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  1. merci M. Atomic pour le lien, j'aimerais aussi que les devellopeurs intègrent ce type d'armes de qualité, en plus d'avoir un style superbe. Je m'excuse par avance, j'utilise Google Traduction et il est difficile de me lire (et j'ai du mal a vous comprendre ou lire les messages). 🙂 j'espère que nos chemins se croiseront sur DEADMATTER.
  2. very beautiful weapon, unfortunately the enormous work of the dev which remains to them to risk of complicated this request.
  3. great job, good luck for the future and thank you for this promising game.
  4. Je suis d'accord avec Freedomboner, mais je comprends les développeurs, ils veulent que les armes qui se trouvent dans leur région aient un maximum de réalisme. Personnellement, j'aimerais voir des armes comme le mxm ou le mkr20, je les teste sur arma 3 (ça peut être très lourd).😁
  5. it would not be simpler to loot in the shops (hockey equipment, etc ..) CALGARY or police station anti-riot armor, especially if it can lighten the work of devellopeurs?
  6. KTR-23


    +1 I thought of the same thing as you and I hope that the devellopeurs will be able to solve this problem.
  7. +1 for your ideas on the difference of zombies, again by creating devellopeurs too much work to do that, but if they make the font will give give really cool immersion
  8. Frankly I would prefer a vaccine to recover in a hospital or an ambulance, if it becomes too complicated to do for the devellopeurs it's not the goal.
  9. personally a weapon with a silencer would be a plus effective, or with a crossbow or a throwing weapon (like hatchet).
  10. KTR-23

    anti sandbox

    hello, this topic is just a suggestion but which I have often thought of. to avoid turning into round set a goal. example: on the map of 400km2 have 2 or 3 milllion of zombies to exterminate (obviously for a reason of performance not all active on the map at the same time). try to build its base as indicated by the developers as. example 2: or so to achieve this feat of strength secure the buildings, pieces by piéces and cities in priority, then with the other players on the map and in the vehicle (armored or not) organized to clean methodically sector by sector. example 3: everyone does what they want to try to eliminate the 2 or 3 million people zombie to unlock a new piece of map (north of ALBERTA or an island). this can also be an idea for the single player campaign with the possibility to have a count of the number of zombies exterminate by writing on a board hang on the wall of our basis, which will allow access to what I have written more high. ps: sorry i use google translation
  11. yes of course, the performance is important but in a city like CALGARY it seems important to me to have a lot of zombie, after all the messages that I write are especially the for brought new ideas, so tempted that it is.
  12. sorry I use google translation
  13. hello, I would like to have the opportunity to put a sniper scope on an assault rifle, personally I find on the one hand more realism and especially allows more options for this fight or defend it.
  14. hello, I want to know if the developers will integrate a random number of zombie in buildings, cities etcc .... example: 1 empty house next to this house another house with 10 zombies or a mall with 2/3 zombies and next to a police station filled with zombie or a city with 10,000 zombies.
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