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Dead Matter
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  1. Everybody is a carrier. No infections...
  2. well clearly you knew it'd be rude cause you say "don't mean to be rude"
  3. They KOS because they think YOU will KOS
  4. I agree the timer in the center is kinda T H I C C, however, I don't really mind the other UI. All I care about is the timer in the center being............ T H I C C
  5. Fantastic news. Thanks again Hank!
  6. After checking out some of the recent Dev Blog Videos on YouTube, I noticed that some of the zombies run animations are kind of, no offense.....cheesy. Some of the zombies when running have their hands in front of them, as you would see in a cartoon, and idk it just doesn't make them feel like a threat to me, nor do I think that if an apocalypse were to happen, that the infection would force the host to "extend their arms out towards you WHILE JOGGING." Idk if you guys have thought of this already, it has been some time so maybe you guys have been working on something related to that. There were some zombies in the dev blogs who were running with their hands limping down by their thighs, maybe we could have that same animation be the default one, or have different variations of that same animation? Some more twitchy, some less twitchy, however you feel like
  7. Hello everyone. I am creating a very comprehensive settlement for Dead Matter. We have our main focus on RP, with some influence from The Walking Dead. There will be jobs, militia, law enforcement, and any other ideas that the community suggests. We are completely open to feedback, just like the developers are. If you are interested, I encourage you to click the link and see if you pick up what I put down. This settlement cannot prosper without a huge community. Join The Renaissance today, and let's conquer the town of an infected Alberta together! A discord link will be provided at the end of the document. Thank you for reading, and I hope that we can start something here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FWX19IXrIBKyTSa51MF_4QOJq5rvLeNQDQgkXawJ3DI/edit
  8. You never know man. It's something people do.
  9. A specific NPC could give you a contract to hunt a specific mini-boss zombie (or a location that is infected with regular zombies), and the NPC can give you resources (ammo, guns, food, or meds). This can tie into running your own settlement, and the resources provided can help out your residents.
  10. They could be like movie props, or from a hobby store that sells knives and other weapons like that.
  11. TRAUMA5


    The title says it all. Would be nice to just head out to a creek in the calm and just fish for food. It will feel rewarding and will actually help us survive.
  12. TRAUMA5


    I get it, I'm an animal person, but horses would be in the game to help. If they die, then they die....makes the game more realistic
  13. I....personally wouldn't like it if players could just run to a safe zone to avoid taking damage. Perhaps they could have a pet shop with the pictures, but I'd be happy with them just being in houses and offices.
  14. 2:50 in vid. It varies I guess
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