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  1. Animated mouths is something we want to look into. There will definitly not be a whisper voip since everyone has different mic settings it would be impossible for us to detect if you whisper or not. There will be Yelling and Whisper for text chat tho
  2. I am literally working on vaulting for both players and AI
  3. That depends how you aproach the AI. Bandits will get nervous if you have a weapon out and come to close
  4. We generally try not to confirm or deny suggestions. That being said my plan for AI are: No KOS unless you really pissed off a faction, Trading UI, Squad Tactics, Infinite Ammo for AI
  5. Hi! Thanks for your great suggestions. I have locked this thread because most ideas were just repeating each other.
  6. Here is the video: Keep in mind that dead rising does alot of cheating and they got mostly static zombies. Also thats singleplayer haha
  7. Its extremly bad for gameplay. Essentially being infected is just a delayed death. So you would be gearing up maybe even playing with your friends. The a zombie comes around scratches you and now you are dying. And there is nothing you can do about it. Its just not fun. We also cant add a cure to find since that wouldnt be a solution since you dont always have a cure around. And it dosent make sense lore wise to have a cure to the infection and still have a apocalypse
  8. We do have a peanut allergy in the game. I am unsure if we want to expend that system tho
  9. Please keep in mind that this thread is for Human AI only.
  10. Lots of very good suggestions in here. At this point i cant confirm any of the features yet. Also please keep in mind that the AI is supposed to be fun to play against they are not real humans
  11. Hi! My name is Gunschlinger and i am the AI programmer for Dead Matter. One of my many tasks is to design and programm the Human / Bandit AI. I want to include the community as soon as possible and i would like to collect some suggestions for the AI. Please understand that i cant confirm / implement all features you guys might suggest. If you have any ideas on what the AI SHOULD do or act please let me know. Have a wonderful day! -Gunschlinger
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