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  1. Welcome to the community! @IrishGamerRox Indeed, lets hope for lots of loot, and friends to reduce the zombie population with! Come by and say hi in the discord too if ya haven't joined there yet!
  2. I assume you mean shipping in the official build of the game, but once the game is out you can always just mod your dreams into existence! That may even be a better idea to help harbor and support a community with a thriving mod development community!
  3. Well, I think that the dev team is trying to stray as far from DayZ as possible, we all know how that went! That being said, the idea of a suppressor wearing down would be great. It would really add a different level of consideration when using weapons.
  4. You're telling me "Titty Club" Isn't high on a list of priorities...WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS?! (Jk Please Don't Harm me or my family, oh benevolent game developer and overlord Jooni <3) On A serious note (Sort of?) are there any plans for players to be strippers? We have to survive in this wasteland somehow...and 20 bucks is 20 bucks in the zombie apocalypse.
  5. Exactly, given the proper execution, this could be an amazing idea to be able to vastly alter Gameplay experiences vs having a repetitive playthrough! It just needs to be well done! But if the devs chose to see this mechanic though, I have no doubt they would make sure it was perfect!
  6. Truly a fantastic game if you love some mystery mixed in with your horror survival!! I believe there's Co-Op now so feel free to add me on steam and we can give it a go!
  7. Welcome, @dohop0 good to see ya on the forums and the discord now! Can't wait till we can meet in game (Hopefully without the shooting off my virtual face part )
  8. The hype train is well on its way, and as we all know, we can't wait for dead matter. In the meantime, what weapons are you guys looking forward to and hoping to see in game (As we have yet to see a list of confirmed weapons, some of us can dream!) Perhaps engaging from afar with the likes of a Barrett 50. Cal, or maybe you prefer CQB with a trusty M1911, either way, what are you guys hoping to see and what are your favorite weapons that you hope to see in game?
  9. Maletone

    Home Base?

    Given the option, I would say an apartment building or any building with a high setting with a good view. I personally am a fan of views and heights and being able to have a good vantage point would be an excellent gameplay opportunity.
  10. The Forest. I bought that game as soon as it came out and it is still an amazing game. It scared the heck out of me waiting in my shelter at night for those things to come and drag me away to a cave to wake up in. It was quite terrifying and intriguing to try and survive, beautiful in the daytime, but when night fell in the game...you had better be prepared.
  11. @Arska It is a survival game though, sure, there are no upsides to dying but there should be the ability to be bitten by a zombie and have consequences of such after the battle has finished. It would make for a very unique game mechanic.
  12. @Pickle Rick Welcome to the community! Join the discord if you haven't already, Hope to see ya there, and eventually in game!
  13. Maletone


    Welcome to the Dead Matter Community! @Floen Hope to see ya around in the discord and such!
  14. In the world of custom PC Building, your bank account never sees it till it's too late. Always one more upgrade lol
  15. @Stevec One other suggestion, it may be a good idea to have http://www.playdeadmatter.com/ redirect automatically to http://www.playdeadmatter.com/info/ instead of having just the Index with folder icons. As you can get to the forums from http://www.playdeadmatter.com/info/ it doesn't make sense to keep up an index which may confuse people (Just due to the look) and shows the Apache Version and Port. Easier to just have the re direct.
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