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  1. Thank you very much for the clarification
  2. Hey, sorry but just to ask, even despite the delay in launch i will still receive the copy right? Still waiting for the game to be released :(
  3. I know the structure is a bit flawed, but this is what I came up with. Lights flickered on and off throughout the city. Traffic lights which were once safety features for the roads were no longer functional. Windows of shops were broken, cars were wrecked by the sidewalks. Wasted paper were scattered across the ground being swept around by the silent wind. Leaves rustled in the quiet city. There was little to no human interaction anymore. It was like a ghost town. My name is Isabel, I grew up in Singapore. I was an only child whom had lived happily with my parents. I was 17 years old, everything was normal. Like all the other teenagers, I was studying in school while my parents were out working. My mom works in an office, leaving early in the morning and only coming back around midnight. I barely saw my mom on the weekdays and hence, treasured our ‘family bonding days’ on the weekends. My dad worked as a real-estate agent which gave him a lot of flexibility and free time. He would usually cook me dinner and drove me around to places I had to be. Needless to say, I love my family, who doesn’t? It was a dreaded Monday in July. As usual, my Mom left for work early in the morning, and I left for school. It was a rather boring day in school, we were revising through the topics that were covered in the end-semestral examination. When I got home, my dad had already prepared dinner. We had our dinner, catching up on our day at the dining table. That night, I stayed up in my room, practicing and revising for my exam. It was around 12.30am, my dad was fast asleep but my mom was still not home. I thought maybe it would’ve been one of ‘those days’ where my mom would go out drinking with her colleagues and thought nothing of it. Around 1.15am, I decided to sleep. I was shook awoke by my panic-stricken dad. “Have you seen Mom? She hasn’t been home yet, she isn’t answering my calls!” I figured, maybe I could try calling my Mom. I picked up my phone and saw a string of whatsapps from my class group chat. They seemed to be discussing about an article about a new epidemic which had struck Singapore. I brushed it off as a “chain message” and dialed my Mom. It rang and rang but it was to no avail. I suggested, “maybe she was drunk and slept over at her friend’s house?” After calming down, my dad got in the car and drove me to school. The radio abruptly cut from music to a news report about an epidemic which had hit Singapore, leaving many hospitalized. It urged citizens to stay home or to leave home with a face mask if necessary. I urged my dad to bring us home and he did. On television, news reports with images of the sick lying on hospital beds. “Solanum is incredibly contagious and possibly lethal, we are currently working hard on a cure. If showing symptoms such as coughing or severe headaches, please head to the nearest clinic as soon as possible.” the news anchor announced. 6 Months later, Singapore fell under military control. The government promised us safety and eradication of the virus. The United Nations demanded for the virus to be contained within Singapore. The airport was shut down, bridges were blocked off. Armed Military guarded the checkpoints and airports. Citizens who were non-compliant and tried escaping, were shot to death. The country fell into chaos. Some citizens still stayed in their homes, but were susceptible to random raids and had to abide by the curfew. Others were evacuated into the over-cramped safe-zones, protected by armed guards and electric fences. I was one of them. However, my dad died to starvation. Food and water were airlifted into the country on a weekly basis. Each citizen was given just enough to survive each week, no more, no less. Time went on and there was no update of the severity of the virus in Singapore. Citizens in safe-zones were getting restless. Fights and deaths were common within the safe-zones, but this was different. The citizens were demanding for answers and demanded to be released from this “safe-zone”. The citizens armed together and rioted towards the exit. Rifles fired and many rioters were killed. Bodies were falling to the ground, some were shot to death while others were trampled to death by the rioters. I took this opportunity and snuck out the window in the chief’s office. The city was torn apart. Vegetation grew on the buildings and roads. Old cars were rusted and falling apart. Decomposed bodies strewn across the pavements. Windows were broken. The traffic lights were dead. There was no sign of electricity or life in the city. I headed back in the direction of my home. The roads were quiet. The deafening sound of a rifle screamed through the trees up ahead. I took cover and hid. A weird croaking sound approached from behind. The sound got closer and closer. I turned to look, it was a zombie. The zombie ran in the direction of the woods and didn’t stop. The streets weren’t so empty after all. I then continued cautiously towards home. The windows were broken, doors were broken. A thick layer of dust covered the rather untouched furniture. The door creaked open as I pushed it. A faint scratching sound came from inside the study room. I tip-toed to the kitchen making sure not to make any sudden noise. I reached beside the sink, picking up a knife. I crept slowly towards the study room. A black figure crouched over a half-eaten, decomposing body. I leapt forward, shoving the knife into the head of the figure. Black blood oozed out of the wound as the figure fell on its stomach. I pushed the dead corpse aside to examine the decomposing body. The body wore a wristband on his right hand which read “Lee”. I took a step back, it was my father. Tears filled my eyes, recalling the time he gave me his share of rations saying he didn’t need it. I removed the wristband off him and held it close to my chest. I fell to my knees. Emotions overwhelmed me as I reminisced him. After another 6 years, an immunity shot was finally distributed to the remaining survivors. The remaining military took out the leftover zombies. The bridges were re-opened. I stood in the heart of the city with many other survivors. I took the wristband off my hand and laid it down beside a candle and wrote my dad’s name on the wall. Many others cried and left flowers as we mourned for the fallen. The sun rose along the coastline, it was a new dawn. The government was slowly reformed and with the aid of other countries, Singapore started rebuilding itself. Many chose to seek refuge elsewhere, not wanting to be reminded of the past. I chose to stay, to keep the last memories of my family close to me.
  4. Cool. I was delaying my entry hahaha. I'll post it up soon.
  5. Well, in my opinion this is still a very organized and interesting competition. I still intend on coming up with a story and posting it here as my entry to the competition, hopefully soon if I find the time for it!! Thanks for making this competition!!
  6. Is there any specific theme that we are supposed to follow?
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