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  1. Yeah, I am kinda in the same boat as you David. The dev vlogs for us are a way to reassure us that the project isn't falling behind and or is in no danger of failing. When there isn't a dev vlog for a while that scares me. But one thing we all have to realize is that unlike other games. Dead matter's dev vlogs are things that are already done and in place in game and if not fully done fairly close. Most other games have these update vlogs showing things months far down the line or even worse expressing features and updates on things that are still in 'Concept" phase and its really refreshing that the Dead matter team dosen't do that.
  2. All good I dont mind waiting was just wondering what to expect as I am very excited for the summer release go dead matter!!
  3. Just wondering when the new dev vlog is coming out, usually they are out early each month but as of this month nearly halfway over no dev vlog. Just curious?
  4. Okay this post in a bit weird as it is both a question and a possible a suggestion regarding the current state of zombies. I was just wondering are there any updates and or plans to change zombie animations?. Now before you say I know this is alpha but in my opinion I am just concerned that the "scare factor" of zombies are just not there. I remember the first time I saw IAMLegend it was a refreshing take on zombies not being these weird slow and or awkwardly fast running floppy things. I just think it is a bit too "cartoonie" in its current state right now. The current state of zombies right now are good everything you guys are doing with them from what ive heard makes me a concerned player to not encounter them. However I am concerned that not being scared of the takes a way a pretty important aspect of being ann "indie game". To give you an accurate viewpoint on how I think zombie hoards are looking right now here is how it looks to me (It might even make you laugh): Floppy bodies (Youtube)
  5. Can I loot other player's bases?Yes, however we are exploring options with being able to lock containers and set traps. It will be possible but at a greater risk. With looting being one of the most frustrating things I would like to propose possible "features" that would make looting more interesting and challenging. I have played quite a few games that try to deal with this issue by simply allowing the owner of the base in question to just lock the door. While this is a very effective way of keeping away the looter I feel that it is a bit unfair and f#(%ing annoying to be frank if lets say one day you were playing and got disconnected due to a internet outage and your base was left open for everyone to rob for just a short time; this is just one of many reasons as to why I don't like hard locking doors. Not to mention if you wanted to "clap back" at the perp who stole your stuff you don't even have the opportunity because all he has to do is lock his doors. So with that being said here are several suggested features I would like to bring to the community to make gameplay potentially more interesting. - Tranquilize zombies: -- Now this one is a bit silly but bear with me; The purpose of this feature plays off a current mechanic you already have in-game that is the ability to make other payers unconscious. This would allow the player to essentially non-lethally knock out and collect several zombies and drop them in his or her base and then proceed to build a fence around them to essentially have "guard dogs' at their base. This intern would make a perp potentially less likely to steal if he/she has limited ammo and or don't want to deal with/attract more zombies trying to kill the ones inside the players base. - Lock picking: -- I am sure you have already thought about this one but just in case the user could have some type of lock picking skill and in that skill describes a "lock picking efficiency" which means the less efficient they are the longer it will take to fill the use circle you have in-game for placing objects and the more efficient the shorter the time to pick the lock. Or potentially there could be a mini-game in this altogether where the perp is only focused on the lock and cant see whats behind them. This same mechanic could also be used for every box and bin in the base that holds items. As a looter i would be very annoyed and less inclined to open and pick every locked box if the base owner purposely over saturated 20 extra empty loot boxes to deter looters for that purpose. - Tripwire alarm: -- This one is my favorite and the main reason for this post. If I were a looter and knew that a player could setup some type of lazer tripwire that would intern sound an alarm inviting 50+ zombies to his base that would honestly scare the shit out of me. Here is my purposed way to go about it; You guys already have a electrical system implemented in-game so i was thinking the tripwire could be connected to that system and would require power to operate. And considering its connected to said electrical system, that means that the alarm system will only work if there i power available and also can be switched on and off like a real house alarm. Now here is where the perps offensive strategy and gameplay comes in. I purpose that the perp can "get around" the system by either (taking their electrical system in the opponents base down) or (use some kind of infrared light detection gas that must me looted in itself and will run out just like any other resource in-game that shows infrared lazers in an attempt to go around them) or finally (wait till nighttime where there is limited visibility anyway and they could potentially be killed by a zombie due to the low visibility). And even with all this the user can still lock the doors so after the perp goes through all that (killing nearby zombies, hoping the gate somehow, getting past alarm defenses) they have to then pick a lock and if a zombies chases after them while they are picking the lock it can also trip the alarm and their screwed anyway. I this that feature will really put risk management on everybody's mind and stop people from just bumrushing peoples bases just because they "have enough bullets and armor" Let me know what you think.
  6. hello deadmatter team. i had a question regarding getting pre-alpha access to play the game early. i was thinking on backing the game but wanted to know is the pre-alpha release date the august date/ or can i get in sooner? Thanks
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