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    Italy, 1350 - The Renaissance was created to bring about the vast change of culture and society as we all knew it. People used to live in a medieval hellhole, where yellow-fever and the black plague killed countless millions, but everyone stuck to the ideology of the Renaissance, and we all prospered into the people we are now. But now, we are right back in square one. Has humanity really not learned anything from the past? Now this infection has killed countless millions, and society is crumbled in Alberta, Canada; every one has gone back to their medieval ways, but not us. We are going to reshape humanity and bring back society after it has fallen...again. Killing is a last resort, and we gotta help people survive this plague. We will establish a new government, and return life to what it was before: Civil, Govern, and Peaceful. There will be hardships, there will be betrayal, and Death will be creeping down our backs the entire way, but stick with me. I promise, it's a lot safer in here than out there. Let's fix humanity, or die trying. (This club features Medium-RP and Ranks) Link to the discord at the end of the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FWX19IXrIBKyTSa51MF_4QOJq5rvLeNQDQgkXawJ3DI/edit

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    A club for all people who like Dead Matter! And since youre on the forums, you should join!

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