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Dead Matter
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  1. Can't wait to kill zombies and survive with friends!
  2. I know it feels like forever for this game to come out, but one day we will look back at this dark period and be glad that it has ended. Soon enough brothers and sisters, soon enough we will have our hands on this juicy zombie game. I know for sure I will be looking back at this post and remember how it felt like forever for this game to come out. So, future GillBird, you fucking made it man, you are finally playing this game and laughing at me (your past self) for being so anxious for this game to come out. Love you future self P.S. You lucky bastard
  3. GillBird

    Dev Vlog #6

    I agree, how are we supposed to find anyone in-game? I get that maybe it should be realistic to a point, but not being able to find anyone will end up feeling like DayZ. Maybe if there was a reason for people to be in certain areas (like certain areas grow crops better), then it would make more sense for a map this huge. I think the Devs have thought about it before, just gotta wait and see if there will be a Q&A type of live stream or something.
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