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  1. Shirk

    Alpha Release

    As much as we know people would love to give feedback, the truth is that only a tiny portion of people would actually take the time to offer any proper feedback, and at this early stage in development feedback isn't crucial since a lot of systems are still early in development, or not implemented yet and are subject to change quite a bit throughout development. Once we are in a position where the game is playable and enjoyable, and where we are happy with it for an alpha stage is when people will get to play. As much as you think you would enjoy an underdeveloped game, you wont enjoy it after the novelty of playing it for the first time wears off.
  2. Lumbermills are planned for a source of lumber to fortify structures.
  3. We use world composition and level streaming. The world is broken up into roughly 100 tiles. Distant tiles unload and get replaced with a mesh, so the whole world can technically be seen at once from the top of a mountain.
  4. Radio stations were never planned on to have internet streaming support, since there are a lot of ways to abuse. That said though, you can use a program like Voicemeter to reroute audio from your PC to your microphone in game. We havent started working on radio station functionality, and so a lot will change between now and then.
  5. Probably havent been looking hard enough. Most cities that have CFBs will have more gun stores. First that comes to mind is CFB Petawawa and Pembroke north of Ottawa. There is a gas station there that sells guns, and then there is also a converted garage up the road in Petawawa that sells a good selection of rifles and handguns as well.
  6. Not determined yet, but there may be limb health or damage multipliers for something like head damage.
  7. You will eventually be able to tweak some settings for zombies like their health, speed, age, etc.
  8. Stuff with the inventory is still WIP, but shift clicking items to automatically place them ad perhaps even a "take all" button are planned.
  9. We currently already have the ability to rotate items in the inventory to better utilize the space. As for swapping bags, we plan to allow for the contents of the bag to swapped when switching bags so you dont have to worry about upgrading your bag and forgetting to swap out any items.
  10. Ive played, I loved playing the most recent UT until Epic killed it off. That said, I have never modded them.
  11. Shirk

    Dev Vlog #6

    Legendary weapons are pretty much just guns that are rare, or would generally not be a commonly found gun in Canada (ie all backer guns will be legendary)
  12. Shirk


    Ye haw, this is DEAD Matter! But seriously, we are still working around the clock. We post on our Twitter and I stream development nearly daily on my Twitch.
  13. Shirk

    New Building

    That is a massive church that wouldnt really fit in anywhere in DM aside from Calgary itself. Majority of the locations in DM are semi rural/suburban.
  14. The CZ 75. p226 (planned), Browning HP, SKS, and lots of .22 lr rifles are already planned or in the game. One of the things about adding less known guns is they can often be somewhat obscure like the VZ-58 and not allow for a lot of customization on our end. Other guns like the Tavor (iwi x95) are also hideous guns that I dont want anywhere near DM. We do also have some guns that travel in from the US to Alberta, so thats how we justify some weapons like any of the AK series and other game traditional guns.
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