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Dead Matter
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  1. Zaps


    not sure if this is in the game but i would love to see some kind of tracking system where you can see footprints/paw-prints of animals/players/zombies on grass or other types of floor what makes sense
  2. I'm really wanting to back the game and Before i purchase i just want to make sure with the double barrel bundle it says in inculdes 2 dead matter keys is this for the full game when it releases on steam?
  3. Zaps


    damn.Hope your wrong haha. I wonder why they don't want to add horses maybe its a lot of development for the team
  4. Zaps


    i know there are animals in the game but is there gonna be any farm animals in the game? i think it would be cool to let us farm animals for food or as an alternative to using vehicles i would love to see horses in the game
  5. Zaps


    @iT][OwN yeah imagine seeing one stuck under a crashed truck reaching out at you that would be amazing
  6. Zaps


    I know i just already posted but wanted to make the posts seperate it would be nice to see crawling zombies with no legs or other zombies with missing body parts to give a nice variety of zombies while keeping to the classic "zombie"
  7. Zaps

    The Whisperers

    as someone who likes the walking dead there was a group called the whisperers these where people who wore zombies skin and walked with the dead.i know this is probably unlikely but i would love to see something similar maybe with being able to do that and walk among them maybe throwing rocks or other objects to direct zombies/herds.this could be balanced by making it where you can only walk and melee as shooting would draw the zombies towards you and sprinting might draw them towards you as well.if you didn't want players doing this maybe even hostile NPC's that are like this.I know you wouldn't be able to label it as the whisperers for legal reasons but maybe something similar? And even if this does not get into the game it would still be a cool mechanic to throw things to distract the zombies .
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