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  1. all games just make a simple board and players are able to write text on it, but i am suggesting is players will be able to write stuff on that piece of big ass cloth (Players can write what they selling and other shit u know) and the cloth will be hanged on 2 poles. the cloth will wave in wind slightly that makes up a good environment and realism to the game. and believe it or not right now. but i am sure people will love it. i tried to find a good image to represent my imagination but couldn't find it. the image here has 1 pole and cloth but i am talking about 2 poles which will help cloth stable the cloth waving. (but still there is gonna be cloth waving cauz of wind or cauz of storms cloth will waving even more) anyway, this waving cloth looks way better than that simple basic board where the player can type which all games currently have. this feature is never implemented in any game yet as far as i know. just try to imagine what i am telling and say if its better or not.
  2. i dont think its really necessary to have character in the middle. u can just remove it. also making the whole screen full black and display the UI elements rather than making them squares.
  3. Players will have fun interacting with people and its a good roleplay environment too. Shops like this in DM will look soo good. Do u have any idea how cool this look and feels?
  4. Players will be able to make shops in their base adding different kinds of stuff in vending machines which another player can go and purchase stuff from it or maybe add shop fronts where both players can trader securely. Also, players can add a big ass piece of board or cloth hanging on the wall or on the road listing all items they are selling. Sorry for bad English and photo illustration. i had to be quick. MS paint for life
  5. As u can see while taking morphine the whole screen is just destroyed by the waiting UI. also, the inventory looks way too much-cramped making like some high amount of blur or some image would be great for better looks at the back also making the UI less bordered and less thick. making buttons much more plain and simple looking than destroyed. yeah, i understand, some can be destroyed themed but not every single thing in the UI should be destroyed theme u know. make a different section for everything like when the user clicks on backpack everything related to backpack weight pops up. health is everything about health and stats of player skills everything for skills and so on. everything is big sized & doesn't feel right u know what I am saying? I know someone is gonna be here saying this is not needed but this is true I care about the game and suggesting what's the best for it. sorry for trash English, i am not englishmen.
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