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  1. maybe it's just where I'm located (rural Ontario, real backwoods country)
  2. Where in Canada do they sell guns in gas stations??? I can't say I've ever seen this in Ontario.
  3. Is that like just through handhelds or will someone be able to get equipment from a radio station / emergency broadcast location and use it? I kind of like the idea of being able to play found music over a wide area. Be a apocalyptic radio host of some kind
  4. I figured as much, just thought I'd ask! Thanks!
  5. That's good at least. When I first heard all preorders would be "honoured", I figured that meant they'd send you a Epic Games download code. Good to know that's not the case.
  6. Will do. Thank you! Glad to be part of it!
  7. During the in-game winter season, we'll have to face colder temperatures other general winter stuff, but how much of a challenge will snow buildup be? Will you have to worry about roads being unusable due to snow? Will you have to shovel out your vehicle and gear after a storm? And by far the most important question; will you be able to throw snowballs?
  8. Hello, all the way from Georgian Bay! I'm new to the forums and just wanted to put one of these up to get my name out and all that fine stuff. Can't wait until release!
  9. Despite Metro's exclusivity to Epic Games? (Been playing 7 Days to Die to tide me over until release, plus too much F:NV)
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