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  1. Alright quite a long post so didn't read it all. AI factions have already been confirmed. While I am against the idea of special types of zombies, I wouldn't mind having some slightly different ones hidden, perhaps a patient zero or so. The fact that they would be hidden, secret and very rare, perhaps hand placed would make it cool and I wouldn't mind seing that, but for the love of god, hated the Unturned zombies, can't take differnet types of zombies with abillities.
  2. Stuff like pukers and exploding types have already been confirmed to not be in the game. The zombies will age, but there won't be different types.
  3. They have only talked about it, but it was brought up doing something which I can't speak about. Kinda pushing it to the allowed limit haha
  4. dont expect to be able to *use* it. its mostly there to insinuante that "hey, metalworks can be done here"
  5. Most of these are already confirmed Lucas, you should take a look at the masterlist before recommending stuff as it can be confusing finding out what has already been confirmed.
  6. i think it will be part of on of the work benches already.
  7. I still thin other cars would be more beneficial.
  8. I still think throwing a can or a brick would be a better solution. While they haven't been confirmed yet, they have been talked about when the... wait I am actually not allowed to say as it is in a backer channel :( just that devs were contemplating it...
  9. Don't really see how that would be qol, but cool none the less :P
  10. Skals

    Trading System

    Would love to see a right click option from the inventory that let's you hold out an item, just like the tray in the forrest. Always thought dropping things on the ground was weird :P
  11. Honestly that would be such a pain in the ass.
  12. You mean a camping spot place like thing? Don't really know how to describe it. But why did you include full size trailer houses, and not auto campers/trailers?
  13. Skals

    Riot shields

    Interesting idea, seems slightly impractical. It's heavy and would use a lot of energy to use, and zombies could probably still reach around it. Interested to hear what other people say.
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