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  1. Is street naming still avaiable for purchase?
  2. Understood, I've purchased the jersey package and the park bench is something I'm considering purchasing as well would be a real cool feature to find a house with your name and claim it. I did not see the road sign package in the store though😎
  3. I was wondering if there can be a Backer package created for putting names on address signs or mailboxes? I am ready to further my support for the development of the game and would purchase packages like these as well.
  4. I was able to purchase a jersey bundle 😎
  5. I tried on my laptop on both windows edge and Google chrome. The credit card option does not process and the PayPal option gives an error on both browsers. I'm looking to purchase the "It gets up and kills" package 😎
  6. I will try doing that. I was trying the purchase on mobile.
  7. Gisoftware website 😎
  8. I was trying to purchase one of the Backer packages and it wouldn't get past the page where you enter your payment information. Is there something wrong with this option of purchasing a package?
  9. Westclox

    Dev Vlog #6

    Bring friends, as many as possible. 😎
  10. Westclox

    Dev Vlog #6

    Love what's going on with this game. Will be purchasing and supporting with putting my name on a jersey or bench. A great idea that was brought up to me was having names on address signs. Infront of small town community houses in rural Canada some people put a sign up with Thier last name in the sign. Eg 424 Weston St Smiths I would totally spend money on getting my name on a sign like this and then try find my house in game to occupy 😎 or maybe an in game purchase once occupying a house. Set up your base at a house find a workstation and crafting materials and put your name on the sign out front. Keep up the good work. Purchasing a gaming pc and switching from consol for this game 😎
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