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Dead Matter
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  1. Bandit AI could make patrols in the city with loot and guns on them, and the players could attack them because even the bandits have no mercy. But like the patrols are completely random , they would be more active in the cities.
  2. Tibipad


    I think adding horses is risky because it's a bit politic and it could annoy people, even riding a horse doesn't fit with the game when you can have big vehicules ,horses is kinda useless in my opinion.
  3. Tibipad


    I think that the water environment like lakes and rivers need to have life . It means that there would be a lot of animals, like fishes that are confirmed I guess but also beavers. It would give a realistic touch to add beavers and to see one or two beaver dams. The idea fit with Canada,I remember when I was in Canada I saw some beavers dams. It was really good, so if I see it in Dead Matter I would feel immersed in the game ,in the wild Canada .
  4. I'm actually surprised,I taught Multiplayer was going to dominate it.
  5. Here's a poll for the Dead Matter Community to see which game mode will be solicited by the majority of us in preference.See you guys !
  6. "TO YEET OR TO BE YEETED" Shakespeare.
  7. love you ephos,I wanna eat bretzels with you
  8. @Ephos did you make the yeet matter banner? 😂
  9. Herre's a poll about your playstyle.
  10. ephos stop because my main goal is to blow and then I will act like I don't know no🅱️ody But I guess you never miss because you play with my balls like fifa
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