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John Nada

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  1. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Fuel for public use may have been rationed and/or subject to early distribution difficulties, although local stocks may well be greater than normal because of it. Me personally, I like trains and all, but I wouldn't find them particularly useful in-game unless they can be readily adapted into a full featured home base that has the advantage of being mobile. Besides the obviously ridiculous amount of supply storage, you could potentially have things like livestock pens and crop gardens on board...
  2. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Realistically speaking, vehicle fuel of all kinds should be abundant in a game set in a major oil producing hub, where there are refineries, tank farms and railyards full of tanker cars everywhere. Unless regional fuel supplies were sucked dry at the dawn of the disaster, which is not a given, there should be far more available than a relative handful of survivors can reasonably use. That it, at least until it starts going stale.
  3. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Well, if nothing else, given that there are no really long rail bridges, tunnels or other places that would be difficult to access by fuelling truck in the Calgary area, even a single jerry can probably power a locomotive enough of a distance to at least get it to a more convenient location.
  4. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    You might be aware of this already, but there are motorized car pushers, which come in many forms and some are able to be driven on roads or are compact enough to be vehicle portable. There are also manual car pushers, if you have no shortage of time and strength.
  5. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Fuel tanker trucks should be reasonably common both IRL and in game, and were the main method of refuelling locomotives at the rail yards I've worked at.
  6. John Nada

    Trains, Tracks and Trams

    Calgary is situated in an oil rich region and contains a fair number of oil refineries and related facilities, I would think that on-hand oil product supplies would suffice for quite a while given the needs of a small post zombie apocalypse population.
  7. John Nada

    Delay Discussion

    Short of job shadowing streaming videos, I don't see how they could get much more transparent?
  8. John Nada

    Actual Modernized Weapons for the Times

    Wat, no Tavor/X95?! Yeah we know they're ugly and all, but they are actually decent guns, fairly popular and one of the best nonrestricted modern rifle options available on the Canadian market. In fact the X95 is probably the closest thing a civilian here can legally to get to a current standard issue military service rifle.
  9. John Nada

    caravan holiday park

    There are no shortage of RV and mobile home parks in Alberta, its likely that the game with include some.
  10. John Nada

    Tweak Mosin Nagant

    It wouldn't be particularly difficult to find cleaning supplies of some kind in a mostly depopulated Alberta. Heck, even some random motor or transmission oil is bound be better both as a cleaner and a lubricant than what these Mosins were originally issued with. I've actually used dirty oil from the dipstick of a derelict vehicle to keep a gun that was getting sluggish going, in real life.
  11. John Nada

    Tweak Mosin Nagant

    It might take a long time, there are many old guns out there that have survived multiple wars and much use and neglect besides, and still work fine. In Russia for example, there are many illegal gun dealers who specialize in digging up guns buried in WW2 battlefields and restoring the ones in the best condition to working order. A few months or even years of a gun sitting protected from the elements in someone's closet or trunk after a zombie apocalypse probably isn't going to hurt it.
  12. John Nada

    Tweak Mosin Nagant

    Not all Mosins are hard to operate, it's mostly the rough wartime Soviet production guns and/or ones that were refurbished with a mash-mish of random components out of parts bins that have the issues. If built with proper QC, like the Finnish versions, then they are usually quite smooth.
  13. Personally, I don't want anything revolutionary, I just want a 3D open world zombie game that's done right, for once. A large part of "done right", to me means avoiding an excessive focus on "make work", PvP and overly involved survival mechanics. Dead Matter seems to handle those aspects a lot better than DayZ or Scum, the fact that it has a realistic and detailed setting is a bonus.
  14. John Nada

    Dev Vlog #6

    Terrific update! Anyways I have to say that when it comes to open world games, a bigger map is better as long as the level of detail and interactivity doesn't suffer. Even if large sections of real estate are likely to go unused most of the time, I still like knowing it's there.
  15. John Nada

    Equipped weapons

    Slings and scabbards please!