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Dead Matter
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  1. I get that. Small, subliminal messages that give very small hints about the world and the event. This particular thread talks about BIGGER stories behind those subliminal messages, that lead you throughout the world instead of just reading a small piece of paper and going about your day.
  2. So I know that some people have suggested adding lore into the game to give it a little more atmosphere, so why not suggest some ACTUAL lore to discover? Anything from mysterious, to sad, depressing, hopeful, empowering, or just downright terrifying. Something like Red Dead Redemption 2; there was an instance in the game where you randomly walk up on some suspect looking guy sitting in vicinity of a swap and then next thing you know, you have to fight a whole gang of weirdos. Of course, this is a post-apocalyptic environment so nothing equivalent to that, but something like discovering old tapes that talk about life before the outbreak, during it, or tapes that even record the date when it was created; men and women that confess doing crimes against humanity or behind the backs of their loved ones, or even written messages that are hidden throughout the world that lead you to places to discover that may have loot, or some fatal surprise. Think of it as adding some kind of Creepy Pasta to this thread but tailored to the game's atmosphere. I know that adding long stories or extensive background into the game might be something big to ask for, I just thought it would be cool to see what people would come up with to spice up the lore behind the Dead Matter world. If this has been brought up, please delete this thread. It's almost 1 AM and I just randomly thought of this. 😅
  3. Floofie

    Vlog 05 Discussion

    Soiled my pants. Now wishing that delay didn't happen (insert Kappa) 😂 In all seriousness, the game looks phenomenal. I'm just as excited to see the next dev blog as I am to play the actual game. Keep up the great work guys, it's coming along wonderfully.
  4. Floofie

    Delay Discussion

    Not bothered, at all. These things happen, guys. I'm still looking forward to a phenomenal survival game. A part of me expected it, since I've seen many titles come about that faced delays that I was not proud of. I grew up, I changed, and realized that hard work WILL pay off and delays in a great product are EXPECTED. Don't sweat it. I'll still be here and I ain't going anywhere. Take care of yourselves, take care of your team, and most IMPORTANTLY, support each other and fight through adversity. A strong team is the greatest weapon no one knows about.
  5. If you ever get the chance to play the first one, I highly recommend you do. One of the best, most immersive single-player experiences of its time. Not only that, the multiplayer was just insane. The world of RDR2 is inherently immersive as the first one, I'd say even better. There is so much to do, so much to see and the world around you draws you in. I'm addicted to this game, I can't drop it for anything else at the moment lol.
  6. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but I'd love to see an assortment of sub-machine guns like an MP7 or P90. Good crowd control stuff and would help clear out some zeds if you're on the run and need a good-handling weapon to suppress them.
  7. Anyone a Red Dead fan? The second one released and I am loving it so far. If you did pick the game up, what do you like about it?
  8. It is NEVER too late to join the undead
  9. Anyone an Alan Walker fan in here? His newest song is dope.
  10. Love seeing these diaries. The progress is astounding! I'm only getting more excited for this.
  11. I listen to a TON of stuff. It can range to almost anything to anything. I love listening to this stuff though, anything that resembles this always pumps me up:
  12. Hello all! My name is Michael, but most people call me Floofie, or Floof. It's a weird nickname, I know. I got it in high school when there were too many Michaels in my friend group. Thus, I landed with that and have been pretty content with it ever since. I love gaming, and have been since I picked up a Nintendo 64 controller and played Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. I am a very small content creator/streamer and love to do it as a hobby. I'm more of a variety guy now, but I love to get my hands dirty with some shooters and survival games. I hope to fit in well with the community and be a part of what looks to be a phenomenal survivor game. Thank you for stopping by! I hope to hear form you all soon
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