Like a municipal water tower. (Something a bit easier to get the scavenger hunt going) At the water tower you find an old metal chest buried behind A metal shelf inside of a maintenance building . Inside the chest you find a postcard from the area, with another riddle filled out on the post card. It leads to a local bus station and the combination to one of the public storage lockers. Inside the locker is a key with yet another clue. That clue leads to part of an address. (Like the house number but no street name, or a self storage shed) On and On - But at the end of the trail there is a normal house in the middle of a neighborhood, where in the basement behind the wet bar there is an electrical panel like any other. But you have to flip the breakers in a certain order to reveal a hidden door. The key from the bus station unlocks the once masked door, and whooaalaa you get a smaller bunker to either raid or utilize as shelter. But its a one time deal, once its raided supplies wont respawn goods. If you abandon it then anyone can move in (Including NPCs) Same situation, But get creative. Like the middle image is a layout of a converted Missile Silo. Put one in the middle of no where with a camouflaged entrance, but a keypad seals it shut. Another idea is underneath an aircraft hanger. Or built into an old Mechanics shop. You can place them anywhere - Maybe an old bank with an underground vault was converted into a corner drug store and the vault remained buried. There are endless ideas. Frankly I would love to hear other bunker ideas that would be hard to find, but hidden in plain sight. let me know what you think
  3. So part of my job IRL is watching for construction projects around town. It just so happens I stumbled upon the restoration of a building. I nabbed some photos of the building from the web before renovations and I couldn't help but think. Wow what a great setting for a post apocalyptic movie or game. And not too far away there was another group of warehouses that feel run down, and yet unique. Its not from Canada, but I'm sure some adaptations could be made. Anyway its just a suggested model for maybe an old run down warehouse district. Theses buildings have such character, and I was hoping the dev team might be able to draw from some of the detail.
  4. All are fantastic Ideas. I like the idea for the Mole-men. Make them bunkers a NIGHTMARE. Maybe even draw from "The Hills Have Eye's" Creepy Factor Axes and hoods.
  5. One last topic If you need proof?!?! Which I guess I have to remind folks of. These videos are a year apart. I backed when I saw the first one because I thought it was great. It was the survival game that I hoped H1Z1 would be. It was gunna consume so much time and I looked forward to it. NOW the old video feels static it feels bland, sluggish, and incomplete. The latest dev log is a different game... The reload, the fantastic gun mechanics, the hand models, the trees, the UI, the thunderstorm rumbling 9 minutes into the video.. everything. EVERYTHING Has been upgraded. Show a little gratitude every once in a while. EDIT: Also please note the first 3 seconds of the video.....
  6. John, You have a solid point. I feel confident you could take the bumps in the road well. Just based on that message. My honest fear is most people wont. They will judge a book by the cover and slay and sling negative shit everywhere. Its the internet... Its no holds barred. If you get time to catch Shirks stream you will also realize the points of interest are still being plotted. There is some polishing required.
  7. Wait if I read that right. QI partners get Access 1st. Hell yea! I got my receipts =D that made my day a bit better
  8. I'll go on record and vote Don't release closed alpha already. I have 4 keys and my 4 votes say wait. Wait until you have a solid product. Its coming along great and every dev log surpasses expectation. The entire games attention to detail is over the top. The transparency and the live streams are on Par. and Dev teams another thank you for the update! Its one of the few projects I honestly feel apart of. I look forward to those streams and the progress revealed in them. That said, Now to the rest of you negative Nancy's All you people are doing is Whining. Ohhh boo hoo your game isn't ready yet. Its frustrating to read such blatant entitlement. Its part of backing, So suck it up or keep your money. It doesn't do anything for anybody to push for a closed alpha on an unfinished product. Then you will all bitch that boo hoo its not exactly what I wanted. If you honestly wanted to back the game and see it be successful then the timeline doesn't matter. Go play GTA5 or what every else you rattled off. Id rather play the game with like minded people who are here because they want something different, something better. If folks get "tired of waiting" That's their loss.
  9. Double Barrell is the way to go. I bought 2 DB kits. My crew and I are gunna have our own outpost 😃
  10. I love the drawing! I also love the idea! very unique and a cool way to represent your idea. I got a new way to pass downtime when work slows down. Im gunna be drawing some M EFFIN Bases.
  11. LOL sorry I had to laugh. Only because folks have been waiting on PC since the kickstarted launched so I could see people getting tiffed at this question. I just don't get why its the same guy
  12. Having a little Casino in a rag shack town!! I LOVE IT!! I thumbs up this idea. NPC settlements were already confirmed. In my head they wouldn't be this big, BUT I wouldn't mind to see a decent sized area like the trader town pictured above. The only critique I would have is its pretty soon after the fall of mankind. I'm not sure folks would be back up and running that quickly. Idk. Its interesting. Also consider all the Noise would draw the undead. That's why nobody is in the actual city. Its filled with zombies
  13. JollyRoger


    Snag some code from Red Dead Redemption for Horse mechanics. If we get a vote, I'm gunna have to vote Pro Horse. I just like the idea of roughing It through the mountains on horseback, with some stuffed saddle bags. Idk it feels like the right fit. Stamina would limit the horse like fuel limits vehicles, but there are perks to both.
  14. JollyRoger

    Dev Vlog #6

    Oh and one more thing. I caught the sneak peak at the size of the map.... Ummm how do you expect us to find anyone? Its (Pardon this) FUCKING HUGE.... You could populate a server with over 200 people and still have a hard time tracking folks down. Im not mad just curious 😃 H1 was 8km by 8km and there were 200 people (Mostly in one of three towns) but this is 3 times that size.
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