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John Nada

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  1. John Nada

    how zombies move

    Of course, given that the zeds ain't dead, the title of Dead Matter is somewhat misleading, Maybe it should be changed to Sick Matter, or perhaps 28 Eh's Later?! 😜
  2. John Nada

    how zombies move

    Aren't Dead Matter's "zombies" actually infected and not undead?
  3. John Nada

    how zombies move

    Unless the zombies have a superhuman level of innate resistance to the cold, or have retain enough sense to dress warmly, I see them having a LOT of problems with the deep suck that is an Alberta winter. If I was a zombie I'd find somewhere relatively warm to hibernate!
  4. John Nada

    Shotguns in real life

    Range is fine, most riot type shotguns will typically only get a couple of buckshot pellets into a human sized target at the further distances IRL. Overall the firing mechanics look much better, although there is still too much lateral motion during recoil/cycling IMO, and rate of fire could be easily be at least 1/3rd faster. Reload speed looks good. Of course a lot depends on the shooter, if you're simulating someone with training and experience, then they'd probably be able to run a pump shotgun lot better, if it's Zoey from the hair salon who never touched a gun before the zombie apocalypse, then not so much. Anyway, I think it's great that you guys present this kind of feedback.
  5. John Nada

    Base and encampment "profile"

    Will visible signs of habitation {constructs, barriers, smoke from fires, etc} effect the amount of enemies that may randomly stumble upon one's base {assuming they don't or camp, or is it mostly a matter of location and sound signature?
  6. John Nada

    Shotguns in real life

  7. John Nada

    Shotguns in real life

    Do the pump shotguns still have the pumping animation shown in some of the preview footage? If so, I'd like to see the lateral motion when pumping eliminated, and a bit more speed. Anyone who has the remotest idea of how to use a pump shotgun is not going to pull it to the side or let it flop around as they pump it. Even Tarkov gets this wrong.
  8. John Nada

    Scope Suggestion

    Escape From Tarkov has many good ideas and implementations when it comes to guns, it's just too bad that game is so one-dimensional.
  9. John Nada

    food sugestion

    I dunno about vegetation, but the local waters offer plenty of fishing opportunities, including within Calgary itself.
  10. John Nada

    food sugestion

    Seaweed, in Calgary? Maybe in the city aquarium and vegan food stores.
  11. Seek out Infected, and try to safely observe their characteristics, especially as far as their awareness and pathfinding go.
  12. John Nada

    car repairs

    I just want to add that newer vehicles should be realistically difficult to recover fuel from without damaging them. Thanks to built in anti syphon measures, the only way to drain them of fuel quickly is to knock or drill a hole in the gas tank, which of course pretty much renders the vehicle useless from then on unless somehow repaired. There is a way to defeat the anti syphon devices using a small diameter syphon hose, but the tradeoff is that the flow of fuel is going to be very slow. And of course, any fuel that sits to long will eventually start going bad, unless a stabilizer is added. All of these factors would be interesting from a gameplay perspective IMO.
  13. John Nada

    Base Building

    How much will things like location and obvious external signs of habitation effect the chances of discovery of one's base by NPCs?
  14. John Nada

    Base Building

    Makeshift barricades and fortifications are one thing, but full sized living structures are just not plausible given not only the above reasons but because we're talking about a game set in Calgary Alberta here, where it tends to be windy all year round and terribly cold for at least a 5 month stretch in the winter. This means that life is going to really start to suck once it starts getting cold for anyone that gets down to living full time in some shack that they just threw together, unless you were somehow able to build one with the insulation level and weatherproofing features of buildings that are already going to be widely available anyways. I could see maybe building a small makeshift shelter INSIDE of an existing structure that otherwise wasn't readily adaptable as a living space, like a warehouse, hangar or parking garage, but a huge freestanding junk palace? Naw.
  15. John Nada

    Delay Discussion

    No big. I actually assumed that this was going to be a 2020 or 2021 release.