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  1. and modifications so you could add a speaker
  2. And be abble to make raft, and conect one to another to improvise some type of bridge and be abble to put camps on it
  3. That would be very awsome, just think about it, walking in a field and sudenly someone apears whit a machete and kills you then respawn, go trough a camp and see your last character body dismember like a cow in a slaughterhouse, that would be nasty. And i think they would be stage for the canivals, the new canivals like other players using fire armw, bow, etc but the older (in time being a canival) canot use that type of weapons because the efects of the pryon wouldnt allow them to point, so they would be more oriented to melee weapons.
  4. This have a lot of sense, the medieval comon armors was literally a very thick linen/cotton jacket, good against blunt and cuthing weapons but bad against piercing weapons
  5. yeah just imagine everybody work in to make the train stations fortres and the tain used to conect them to trade and safe transport, whit the players group be able to take some pay from the other players for the safe transport service betwen stations
  6. Cats should eat rats and attack wounded animals that can´t defend themself (Zombies, players, dogs, etc).
  7. Dark_Sentinel


    i want to be a zombie hunter cowboy so yeah i want horses
  8. well yes but actually no, see the riot shiel is strap to the arm but also need the hand to use it, so i think would be more logical that if you use a riot shield and reload your weapon you must loss partially the defense bonus and be more slow while reloading and with the viking shield you shouldnt be abble to reload since is just a handler in the midle of the shield but should give a bonus to one handed melee weapons.
  9. That is a fantastic idea but i think they could also add an "ill state" if you pass to much time in the sewers, being that the reason for the abandoned survivors camp down there
  10. that is a good idea i will be happy to see that in the game
  11. Should add in "international news" this: --Bolivia demands Chile to the international court of justice." " while the infection is geting worse every day, apparently it is not a problem for the Bolivian government, which says that "the reinvindication of the sea that was unjustly stolen from its people is more important than a simple virus". For its part, the Chilean government seems more interested in the infection than in the demand of its neighboring country, which according to Ambassador Gonzalo Snider says "As a government we have much more important things to do than to be whining echoing."-- I think this would add a lot of realism to the news papers and show the reasons that coul help the virus to expand around the globe (i mean if a country is more interest in fight another country than obtain a cure, well that is a good reason for me)
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