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  1. TomPaine

    Howdy from Ohio

  2. TomPaine

    how zombies move

    Yea you re right! Btw good movies tho all 3 are very very good!
  3. TomPaine

    how zombies move

    Oh so they are mentally ill or something like that? I mean now it makes sense because of their speed and because of they way they act thanks for the info!
  4. TomPaine

    how zombies move

    They are not humans anymore, they are dead, they can t feel pain and they also shouldn t have senses *but because this is a game and like in twd logic is not every time a thing yea they somehow still have senses.
  5. TomPaine

    Hey y'all from florida

    Welcome! We re glad to have you in our community!
  6. TomPaine

    how zombies move

    I don t think that they can still feel the pain because they aren t humans anymore but still good question!
  7. TomPaine

    M1D modifications???

    This is cool!
  8. TomPaine

    Virginia Is For Lovers....of killing zombies!

    Welcome brother!
  9. TomPaine


    I hope that they do as you say, i m talking about the focus on PVE mode because the PVP without safezone it s just a DayZ but without being hated that much and without being full of bugs lol.
  10. TomPaine


    I think they are gonna make a balance between PVP and PVE so both modes will most likely will be enjoyable! And yea i agree that sometimes is stressful to know that you can get killed when you have rare loot on you so that s why your view isn t bad, but good!
  11. TomPaine

    Hi from Bucharest, Romania!

    Thank you guys! I realy appreciate this!
  12. TomPaine

    2 suggestions, 1 for this site and 1 for game.

    Hi! Talking about the first suggestion you can use this as a start: Talking about the 2nd suggestion it could be nice to see some crazy statue arm thing and why not after searching in some books for hints to have a nice and rare treasure!
  13. TomPaine

    Hi from Bucharest, Romania!

    Hello! My name s Leonard i m in this community for like 1 and a half months but i realized that i haven t introduce myself yet so here i am telling you that from what i see this community is unite and it s a pleasure to be part of this! I don t have that many things to say about me... like i watch The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, i enjoy the survival games and i was waiting for some brilliant devs to make a very well done zombie survival game like Dead Matter. Thanks for your time!
  14. TomPaine

    What are you listening to?

    check it out but with 1.25x speed
  15. TomPaine

    Create Newspaper article

    Is looking great!