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Dead Matter
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  1. If you aren’t getting your activation email which allows you to post and use the forum to its fullest. Let me know on Discord Taliyah#9571 or post in the help and support channel on the official Discord server. This especially applies to people using lesser known email hosts such as GMX, web.de or some ISP hosted emails. We are working to resolve this soon. Apologies and kind regards. Taliyah.
  2. Whilst I don't have any issues and if anything I find it much easier to look at the forums(dark theme'd forums rule btw) I'd like to know what kind of issues you're having exactly.
  3. Only a few with AdminCP can do this but I’ve made this change for you.
  4. Hello everyone! This threads locked and the deadline has been reached. We'll begin judging the submissions soon. Good luck to everyone!
  5. FYI. You can now hide your own posts as normal regular members. HOWEVER Moderators and Staff can see what you hide. You will still be warned as normal if you are to flame, shitpost, spam. There are no changes to the rules.
  6. Okay guys just to make this clear this is a submission thread not a discussion thread. I've just had to hide 7 posts and throw some warnings. Let's just stick to submissions and submissions only. Anything else from this post will be copping some warnings. This threads gotten off topic several times now so let's put an end to that.
  7. This is half fixed. A lot of it is tied and this is not a pleasant 1 change fixes everything. I've made it a lot less worse however.
  8. ATM there's no punishment system in place for having a negative rep and having unpopular opinion. Can always change it back if it deems itself unpopular.
  9. Oh yeah that’s nasty and not fun. Will work on it.
  10. Hi guys. More changes. Mostly mobile fixes and some desktop fixes. Core Forums: Adjusted Ratings. Agree should now give positive rep. Bad Reading will now give negative rep. Disagree will also now give negative rep. Desktop: Fixed usernames not being centered(Sorry!). Adjusted report and share buttons. Mobile: Adjusted report and share buttons on posts. Fixed rep being cut off for high numbers. Adjusted margins of sizes. Fixed the close button on reports dialog.
  11. I'll look into this now. Quit edit: This is going to be a long and complicated fix. No promises on this one. Also we are LIMITING clubs to a just a few. No numbers yet but we don't want a spamming issue. It's also not well thought out so if you want your club deleted/owner transfered. You'll have to PM me or the community moderators and then they'll pm me to do it.
  12. Hi everyone. I've had some access to the forums CSS and I've done some mobile tweaks. Generally it should be a lot more clearer in some areas and be overall less thumb stretching. You are now no longer staring at a 370-400px banner with no content. You're now seeing the top of the forums which is much better. If you see any bugs do @Taliyah here on the forums or Taliyah#9571 on Discord and let me know what's up.
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