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  1. More than anything, rewarding gameplay, where you've got real depth but are not constantly bogged down by tedious micromanagement and make-work.
  2. I don't know if an RV would be all that great as a standalone living solution, but it'd be great as a component of a regular base setup, that you can drive off with if the situation calls for.
  3. Horde influx: some event causes a large number of infected from outside the region to move into the area. Perhaps a large survivor colony or convoy has recently succumbed to infection?
  4. Another vote for satisfying melee modelling, both in terms of hit detection and also the dynamics of the weapons themselves. So many make melee seem like an awkward afterthought, and there's so much room to raise the bar.
  5. I'd like to see survivors "break" and flee from combat where the odds are clearly against them, depending on context. Realistically, folks in survival situations where outside assistance and decent medical attention are unlikely, and a single wound may result in a drawn out death, tend to be fairly risk adverse unless there's a lot at stake.
  6. There are a respectable amount of physical shops and online businesses that sell swords and other dedicated melee weapons in Canada, so there must be a reasonable demand for them. However I think if you searched most Canadian homes you'd find a lot more combat suitable firearms than you would high quality melee weapons.
  7. I've seen long stretches of active track that were considerably more neglected, sometimes to the point where it was difficult to even make out the rails when riding in the locomotive. And yes, most of the really neglected track is located in less accessible places where they are less likely to be photographed.
  8. The amount of dirt appears realistic to me, trackage in North America tends to be maintained a lot less regularly than is the case in Europe, and you'll often see a significant amount of debris and vegetation buildup, with some places appearing almost derelict. Given the vast distances out here involved it's just not plausible to maintain the lines to the same standard.
  9. Yeah but it gets freakin' cold without heating. I once experienced a 10 day power failure in the middle of winter and it soon got to the point where I ended up with big icicles hanging inside my apartment, and all my food and beverage items were frozen solid and useless. It was so cold in there that I ended up having to sleep in a heavy sleeping bag inside of a makeshift tent in the middle of my living room. Then consider that it doesn't get nearly as cold where I live as it does in Alberta. Unless the Zeds are superhumanly resistant to the effects of deep cold, or at least are smart enough to build warm "nests", they're probably going to turn into Zedsicles.
  10. My problem is this; if the zombies are even remotely effective as hunters and gatherers, they'd probably deplete much of a given area's food sources fairly quickly if they have any kind of numbers. If OTOH they suck at hunting and gathering, like you'd expect of a bunch of non tool using idiots, then they'd soon starve, if they don't first die of the cold in the winter months.
  11. Fuel for public use may have been rationed and/or subject to early distribution difficulties, although local stocks may well be greater than normal because of it. Me personally, I like trains and all, but I wouldn't find them particularly useful in-game unless they can be readily adapted into a full featured home base that has the advantage of being mobile. Besides the obviously ridiculous amount of supply storage, you could potentially have things like livestock pens and crop gardens on board...
  12. Realistically speaking, vehicle fuel of all kinds should be abundant in a game set in a major oil producing hub, where there are refineries, tank farms and railyards full of tanker cars everywhere. Unless regional fuel supplies were sucked dry at the dawn of the disaster, which is not a given, there should be far more available than a relative handful of survivors can reasonably use. That it, at least until it starts going stale.
  13. Well, if nothing else, given that there are no really long rail bridges, tunnels or other places that would be difficult to access by fuelling truck in the Calgary area, even a single jerry can probably power a locomotive enough of a distance to at least get it to a more convenient location.
  14. You might be aware of this already, but there are motorized car pushers, which come in many forms and some are able to be driven on roads or are compact enough to be vehicle portable. There are also manual car pushers, if you have no shortage of time and strength.
  15. Fuel tanker trucks should be reasonably common both IRL and in game, and were the main method of refuelling locomotives at the rail yards I've worked at.
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