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Dead Matter
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  1. So we need to think of a good name before we get our hands on this juicy looking game! Obviously so far we call ourselves Highly Advanced Society, but that's not what we have in mind for the long term. Please feel free to leave any good group names you can think of here or in our suggestions tab in discord https://discord.gg/S9W36Mu
  2. See that to me just sounds perfect! What i hate about a lot of PvP survival games is the fact that people who play more often pretend to be nice and then kill you when they're bored or just simply kill you on sight because 'He had a shovel on his back' so he must be killed.. Like really? Me and my friends will be playing co-op and we wont be watching out backs for other players, just the hordes of undead scum and the AI factions that aren't so friendly
  3. Where can this game be found? Seems interesting and not heard of it..
  4. Oh nice! Thanks dude, will check it out now Happy Feb, plan accordingly!
  5. This is one of the reasons i was so interested in DM, the location of a game really does set the tone for the rest! Looks so beautiful already, can only imagine what's yet to come
  6. Yeah this game is going to be lit! Cannot wait to get my hands on it, they do so much work, hats off to each and every person involved in the birth of what we can only hope to be one of the best survival/zombie games around to date Much love
  7. Some really cool ideas guys! Everything i've been thinking about they seem to do one better so i'm just going to keep it in there hands
  8. Such a good vlog, cannot wait to be playing this game with a whole bunch of people! Got 6 people on our discord so far and hopefully many more to come, look out DM here we come!
  9. So as the title suggests, i'm trying to make a Survival Group when Dead Matter is released! We're looking for all sorts of people to come and join us, mainly focusing long term group survival, PvE mixed with a bit of RP is what we're aiming for. Looking for people who enjoy PvE and/or RP and who're friendly and social! Please come and support us, even if we only get a couple more people for our group it really does help and mean a lot to all of us. Gabe, one of the owners of the discord is also new to Youtube, he's made his channel to be based around Dead Matter and will be using our group and discord for most of his game play once DM comes to Alpha, if you want to see yourself featured in some of his videos, come and join us on our Discord. Do you think you can help us make it through the harsh winter? Want to experience the game how it's meant to be played? Come and join us and see what you think! We've just made a discord for the group so feel free to come and join us. We're only a small community so far but that's why we need YOU! And as always, Plan accordingly.. My name on discord is Jayharley2702#7903 for any questions you have, or just jump in - https://discord.gg/S9W36Mu Our discord has a roll system, also working on putting a bot in for a point system we want to implement. Thanks for your time reading this, hope to see you all very soon in the world of Dead Matter.
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